• Date: 01/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sue Harris Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

1st January 2019

English Setters

Post Graduate

1st Philips,Bryant, Watkins Glenmaurangie Star Man - Lovely young dog yet to fill his frame, long lean head with correct proportions for his age, dark eye with soft expression, well laid back shoulders, medium length, good coat, well angulated rear quarters, free flowing powerful mover. BOB G4

2nd Hoppers Branstorm Forest Sprite – Another pleasing dog, very well balanced, dark eyes and good topline, well boned legs, moved soundly. RBOB


1st Hoppers Branstorm Forest Sprite

2nd Phenset Ruby Tuesday – Very feminine bitch, has dark eyes with a delightful expression, good depth through body, well angulated rear, super lashing tail on the move, good coat, just preferred the overall length of the winner.

Irish Setters


1st Milligan-Botts Thendara Ice Crystal – A quality scopy young bitch with a super head, long and lean with dark almond eye, beautiful coat, good forehand angulation with sufficient forechest, middle piece yet to strengthen, the most glorious powerful rear quarters. Long reach movement, however needs to settle on the move to see the best of her. Best Puppy PG4

2nd Foxs Kerryfair Special Diamond – A well balanced bitch with a feminine head and dark eye. Good depth all through and moved soundly, could appear a little “flat topped” on the stack, but overall pleasing.

3rd Williamsons Bluesprings Picture This


1st Anthony & Hopwells Staratlantas Out of Time JW – Masculine head, good length in foreface, powerful over his shoulders , typical outline, deep bodied, well angulated rear, good legs and tight feet, super coat, moved soundly carrying his tail well. BOB Gp3

2nd Milligan-Botts Thendara Ice Crystal

3rd Millingtons Lanstara Scarlet Ribbons


1st Harts Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae – Very striking young dog, clean outline, dark eyes alert expression, attractive head, clean neck and shoulders, beautifully moulded body with super topline and tailset. Well angulated quarters. Good legs and feet, well coated. Moved with a long stride but could have benefitted from being a little more relaxed to see his ideal stride. RBOB & Overall RBOB stakes winner

2nd Fitzmaurice Harreds Trouper – Taller and slightly squarer dog than winner, well angulated and balanced, moved soundly.

3rd Weir Kerrimere Irresistable

Post Graduate

1st Harts Gwendariff in the Limelight with Gilliegrae

2nd McDowells Gwendariffs Gonna Do It for Byedales – Long lead head, alert expression, typical outline, good bone, not quite the lay of shoulder of winner, moved well.

3rd Corless Swiftlark First Lady


1st Williamsons Caskeys Solar Eclipse at Bluesprings – Attractive head and expression, good legs and feet, would prefer a little more front angulation, moderate rear, moved soundly

2nd Andrews Millcroft Scarlet Moon – Feminine bitch, well balanced throughout, dark eyes, a little plain in head, would have liked a little more animation on the move.

3rd Corless Swiftlark First Knight


1st Corless Swiftlark First Edition – Has strength without losing her femininity, clean neck, could do with a touch better lay of shoulder, strong body, well boned and angulated rear, moved soundly

2nd Watertons Sanstreams Welcome Breeze JW ShCM - Finer headed and cleaner over the shoulder than winner, attractive outline, a little down in front pasterns and although she moved soundly was a little stilted in front action.

3rd Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot

English Springer Spaniel


1st Weymans Spuffing Tanqueray – Very balanced and presented B/W bitch, super body proportions, compact with moderate angulation, decent coat, overall head proportions correct, just prefer slightly less flew. Moved well. BOB and Best Puppy

Post Graduate

1st Weymans Spuffing Tanqueray

2nd Sanders Meonstoke Angelica – L/W Lovely outline , tidy mover , good legs and feet, just preferred the finish of winner.

3rd Thomas Tigerrock Super Ted


Weymans Spuffing Rioja – L/W Correct head and earset, dark eyes, good shoulders legs and feet, short strong body, moved well just preferred the overall balance of the BOB, RBOB

Welsh Springer Spaniel


1st Cemis Paimeres Talk About Me – Well matured youngster, possibly a little strong in head, but has a lovely expression, well fitted shoulders, good legs and feet, typical outline active and accurate mover. Best Puppy & BOB

2nd Whitfields Benovoer – Much more of a baby, feminine head with soft dark eyes, well made throughout a great little mover.

