• Date: 23/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Llandudno Canine Society

Critique for Gundog Group and classes judged at

Llandudno Canine Society

on March 23rd 2019 at Colwyn Bay

Thanks to the hard working committee for inviting me and to the stewards who kept my busy ring running smoothly; and of course, thanks to the sporting exhibitors who showed their dogs under me. I was spoilt for choice when the adult group came into the ring and delighted with my short list. I have to comment that the excess noise at the end of the ring and near the open door to the hall upset some of the younger exhibits at times which was a shame. Temperaments, on the whole, were excellent. The majority of dogs were very well handled to get the best from them in a small ring.

Irish Setter

Junior (0)

Graduate (2,1ab ) 1. Hughes Alolfrana U'Are a Diamond, pleasing overall balance to head and body, well made and shown in good coat and condition. Movement was ok.

Post Graduate (1) 1. Jones Alolfrana in a Hot Storm over Wenflaen, racy, well made setter of good type. Moved well with active drive from strong well angulated quarters.

Open (4,1ab) 1. & BOB Danks-Kemish Alolfrana Hotter than U'Know JW a very good example of the breed. Racy and very well balanced looking lovely in profile and moving with true driving action from strong well angulated quarters. Deep chest, well ribbed, firm topline. Rich, gleaming coat. Very well handled and beautifully presented.

English Setter

Graduate ( 2) 1. & BOB, Gundog Group Two Danks-Kemish Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana JW immaculate orange belton shown in beautiful coat and good muscle condition. She had to go some to beat her older kennel mate for BOB and she did; so sound on the move with great driving action yet retaining her femininity.Pleasing head and eye. Clean over the neck and shoulder and body well ribbed back. Stands on well boned legs and good feet. 2. Danks-Kemish Samelen GI Blues at Alolfrana such a happy, well made blue boy who pleased for his overall breed type and soundness.Masculine head but not overdone. Strong, well knit body; good forehand and strong quarters allowing him to drive well. Pleased to award him Gundog Puppy Group One and then see him take BPIS after a very long day and still showing his socks off.

Open (1 ) 1. Danks-Kemish Sh Ch Ravensett Jail House Rocks Alolfran JW ShCM lots to like with this dog who wears his maturity well. Like his overall balance and strength; well bodied and with good ribbing. Powerful quarters used to good effect on the move.Just prefered the femininity and finish of the bitch today.

Labrador Retriever

Puppy ( 6,3ab) 1. Smith Flyenpyg Porky Pig a well made youngster shown in good body and condition, sound to go over with nothing exaggerated. Well boned. Pleasing head and expression. Moved well. 2.Williams Ferngwydir Legend of Delight black of good overall type, not as steady on the move as 1. 3. Williams Ferngwydir Meggy Moo.

Junior ( 3,1ab) 1. Smith Flyenpyg Where Ya Bin bitch that knows how to use her otter tail which never stopped wagging. Won this class for her overall balance and happy nature. 2. Williams Ferngwydir Purple Heather reasonable type shown in hard condition; decided not to use her tail today.

Graduate (3,2ab ) 1. Williams Ferngwydir Ethans Boy a soundly made dog shown in good body and with adequate muscle; moved with drive and energy. Very well handled.

Open (2,1ab) 1.& BOB Smith Flyenpyg Snout Like It, pleasing head and kind expression.Stands on good legs and feet. Shown in hard condition. Typical in profile and steady on the move both fore and aft.

Golden Retriever

Puppy (2,1ab) 1. Riley Lamancha Night Sky Illusion this pale cream baby is well made and presents a pleasing profile. She is well bodied and in great coat for her age. Well boned limbs. Very pleasing head and lovely expressive dark eyes. Maybe she was tired by the time the group was called and just a little disturbed by the noise outside the ring which caused her to appear less happy than in this class- nevertheless a promising puppy.

Junior (5,1ab) 1. Whitby Crisansa Gabriel Oak well grown and strongly built golden dog shown in full coat and excellent muscle tone. Stands on well boned limbs and good feet. 2. Bufton and Riley Wylloh Anastasia this cream bitch has much to like but could not match 1 for body or muscletone today. Very well handled. 3. James Tsarmont Lakeside Star

Post Graduate (6,1ab) 1. Griggs Mulfield Imperial Topaz, well proportioned bitch of pleasing type. Balanced head, very feminine. Moved well using strong quarters. 2. W. Anastasia 3. Sapsford Westcash Disco Diva

Open (7,3ab) 1. & BOB Millington Mitcharron Buster Keeton JW Sh CM. Two very good examples of this lovely breed. The dog is masculine but without courseness and was shown in full coat and was well muscled. Strong in body and well boned. Well angulated quarters allowing powerful action on the move. 2. Griggs Mulfield Amethyst ShCM a very typy and feminine bitch with a lovely head and dark eye. Not quite as steady on the move as winner today. 3.James L. Star.

