• Date: 06/10/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tania Ryall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2019

Western Afghan Hound Club

Western Afghan Hound Club

6th october

Afternoon show

Thankyou to the committee for inviting me to judge

And my 2 stewards who did an excellent job

congratulations to the club this was a very well organised show

The new venue is superb with a nice large ring

I was very pleased with my overall entry

I could see potential in quite a few exhibits that could go on to gain there titles.

Veteran dog

1st Javidan kiss the sky over tarakhi

8 years young, good sized male, houndy outline

Moved at the correct pace,covered the ground well,correct coat texture.

Lovely presentation .Best veteran in show

Junior dog

1st Drishaun fair as a lily jw

Cream male balanced head good eye colour & shape

Good front angulation complimenting the rear

Ideal Length to height correct tail placement with ringtail

Really comes into his own on the move effortless strides nice

Open side gait plenty of drive from the rear ,good head carriage

For such a young male can only mean the best is yet to come

Really taken with him couldn't deny him Res best dog & Res best in show

Could take him home.

2nd Drishaun star among lilies jw

Brindle Litter brother to 1st very little between the 2

Same comments apply these boys will swap many times throughout there career

For me on the day i had to be picky with the decision going to fair as a lily on overall attitude

Lovely class to judge.

Yearling dog

1st Drishaun fair as a lily jw

2nd Drishaun star among lilies jw

Graduate dog

1st Drishaun fair as a lily jw

2nd Joneca fire cracker by shukriya jw

Gold male balanced head

Tall & houndy ,,moves well with long strides

Level topline with correct ring tail & placement a slower maturing male with plenty of time to mature & fill his frame .

Post graduate dog

1st Gilari rosso corsa

Self masked red

Loved his head well balanced good eye set & shape

Good sized male ,balanced front & rear,

Good length hip to hock carrying ideal weight

Moves out really well covers the ground

Would prefer a ring tail ,tends to drop his topline on the stack

Coat presentaion very good & correct silky coat,nice male

2nd Khamis Aequitas at Eweyisska

Cream brindle

Balanced head

Good pigmentation & eye shape

Nice shoulder placement,level topline on the move

Slightly roached on the stack

Good tail set & ring

Good ground coverage ,needs to really fill his frame out not carrying enough weight.

Just Needs time ,happy boy nether less.

Limit dog

1st zilbec zanthus

Self masked cream

Have judged this boy before

Another good sized male

Balanced head good underjaw

Correct pigmentation for this colour

Your hands flow from neck to pin bones

Ideal slope to fallaway correct tailset with ring tail

Moved at the correct pace ,has good open side gait

Plenty of drive from the rear, perhaps a touch less weight for my preference would enhance his shape more, considered in the challenge

Lots to like about this male.

2nd sitana Aag toofan

Gold male,Good size

Slightly more refined in body than 1st,

Balanced head not as defined stop as 1st

Ideal weight, very well balanced overall

On the stack has a nice outline a lovely sweep from hip to hock

Covered the ground with large strides the topline held well gave a clean outline on the move

From tip to tail,

Very unlucky to meet 1st as similar comments apply another nice male

Open dog

1st Syrdarya toffy pop at Eweyisska

Brindle male

Have judged this male before still have the same opinion

He has now matured ,a balanced functional hound

Nothing flashy just sound & honest good length of foreface correct eye shape & set

Your hands flow from head to pin bones ,nothing exaggerated just the right amount of coat of correct texture,ideal weight,draws your eye when he moves driving from rear & extending with the front,level topline held ,covers the ground without many strides very effortless,worthy of a title do hope that 3rd isnt far away ,pushed so hard in the challenge by the junior male but maturity won through on this occasion


Well done

2nd Gilari Redwood Earl at Zarankhan

Red male

Gorgeous head balanced masculine with chiselling

Houndy outline,well balanced overall,Good fallaway with correct tailset & ring tail

Covered the ground well ,nice open side gait .

Lovely outline stacked,correct silky coat .

