• Date: 23/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: SUSAN FINAN Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Newark & District Canine Society

Breed Alaskan Malamute. Judge Mrs S Finan. (Marahootay)

Class Puppy (5 entries 2 Absent)

1st Dreamwolves Ma Lil’ Cushla

Pretty bitch of compact type with lovely dark eyes set obliquely with nice small well placed ears with a scissor bite. Adequate bone, nice feet and good coat. Carried herself with confidence around the ring with a smooth movement and covered the ground well. Looking forward to her maturing. BPIB

2nd Blacksummit Jewel of Nome.

Slightly rangier bitch than 1, with a good dark eye, smaller head with well placed ears, scissor bite with a good coat. Would like slightly more bone and feet, but moved well around the ring just not with quite the drive of 1. Just needs time to mature into herself. 

3rd. Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus.

Nicely put together bitch, good dark eyes with well set ears, scissor bite. Coat of a nice length, but tail a little tight. Adequate bone and feet, didn’t move as well as 1 or 2 around the ring or coming and going.

Junior.  (5 entries 2 Absent)

1st Dreamwolves Ma Lil’ Cushla

2nd Blacksummit Jewel of Nome

3rd. Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus.

Result remained the same as above.

Postgraduate.   (3 entries 1 Absent)

1st Dreamwolves Ma Lil’ Cushla

2nd Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus

By the third class 2nd had begun to open up her gait and relax, showing that she can drive around a ring with a fluid movement, Her tail was still a little tight and her movement going away was still a little crabbed hence placed 2nd.

Open. (4 entries 2 Absent)

1st Sutarka La Dolle Vita

Nice bitch with again lovely dark eyes, small well placed ears, scissor bite and with a good harsh coat. Good bone and feet, with well carried tail, good angulation and nice spring of rib. Moved around the ring with a lovely fluid gait covering the ground well and was true coming and going. BOB

2nd Kaytoo Antarctic Kuma

Very different type from my 1st 7 year old male with a much narrower head and larger ears, although well placed, eyes were a little light but obliquely set, coat was a little shorter and was very long in the leg. Would like to see more bone on this boy but had large feet with good angulation. Covered the ground with a fluid movement and was true coming and going, RBOB