Flat Coated Retriever

Graduate (3 ) 1.Mantle Almanza Aint Nobody's Business at Rhiewvalley (imp Swe.) lovely natured bitch shown in good coat and with good muscletone. Classic head and eye. Well boned limbs and standing on good feet. Moved out and back steadily. 2. Powell Bonnyhilbrae Love of Joy a finer made bitch with a lovely head and intelligent expression. 3.Adshead Llantrussa Twist of Fate

Open ( 1 ) 1. & BOB Buckley Buckleyhill Finava Legacy (AI) a very well balanced dog showing and moving well. Well bodied with good ribbing. Pleasing forequarters and moderate but well muscled hindquarters. Moved out and back straight and true and with good stride.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Graduate ( 4,2ab) 1.& Gundog Puppy Group Four Philipson Menstonia Meteor a happy well made puppy with a pleasing head, well knit body, clean neck and shoulders and the ability to move with style when settled. 2. Clarke Crimicar She's Electric with Tigerrock NAF TAF very much a baby but with many qualities. Has a good profile stacked and moved with confidence once settled.

Open ( 4,2ab) 1. & BOB and Gundog Group One Clarke Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM very much my star of the day; a great example of the breed who never stopped showing. A calm and confident dog; has a well balanced head, lovely eye with an intelligent expression. Well proportioned with good forehand, well ribbed and shown with correct body and muscletone. Well boned limbs. Strong quarters used to advantage when he moves. Presented in lovely coat. I understand his many qualities went on to secure him a CC the following day- congratulations. 2. Thomas Glenbrows Fire Starter a very well handled dog presented in full, gleaming coat and so well muscled; a good looking dog that could cover ground and do a day's work.

Field Spaniel

Graduate (2,1ab) 1. & BOB and Gundog Puppy Group Two Smith Fecimus Living the Dream at Flyenpyg I liked this puppy who presented a clean outline, has a good forehand and is well bodied for her age. Feminine with a sweet, alert expression added with a little bit of mischief. Shown in gleaming liver coat. She uses herself well on the move, covering ground with energy and enthusiasm.

Open (4,3ab) 1. Smith Ewtor Affinity for Flyenpyg JW ShCM. A bitch of good overall type with a pleasing head, gentle though alert expression. Active and energetic on the move. Couldn't match her young kennel mate for coat and condition today.

Sussex Spaniel

Open (4,2ab) 1. & BOB Hastings Bardings Bypolar Bear a close decision between these two. 1 is strongly built and well ribbed; strong legs and feet;correct hindquarters and shown in hard condition. Moved with drive. 2. Davey Eald Village Scandal JW. Similar remarks to winner with lovely head and eye. Movement not quite as steady.


Graduate (3,1ab) 1. Perkins Brent Hothouse Flower orange and white bitch showing good overall balance in profile and moving. She has strength of body though retaining femininity. Clean neck and well laid shoulder; well sprung ribs. Well turned stifles, good driving action on the move. 2. & Gundog Puppy Group Three Stokes Moenfair Dances the Moon into Guonbara, well grown, handsome black and white dog; developing well and shown in hard condition. Driving hind action allows him to move effortlessly covering ground well.

Open (4,3ab) 1. & BOB,Best Veteran Gundog and Best Veteran In Show Perkins Ir Sh Ch Kanix Fate of Brent JW ShCM CW15 this dog commands attention especially on the move. He has a heads up and look at me attitude and is wearing his years very well indeed. He has an excellent profile, clean neck and well laid shoulder, strong body and well angulated quarters, stands on well boned legs and feet. Moved with effortless drive, strong measured stride covering ground with ease.


I must commend the handlers in this lovely breed; your dogs were so focussed and attentive, well done all!

