• Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sylvia June Monaghan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/11/2019

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association



My thanks to the Committee for their hospitality ,to my Steward for her hard work & to my  


Exhibitors for their entries.The majority  were in good healthy condition some out of coat but its  


that Time of year & to be expected. 



J(5.1) Mr A.Mrs l & Miss A.M. Frith’s  1.CAIRNGOLD  CHIQUITITA/Crm/B (& months  old)  & Full of  


herself today leading her handler a pretty dance however when settled she showed what good  


qualities she has  along with a bright attentive expression she is maturing at just the right rate A  


good overall balance with strong bones & angulation. Head is shaping nicely Good ear carriage  


,with feathering coming through & has correct dentation. Neck is well set into a good lay of  


shoulder Brisket is yet to develop fully but she has a nice tuck up with short coupling Second thigh  


still developing but is nicely let down onto hocks Coat at the ‘in between stage’ of changing  


Movement erratic but when settled sound, Good Tail set Very promising youngster who am sure  


will make mark in the breed. (BP)  2 .Mr C &Mrs  L M Saich LINDCOLY HOWLING DEE DEE  /Brm/B  


Lacks in coat today which distracted one from thinking she was a cairn however one was also able  


to assess her more easily & although she has all the major points of 1 .The other bitch had the  


better head.3. Mrs P C Clarke CAIRNGOLD CHAKIRA/B TAF 


PG(6) 1. Mrs J Keeves SEVEEK WIH CORYNTHEAN SHARING DREAMF/Crm/B I have judged this  


kennel before  .&  I am always pleased with their  excellent exhibits .  I  was not disappointed today  


A bitch presenting a picture of good overall conformation  to size  although. Lacking in coat she has  


all the relevant points lead is well shaped with adequate feathering ,good ear carriage & is bright  


dark eyed giving her a lovely alert expression  Correct dentition with nice reach of neck set onto a  


good lay of shoulder. Nice angulations with turn of stifle let down onto hocks. Good tail set & top  


line. Only criticism on the move ‘at time’appears to ‘nip her elbows’   (RBOB)2.  Mrs J Ballinger  


CLOVERBROOK MAID FOR GOLD/Brin/B Either of these ladies could have changed places  


today. Another bitch with all quality points Good ratio to size. Head clearly defined well framed by  


feathering & correct dentation. Nice front with strong bone .Clean angulations & lay of  


shoulder. Firm tail set .Maintains a good top line on the move.& moved soundly around the ring. 3.  




O (6.5) 1.  Mrs J Keeves SEVEEK TREASURE THE DREAM/Crm/D  Only dog but holding his own today  


A little out of coat  but did not distract. Stood four square with excellent ring presence .Alert &  


attentive all the time  .All points were there from head to tail with sound movement(BOB) 



J (2) 1. Ms J L & Mr G J Dowdy DENZILLY SWEET CARIAD /B (8 months old)  What a character still in   


puppy coat but quite eye- catching one I am sure will make her presence known as they mature 


Good overall portion with ratio to size has strong bone ,substance &  in good coat .Head is well  


defined with good ear carriage dark piercing eye & a ‘great aloof’ expression Correct dentition ,  


nice reach of neck set onto shoulders. Brisket still dropping but has ‘tuck up’ & is short  


coupled. Clean angulation with turn of stifle let down onto hocks (BP) 2, Satherley & Witheyman  


SILKCROFT BORN THIS WAY/B Not quite the ring presence of 1 but has all major points with well  


defined head Correct bite Overall conformation to ratio Has good bone , substance  & tail set 


However was let down by movement (moves over at the back) this might be corrected by moving a  


little slower 


PG (1)1 Mrs E Shears DENZILLY KINKY BOOTS AT BEARSBAY/B Shown in good condition  Well  


framed for bones & substance Has all attributes well shaped head ,Good ear carriage ,dark eyed &  


correct dentition. Nicely angulated Fore & Rear. Erratic on   move but when settled OK would have  


preferred a better tail set(RBOB) 


O (5.3) 1.Mr J H Catlow FLAXELA  TOO FAST FOR LOVE AT JUST JINGO ShCM/D  One of those And or  


either classes where places could have changed. Today this dog was in better coat Good overall  


qualities with strong bone & substance Nicely shaped head with good ear carriage & dark eye ..Good  


front top line ‘Lay ‘of shoulder & tail set Nice angulations ,turn of stifle let down onto hocks Moved  


soundly & with drive (BOB/3rd in Group)2. Mrs C A Tilley JANEY JIMJAMS JUBILEE STAR AT STARZAK  


ShCM /D Both dogs of exceptional quality Today however perhaps because of the rain I preferred  


1st coat & although this dog was beautifully groomed (All credit to his owner) his coat was too ‘Curly’ 


Otherwise all  qualities of 1 with good movement 


Sylvia J Monaghan Judge