Post Graduate

1st Olivers Glenbrows Royal Dragon – Good head and overall type, correct head and eye shape, super coat, held his outline on both stack and on the move showing a powerful and active gait.

2nd Thomas Fire Starter – Bit unsure of himself, nice overall make and shape, a little rounded in skull moved soundly just didn’t look to be very happy.


1st Whitfields Glendbrows Heart to Heart – Lovely head and eye, well coordinated movement , typical overall, tended to lose topline. RBOB



1st Critchleys Braccorians Never Say Never – Bracco. Such a well presented baby, Lovely head with correct head planes, sweetest expression, well angulated fore and aft, good depth through ribbing, correct Topline, well carried tail. Extremely well coordinated scopy movement. Best Puppy. RBOB and Best Puppy in Group

2nd Grays Oakberrow Let the Fun Begin – HWV. Loved her on the stack, a superior head and eye, with good furnishings, clean well angulated shoulders and super rear quarters, just the right amount of depth and length through her body. Her movement when settled was long and reachy, sure she has a good future when settled, deportment lost her the win.

3rd Busbys Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby – IWS


1st Dewars Macarica Harrys Rock It Spinone – Mature male presented well, well balanced outline good harsh wire jacket, good topline, well angulated, excellent head and eye, moved steadily, just a tad close behind.

2nd Grays Oakberrow Let the Fun Begin HWV

3rd Adshead Afonbach Dance with Dragons Nova Scotia Duck Toller


1st Daveys Eald Village Scandal JW – Sussex Spaniel. Very well put together bitch, correct head and expression, good coat, held a good topline on stack and on the move, active powerful mover.

2nd Adshead Dance with Dragons Nova Scotia Duck Toller – Well presented dog, good overall conformation, moved well pushed winner hard.

3rd Nokes Hosokter Tisza at Goldpaw HWV

Post Graduate

1st Crouchs Camminare Piafin Cristina Lagotto Romagnolo – Good head with dark eye, good tight coat, high withers and moderate depth, wood have preferred more angle in rear quarters moved soundly.


1st Ealds Village Gossip Sussex Spaniel – Good head with soft expression, well angulated fore and aft, tended to lose her topline at times, moved well with lovely tail carriage.


1st Smillie-Grays Oakberrow Gintastic HWV – This girl got better as she settled. Super head with excellent proportions, clean neck, striking outline , good tailset, moderate angles liked her overall proportions, moved soundly Best AVNSC

AV Gundog


1st Humphreys Abnalls Sebastian Golden Retriever – Handsome male, strong head, dark eyes with soft expression. Lovely overall make and shape, strong well angulated quarters, held his topline as he sauntered around the ring.

Gundog Group

1st Scutchers Winsleywood Star Anise JW ShCM – Labrador retriever, This yellow girl just never let up showing, super head, with keen expression, strong legs compact feet, broad ribbing, good dense jacket, lovely overall balance, super rudder tail, powerful active mover.

2nd Adams Millpoint Simply Smashing JW ShCM – Pointer. B/W coming into his own, eye catching outline, refined head, dark eyes, clean well angulated shoulders strong topline, deep brisket, good tail, angulated rear, moved sound and steady.

3rd Anthony & Hopwells Staratlantas Out of Time JW

4th Philips Bryant & Watkins Glenmaurangie Star Man

Gundog Puppy Group

1st Critchleys Never Say Never Bracco Italiano

2nd O’Gormans Thornythwait Top Notch for Berrymeade – Most delightful Golden Retriever baby, perfect balance, head coming along, soft dark expressive eyes, such strong quarters, super outline, and tailset, moved so well pushed winner hard.

3rd Coes Goosepoint Waddington at Aabbanash GSP – Young male, good head with correct proportions, soft expression, short coupled,moderate angles, good tailset, short crisp coat, once settled moved with drive.

4th Milligan Botts Thendara Ice Crystal Irish Setter

RBOB Gundog Group

1st Harts Gwendarriff In the Limelight with Gilliegrae JW – Irish Setter, Could not be denied his win in strong competition.


Sue Harris