Graduate (6, 3ab) 1. Adshead Afonbach Dance with Dragons JW, liked the overall balance of this exhibit, compact but strong in body and shown in gleaming coat and condition; pleasing head and eye; good forequarters with elbows well tucked in; level topline. Moved with the jaunty attitude required of the breed, covering ground well. 2. Burgess Melanitta Sinamay, similar remarks to 1, another pleasing example which was shown in full coat and excellent condition. Just not quite the finish of the winner today. 3. Burgess Camusmor King Rob

Open (4,2ab) 1. & BOB Adshead Afonbach Winter is Coming JW, liked this exhibit for its many true to type virtues. Well shaped head with expressive, intelligent eyes. Strong, deep body with good ribbing; well boned limbs and good feet. Moved very well using strong quarters to advantage. Shown in excellent coat and condition. 2. Adshead Danehaven Vermilion for Afonbach Sh CM, another good example of the breed shown and handled very well. Typical profile stood and good on the move. Preferred head and expression of winner.

Bracco Italiano

Graduate (3,2ab) 1. Whittaker Tyrbechgyn Just Jacob, delightful youngster who was keen to please. He has the characteristics expected at this stage of development in the breed. Well made all through and able to move well once settled.

Open (4,2ab) 1. & BOB and Gundog Group Four Bell and Maddox Owlspoint Queen of Trouble , liked this bitch for her overall breed qualities. She is strongly made and looked lovely in profile. Characteristic head and gentle expression. Broad and deep in body with well sprung ribs. Well boned limbs and feet. She moved with powerful driving action using herself well. 2 Whittaker Braccorian's It's Showtime Farnfield, another good example with much to like; not as steady on the move as winner.


Graduate (1) 1. & BOB Hawkins Smilek Massachusettes strongly built and masculine dog who was very well turned out and handled. Well ribbed body, good forechest, well boned limbs. Covered ground well.

Open ( 0 )

German Shorthaired Pointer

Graduate ( 0)

Open ( 1 ) 1. & BOB Peebles Keigame Belle of All, clean in outline with good balance and strength of body.Well boned limbs and good feet. Moved well with adequate drive from strong quarters.

A.V. Imported Breed Register Gundog

Open ( 0 )

A.V.N.S.C. Gundog

Graduate (10,5ab ) some promising babies in this class that would have benefitted from a puppy class. 1.Thomas ESS Tigerrock Super Ted, liver and white springer shown in good order. 2.& Best AVNSC Gundog Puppy Walker HWV Lanokk Raina, a very good example of the breed; thought she would be my winner, such a pity she was a little unsettled today. 3.Harrison American Cocker Adeva Dance Away

Post Graduate ( 4,2ab) 1. Prydderch Cocker Rockllocers Make Headway , sweet blue cocker with delightful happy nature. Presents a good profile stacked and moved well. 2. Roberts Cocker Sunabil Esgid Y Gog O Libanus, blue roan that would benefit from more body and attention to presentation.

Open ( 3,1ab) 1. & Best AVNSC Gundog Walker Zoldmali Story of Lanokk (Imp Serb), HWV with lovely head with desired intelligent expression; strong, well balanced body, well ribbed back. Hindquarters well made with moderate angulation. Good driving action on the move. 2. Prydderch Rockllocers Caramel Biscuit, very pretty and merry gold cocker, lovely to see such a happy wagging tail.

A.V. Gundog

Puppy (15,9ab) 1. Clarks Crimicar She's Electric with Tigerrock NAF TAF 2. Lamancha Night Sky Illusion 3. Moenfair Dances the Moon into Guonbara

Veteran (6,3ab) 1. Perkins Ir Sh Ch Kanix Fate of Brent 2. Alolfran Quickstep to Lavansands, Irish Setter 3 Wenningdale Kristina of Flyenpyg, Labrador Retriever.

Gundog Group

1. Clarke's Welsh Springer Spaniel Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM

2. Danks-Kemish English Setter Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana JW

3. also and Best Gundog Veteran and Best Veteran in Show Perkins Pointer Ir Sh Ch Kanix Fate of Brent JW

4.Bell and Maddox Bracco Italiano Owlspoint Queen of Trouble

Gundog Puppy Group

1. also Best Puppy in Show Danks-Kemish English Setter Samelen GI Blues at Alolfrana

2. Smith Field Spaniel Fecimus Living the Dream at Flyenpyg

3. Stokes Pointer Moenfair Dances the Moon into Guonabara

4. Philipson Welsh Springer Spaniel Menstonia Meteor

Mrs Sue Shinkfield (Notrella) Judge