• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tom Braithwaite Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield and District Canine Society.

I would like to thank Lichfield for inviting me to judge all three sizes of our Schnauzer family. 


P (2) 1. Lichstone Midnight Epsilon. Attractive 9 month b/s male. Masc. head, well set ears and had the edge on eye shape and colour in this class. Particularly liked his well developed ribs and short coupling. Moved a little tentatively at first, but eventually found his stride moving with good reach and drive, BP. 2 Voilis Vixen, 11 month b/s bitch, she has a striking outline having a reachy neck and short back. She posses the harshest of jackets and leg hair, which although correct does somewhat detract from her overall balance. On the move she really comes to life, but felt she was not as forward in development as 1.

J (2,1), 1. Lichstone The Swagman. Striking p/s male, liked his head, dark eye and ear set, correct dentition, deep ribs carried well back, moved around the ring with style. He possesses a correct double coat, having a harsh outer jacket and dense undercoat. In the challenge, a change of handler distracted him a little, but when something caught his eye he really pulled himself together. BOB.

PG (2,1) 1. Risepark Shooting Star. Ultra compact p/s bitch, feminine head, ears a little heavy for balance. Liked her well developed front and lay of shoulder. On the move she showed true schnauzer spirit, but eventually showed the reach and drive you’d expect from her construction. 

O (3,2) 1. Gryselda Kissed a Sailor. Feminine p/s bitch, not quite in full coat, but there was enough there to demonstrate correct texture and colour. Lean brick shaped head with nicely set ears. Another with deep well sprung ribs, she really excels in profile movement, but felt the Junior winner had the edge going away from me. She too like the PG winner is ultra compact and felt she had the edge on balance in the challenge being just a fraction longer in leg. RBOB. 


P (1) 1. Gateclyve Aurora From Kaiteriteri, p/s bitch who although stood alone I felt her worthy of her placing, being nearly square and having the balance and moderation required in the breed standard. I particularly liked her dark eye and strength of muzzle, lay of shoulder and moderate top line. On the move she moves well in profile, and her rear movement is some of the tidiest I’ve seen in this size. Excellent harsh, banded jacket (BOB, BP). 

J (0,0) PG (1,1) O (1,1).


P (0,0) - J (0,0)

PG (1) 1. Echodream Athena, rising 2 year old black B. Well proportioned head with dark eye, excellent forechest and lay of shoulder,  good depth and bone to her. Slightly sloping croup and tail set correctly, moved with reach and drive. RBOB

O (1) 1.  Foxwood’s Femme Nikita, striking black B. Excellent head proportions, reach of neck and lay of shoulder. The harshest of jackets, carried down to her leg furnishings. Big ribs carried well back to a short coupling. I felt the more she moved the more she came to life, demonstrating good reach and drive. In the challenge, I felt her slightly shorter coupling to the PG bitch give her the edge for BOB holding her top just that little more firmly. BOB.