• Date: 02/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Caledonian Canine Society

Caledonian 2 Feb 2019 A really friendly show with lovely big rings which allowed the dogs to really move out. The Veteran Classes where a pleasure to Judge, so many oldies who really did not show there ages, and a credit to there owners for keeping them in such sound condition. AV Special Veteran Dog (7-9) 14-6 The first three could easily have swapped places, all in lovely condition. 1st MacLaine & Dickson: Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite Sh CM, CJW’10. Ir Jun Ch Weimaraner; 10 year old & definitely not looking his age, elegant dog with clean lines, well muscled throughout & won here on sound, free unexaggerated movement. 2nd Spencer & Spencer; Stormavon Sandpiper With Spencian Sh CM: German Spitz Klein; 8 years old, jaunty little dog, presented in good coat, balanced all through, very free movement & just didn’t stop showing. 3rd Carty: Floskirk Berneray; BMD Brilliant for his age, sound in every respect and really pushed 1st & 2nd. AV Special Veteran Dog (10 years +) 8-3 1st Rodgers; Demon Blue Eyes, Siberian Husky 14 years old & still had excellent muscle tone throughout his body, which enabled him to move so soundly to win this class. 2nd Tullis & Tullis; Drumsheugh True Grit, Sh CM WHWT; 12 year old definitely not showing his age, coat still harsh, with plenty of muscle. Very steady & balanced on move. 3rd Coutts; Ir Ch Brocolitia Talk O The North, Ir Jn Ch Sh Cm Ir Vet Ch Fox Terrier ( Wire) AV Special Veteran Bitch (7-9) 16-6 1st Kirkwood: Sh Ch Arielle Vom Glinzegrund Mit Helydon ( Imp Deu) GWP. Just 8 years old. Loved this bitch as soon as she entered ring, feminine head, strong neck & shoulders, firm body & good rear angulations, which allowed for free & effortless movement. Best Overall Veteran. 2nd Adamson; Veltuds Summer Lovin, Pomeranian; 8 years old, a very eye catching bitch, loved her femininity, compact little body & very neat on move. 3rd Darling; Sharufa Shadowing James Rhodesian Ridgeback; AV Special Veteran Bitch (10 years +) 3-1 Couldn't believe both these bitches where 11 years old, both so sound & both in pristine condition, I really had a job to split them. 1st Wyllie; Ch Tangaer Rhapsody At Callydena, PBGV just had the edge with her attitude. 2nd Sharpe; Geeswood Heidi At Sharpalta Sh Cm GSD; so sound & later won BOB in her breed classes. AV Rare Breeds Open 5-1 1st Roberts & Murray; Ducklings Jr Just Qutie ( Imp) JRT 2.5 years old, neat little bitch, feminine head, strong neck going into well laid shoulders, firm back & well muscled hindquarters, firm pasterns, allowed steady movement. BAVRare Breed. 2nd Clayton & Clayton-Pantycelyn; Highland King JRT just 7 months old male, masculine head, strong neck & front with enough bone, firm body & nice rear angulations, just not as steady on move as 1st but did push her hard, BP AVRare Breed 3rd MacFarlane; Mindlen Betty Boop; JRT Rough Collies Graduate 2 1st Watt; Culbrae Red Again: Sable male, 19 months old, wedge shaped head, dark almond eyes, small well placed semi erect ears, well arched neck going into well placed shoulders with good forechest, firm top line with slight rise over loin and well rounded croup, presented in good coat, parallel front & rear. Steady mover. 2nd Brodie; Shanaburn Soft Sweet Kisses: very feminine black tri bitch, similar comments to first & had she kept all her feet on ground on the move could have won this class.. Post Graduate 5-1 1st Watson & Watson; Meryctin Knight Of The Dance: Sable male, masculine head, with dark obliquely set almond eyes, well placed ears and strong under jaw. Well arched neck on well placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, firm back & gentle rise over loin, muscular hindquarters and hocks well let down, well padded feet. Presented in good coat. His lovely balanced outline & steady movement won him this class. BOB 2nd Brodie & Draco Pirie; Shanaburn Clan Chief: Black tri male, not quite the substance of 1st but never the less a lovely type, clean blunt wedge head, sweet expression well placed ears & dark eyes. Muscular neck, slightly shorter in back to 1st , well rounded croup & good rear angulations, well padded feet. Moved out well. 3rd Proctor; Wilmaranna Out Of The Blue For Cathbri; Welsh Corgi Pembroke Graduate 2 Two bitches just coming up to 2 years old. Not a lot separating them, just preferred 1st more steady movement. 