• Date: 04/08/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Suzanne Keree-Bartolo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/08/2019

South West Hound Club

The South West Hound Club Open show Sunday 4th August 2019

Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter.

My thanks to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at their lovely show. It was so nice to get my hands on so many quality hounds and I thank all of the exhibitors for giving me the honour of their entries.

Bloodhounds (1,1abs.)

Deerhound (2, 2abs)

Greyhound (2, 0 abs)

 PG D/B (1) 1. Rishworth’s Out Of The Blue Ad Honores (imp)Fra, 10 month old red bitch, nice balance and shape, long head and neck, scissor bite, nice lay of shoulder and good length of upper arm, good depth of chest, good spring of rib and tuck up, sweeping rear quarters with a good turn of stifle, moved with freely and with ease Best Puppy & RBOB

OD/B (1) 1. Boggia & Koulermou’s Ina’s Fashion Design By Boughton, Loved this elegant and well made young brindle lady, such a super balanced outline and in fabulous condition, feminine head with a dark oval eye and scissor bite, small rose shaped ears, long well arched strong neck, leading into a lovely laid back shoulder, good length of upper arm and an excellent depth of chest, Long straight forelegs and good feet, Well sprung ribcage of good length, firm strong loin with a good tuck up. Powerful well muscled hind quarters, good bend of stifle, hocks well let down. Loved her on the move, such a free moving bitch covering the ground with ease and style. Happy to award her BOB and see her get Group 4.

Hamiltonstovare (4, 2abs)

My first time judging this breed and what a lovely breed they are, only two were present today, but of good quality and at two different ends of the age scale, very smart dogs, Handsome, sound and hardy sums them up well. Both bitches were well made and of good quality, it was very close to choose between the two today, but the older bitch just had the edge today being a little more settled on her rear movement.

OD/B (4, 2 abs) 1. Adey’s Surfayre Angels Whisper At Rubeusbay, Feminine bitch, lovely shape and balance, 8 years old, moved well, very sound on the move. Balanced outline, with correct markings for the breed, Pleasant head dark eyes with a tranquil expression, good length of neck leading into a well laid shoulder, good length of upper arm, good depth of chest and spring of rib, Strong loin, powerful, strong rear quarters, Topline level and lightly inclined at the rear with a low set tail. Free moving with good extension and drive BOB

2. Adey’s Caldeacre The Dazzler At Rubeusbay, 10 month old bitch bigger all over than my class winner, but of super quality, Lovely outline, such a lot to like about her, nice head, scissor bite, good length of neck, leading into a well laid shoulder, good length of upper arm, forelegs well under the body, Good spring of rib, and she stands well over the ground, Moved well. A very promising youngster. Best Puppy, RBOB and puppy group 4

Irish Wolfhound (10,2abs)  

PD/B 1. & Best Puppy Gregory Braewisan Kallai At Killoughery, Compact 10 month old, light grey brindle bitch Good head with a correct scissor bite, gentle expression, Good length of neck with a good lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm, elbows held in, with fore legs well under the body, good depth of chest and spring of rib, Well ribbed back with arch loin, Good rear angulation, smooth and easy movement. good substance and bone throughout, Best Puppy

2. Treadwell’s Floydian Saratoga, Lovely houndy light Red brindle 11-month-old Dog, nice head good eye and correct bite, Nice length of neck and lay of shoulder, good length of upper arm, Good depth of chest, and a good fore chest and spring of rib, good topline with an arched loin, free and rangy on the move. Close decision two nice puppies.

Special Yearling D/B (3, 1abs) 1. Holder’s Sade Araya Mascotts, Rangy, Dark brindle bitch, nice balance, Feminine head matching front and rear angulation, good depth of chest and a fair spring of rib, good length of rib cage. Liked her bend of stifle, free and easy movement. RBOB

2. Pateman’s Gaeltarra Eireann Watson (ImpNDL)Masculine 20-month-old Black Brindle, Nice head with good strength of muzzle, and scissor bite, good substance, well balanced front and rear quarters, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved freely.

Limit D/B 1. Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh, I liked the conformation of this dog, his substance, balance, shape, he was lovely to go over. Red Brindle masculine dog, Good head and correct scissor bite, oval eyes, good length of neck leading into a well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm, I liked his depth of chest and spring of rib, good topline, tail set, length and carriage, well angulated rear quarters that balance with his good front and allowed him to move very well, covering the ground with ease. Please to award him BOB

2. Pateman’s Hollyhenge Barcille Ball, Feminine wheaten brindle bitch 23 months old, nice shape with balanced front and rear angulations, would like a little more width in front but she is still young, she has a good topline and she moved well.

Open D/B (3,1abs) 1. Pateman’s Gaeltarra Eireann Galen (ImpNDL) Wheaten brindle boy, well grown and rangy with a balanced outline, Masculine Head with a dark eye and correct scissor bite, good shoulder placement and length of upper arm, Fair depth of chest, firm loin, held his topline well. Moved with ease.

2.Das Purkayastha Ravensbeech Romanus Among Neckrebagh ShCM Red Brindle boy 3 ½ years old, different in style to my class winner much stronger in bone and substance but smaller and more compact, and so much to like about him, nice masculine head, scissor bite, fair lay of shoulder, good return of upper arm, excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, balanced front and rear angulation, moved well, but not holding his topline today.

Otterhound - No Entries

Pharaoh Hound (1) 

Open D/B 1. Bongiovanni, Heard & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Chicago Bull At Ankors, Lovely rich Tan boy. lovely head, dark amber eyes, Correct scissor bite, medium sized mobile, high set ears , lovely long lean, and muscular length of neck leading into a well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm, excellent depth of chest, Good spring of rib, good length of rib cage with a firm loin and a moderate tuck up, straight top line , falling away at the croup, well balanced front and rear angulation, good feet, moved soundly and in beautiful condition, Pleased to award him BOB

Portuguese Podengo (1)

Open D/B 1. Sampson & Brooks Morialta Ferreira, what a super little dog, very smart and totally sound, Lovely character, well balanced throughout. I thought he fitted the standard very well and could easily do the job that the breed was bred to do. Wirehaired rich fawn with symmetrical white markings, dark expressive eyes, scissor bite, strong neck of moderate length, good front assembly with shoulders well laid back and a corresponding length of upper arm and strong straight forelegs. Good depth of chest and with a good span of rib, well ribbed back with a level topline and high tail set. Hindquarters strong with matching front and rear angulation allowing him to move with ease and soundly. Pleased to award him BOB.

Suzanne Kerée-Bartolo (Shirkeira)