Unlucky to meet 1st on this occasion

Minor puppy bitch

4 lovely puppies at various stages of growth

All with the potential to have a bright future

1st Cloudside Flamenco (ai)

Brindle very confident girl at her debut show

Feminine head,nice length of neck

Well balanced angles,Legs well under her body ,Level topline ,ring tail

Lovely outline stacked ,moved with purpose at the correct pace very good stride

For one so young shows a lot of promise at this tender age

Will watch her development ,nice bitch

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

2nd Cloudside sevillana at Eweyisska (ai)

Black litter sister to 1st

Same comments apply not as together as her sister just yet

Bit more legs and wings stage of growth as expected for a baby

Moved freely good length of stride good tail carriage with ring tail

Nice bitch

Puppy bitch

1st Cloudside Flamenco (ai)

2nd Unstoppable happy go lucky (imp) naf taf

Blk/tan baby beautiful head more compact than 1st

Very angular, level topline,correct tail set with ring tail

Moved at correct pace ,nice reach & drive

Interesting to see how she develops a nice bitch

Junior bitch

Litter sisters who will change places many times

Hard decision between the 2

A lovely litter congratulations

1st Drishaun consider the lily

Brindle girl feminine head

Your hands flow over her

Balanced angulation ,Height to length ratio correct,

Correct fallaway /tailset & ring tail

Abundance of junior coat dont envy you the coat change

She really comes into her own on the move

Effortless strides covers the ground with ease

She has a sassy attitude she knows she looks good & owns it

She commanded my attention everytime i went back to her

Couldn't deny her the class, Best Bitch & Best opp sex in show

Exciting future for this young lady

2nd Drishaun dont gild the lily jw

Thought would be my class winner

Gold feminine girl,a shade taller than 1st

 all the same comments apply as above

She just lost out to her sister on head carriage & the sass her sister brings

To the ring.

2 very nice sisters predict exciting career for this young lady aswell.

Yearling bitch

1st Drishaun consider the lily

2nd Drishaun Say She Ain't Gazon (ai)


Feminine head good eye pigmentation , very angular,good return of upper arm

Allowing legs to be well under her body

Nice fallaway & tail set would prefer tighter ring

Moves with reach & drive good head carriage

Covers the ground well very pleasing bitch

Graduate bitch

1st Drishaun Don't Gild The Lily jw

2nd Cloudside Sunglow at Shimonay

Gold feminine head

Long neck into level topline

Good fallaway correct tailset would prefer ring tail

Balanced angles very sparsley coated but doesn't attract from her overall shape & balance she has nothing to hide, moves with purpose good forward reach,covers the ground with ease

Unlucky to meet 1st

Post graduate bitch

1st Rhazmakh Rhyme N Thyme

Gold pretty feminine head with chiselling, long neck

Level topline, tall & houndy ,moves with long strides good extension

I wanted more from her she looked like she was just going through the motions, shame.

Limit bitch

1st Gilari Silken Flame at Bukhara

Gorgeous red, honest functional hound

Feminine head good eye shape lovely chiselled foreface

Beautiful coat presentation correct silky texture

Balanced angles fore and aft correct height to length ratio

Good fallaway to correct tailset with ring tail as confirmation suggests she moves out with effortless strides covers the ground with ease, topline held ,liked her a lot

Res Best Bitch

2nd Gilari Vermillion Venus jw

Self masked gold litter sister to 1st same comments apply

Lovely outline stacked , flowed around the ring another with effortless movement,just preferred head to 1st

Open bitch

1st Andizhan Charisma With Zarcar

Brindle girl

Appealed on her overall houndy shape

Feminine head good eye shape, well balanced ,correct tail placement with ring tail

She needs to drop quite a few pounds in weight however she moved very lightly and kept her topline held ,Plenty of drive & reach very sound mover liked her a lot.

2nd Ch Zandahar Just Tiger Lily jw

Brindle that i have judged before as a baby she is certainly worthy of her title

She is balanced ,holds her topline well,nice length from hip to hock, would prefer less weight

Covers the ground well but her confirmation shows she can drive more from the rear felt she just went through the motions today .

Thankyou to all exhibitors for allowing me the honour to judge your hounds today.