1st Braidwood; Twinan Love Me Do With Albadhu; feminine wedge head, with good width between ears, moderate amount of stop & dark expressive eyes, fairly long neck & with good forechest, shoulders well open & well boned straight forelegs, firm back & well rounded rump, firm hindquarters, moved out well with purposeful strides. BOB 2nd Hogg; Woodhenge Storm Empress In Keltybrae: sound bitch similar to first, just slightly finer all through. But same steady movement. Open 1 1st Hogg; Woodhenge Starlite Mist At Keltybrae; 4 year old bitch, wedge shaped head, with dark eyes, moderate amount of stop & erect ears with good width between them. Strong neck & good depth to chest, firm top line & well rounded hindquarters. Well boned legs & padded feet. Very steady on move. Just preferred graduates easier movement. German Shepherd Graduate 4 Lovely class of promising puppies, all a similar age. 1st Smith; Echosands Shimmer N’Gold; 7 months, liked this youngster for her steady unexaggerated outline, not over stretched. Head needs to fill in a bit more but in proportion to her body, muzzle tapering to dark nose, dark almond eyes & firm erect ears, good length to neck & shoulders well placed, good length of rib & firm loin, well angulated hindquarters & firm hocks. Sound on walking away & her trot round. BP 2nd Caldwell; Ylanris Paloma 7 months & very similar comments to 1st, but her head slightly more developed at this stage & her coat is thicker, just not quite so settled on move. But sure they'll swap places as they grow up. 3rd Young; Lanzerlite Elegant Lady Open 3 1st Sharpe; Geeswood Heidi At Sharpalta Sh Cm 11 year old bitch, came into veteran classes & liked her balance then, here she showed that she could still show the youngsters. Super feminine head, dark eyes & used her ears constantly, strong under jaw, well muscled neck & good depth to chest, back firm & gently sloping to well muscled hindquarters, firm hocks. Effortless on move. BOB 2nd Gibson & Gibson; Echosands Kiss N’Tell JW Sh CM 2 year old bitch, lovely head shape broad with well placed ears, firm neck & well placed shoulders, good length to ribs & good hindquarters. Moved out well, just preferred 1st overall balance. Polish Lowland Sheepdog Open 4-2 1st Young; Skaijaks Deep N’Devilish At Heleabaz; 17 month male, not as flashy as 2nd but preferred his more balanced movement. Solid head with good pigmentation, dark eyes. Medium amount of stop, correct bite, medium muscular neck, with good depth of chest, firm back & strong loin. Ample bone. In good coat. Steady on move. BOB 2nd Young; Skaijaks Bright N’ Bewitched At Heleabaz; Lovely dark feminine head, similar to 1st in all respects, just not as steady on move. Samoyed Junior 3-2 1st Milne; Rosskaja You Are My World; 17 months bitch, feminine head with expressive dark eyes. Lovely dark pigment, thick padded ears. Medium length of neck with good forechest, level top line, & nice tight tail, good bend of stifle & neat tight feet, in good coat. Moved well Post Graduate 2-1 1st Wilson; Samnouska Chasing Rainbows; 20 months bitch, feminine wedge shaped head & dark almond shaped eyes. Well rounded muzzle & dark pigmentation, nice ear placement. Nice height to length ratio, good forechest & well sprung ribs, moderate hind angulation, steady on move. Open 6 Lovely class of well presented males. Not a lot splitting any of them. 1st Pritchard, Cornwall & Hill's; Ultimate Prince Yoshi And Us To Santaviga ( imp SVK) Impressive 3.5 year male, broad wedge shaped head, thick padded ears, moderate amount of stop & lovely dark almond eyes, well pigmented, strong neck going into well placed shoulders with good forechest, well sprung ribs, firm in body & good tail set & covered in plenty of coat, well muscled hindquarters & presented in beautiful condition, both in body & coat. He was so light on his feet & covered the ground with powerful effortless movement, so pleased to award him BOB & then Pastoral group 1 & Pleased to see him then go RBIS 2nd Gregor; Lumiere De Lavie Dreamlike Felix (Imp UKR) 4.5 year male, similar to 1st in build & type, just not quite the bone of 1st & not so positive on move. But a sound boy of good breed type, beautifully presented in good coat. 3rd Maclean; Amarige Only The Brave male AVNSC Pastoral Open 1st Ferrigan; Kocos Kincsem Babola At Zobraki (Imp POL) Hungarian Puli, neat little head, well defined stop & dark eyes, well pigmented mouth, medium length to neck & well placed shoulders, firm back & good rear angulation, cords developing. Steady on move. 2nd Ralston, Ralston & Ross; Jetaime Addicted To Love, BSD Groen; just 17 months lovely in profile , finely chiselled head with lovely expression, dark almond eyes, triangular ears that were mobile, well muscled neck & good lay of shoulder with good depth of chest, elegant body & good rear angulation, lovely brisk effortless movement, just a little nervous being gone over. Just needs time. Pastoral Group Really lovely group, handlers all moved out well & used this large ring to get the best from there dogs. My winners where all excellent examples of there breeds. 1st Samoyed Pritchard, Cornwall & Hill's; Ultimate Prince Yoshi And Us To Santaviga ( Imp SVK) just so sound in every way & a real showman didn’t put foot wrong & lovely to see him go on to win RBIS 2nd Hepburn's; Shellamoyed Simply The Best At Leterikhills, JW ShCM; Shetland Sheepdog, super outline & balanced dog who moved effortlessly, just preferred 1st extra sparkle. But lovely elegant dog. 3rd Leslie's; Windwalker Game On, Border Collie; 4th Steel's; Invercoyle Erdradour, Bearded Collie; Pastoral Puppy Group 1st Brodie's: Shanaburn La Ve Estabell; Shetland Sheepdog; just 7 months & very feminine little bitch. Refined head with lovely ear carriage, dark obliquely set eyes, moderate neck & well laid shoulders, good spring of rib & length of back with gentle sweep over loin, good rear angulations & neat feet. Smooth & graceful on move which won her this puppy group. 2nd Smith; Echosands Shimmer N’Gold; GSD, just preferred 1st steady movement. AV Pastoral Minor Puppy 3 All 3 judged in previous breed classes, but good practice for these youngsters. 1st Smith; Echosands Shimmer N'Gold; GSD 2nd Caldwell; Ylanris Paloma ; GSD 3rd Young; Lazerlite Elegant Lady; GSD Puppy 1 1st Sangster; Zaniah Mono Tone At Drumcauchlie; Shetland Sheepdog, 10 month male, refined head, with ears well placed, dark eyes, medium length of neck well placed shoulders with good spring of rib, sweep over loin & well angulated hindquarters. Very balanced on move. Open 2 1st Bothwell; Dialynne Sophia Loren Of Norcis; ASD, lovely balanced Red Tri bitch, feminine head with good breadth of skull, muscular neck on well placed shoulders, good depth of chest & ribs well sprung, nice length of back & well muscled hindquarters, ample bone & tight feet. Moved with drive. 2nd Wilson; Samnouska Chase The Ace ShCM Samoyed; broad solid head, with thick coated ears, dark eyes & pigment. Medium length of neck & broad chest, firm in body with good rear angulations, just not as positive on move as 1st. Siberian Husky Open 1st Rodgers; Jedisibes Dark Expresso; 5 year male; 4 year old male, strong head & neck, with good forechest, ribs well sprung & good depth of chest. Well muscled body, steady on move. BOB Keeshond Open 6 Shame there was only one class, as the 2 puppies were up against much older dogs. All dogs where well presented. 1st Anderson; Samoykees Finians Moon; 2.5 year old male, lovely medium size balanced dog. Wedge shaped head, dark almond eyes obliquely set with dark spectacles & pencil markings to small ivy shaped ears. Neck of moderate length with thick ruff, good lay back of shoulder, well sprung ribs, with good depth to chest. Short compact body, high set tail tightly curled, muscular hindquarters, parallel when viewed front & rear, tight padded feet with pencil marks on toes. Harsh stand off coat with clear harness markings, loved his brisk effortless movement & his confident attitude. BOB 2nd Murray; Flatmeer Flightberry 10 month male, loved his cheeky look at me attitude, masculine wedge shaped head, defined stop with dark obliquely set eyes with clearly marked pencil lines to corner of small ivy shaped velvety ears, correct bite & strong under jaw, moderate neck with profuse ruff, good depth of chest & ribs well sprung, well boned legs & tight well padded feet. Compact body & tight high set tail, well muscled hindquarters & thick trousers. Coat off standing with clear harness markings, moved with confident strides. BP 3rd Bell; Foxifayre Keep The Faith With Allforus (AI) very feminine little bitch. Judge Sue Bird (Bridus)