• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Stephen Maskell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

City Of Cambridge & County Canine Society

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Junior (5/0) 

1st Miller & Ryan’s Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss – 10 month beautifully marked Blenheim bitch who oozes quality throughout, from her classic headshape, lovely set ears to her beautifully constructed body.   Moved freely with plenty of drive from behind.  Stood four square at all times BP and pleased to see her go TPG1.  2nd Floyd’s Carolus Miss Emily – 13 month old bitch with good head proportions, nicely set ears and good overall construction.  Moved freely, shame she met winner today.   3rd Hogan’s Stavonga Wendy’s Song 


Post Graduate (3/1) 

1st Hutchin’s Frondil’s Office Ed – two year old well furnished ruby dog who on the stand had a lovely outline.  Good head proportions with large, dark eyes, good ear set with lots of feathering.  Moved soundly around the ring, a worthy winner of this class (RBOB) 2nd Lunt’s Calonlan Practical Magic – 20 month old Blenheim bitch with a good head and long, well set ears.  Overall nice construction just lacking the movement of 1.   


Open (3/1) 

1st Whitman and Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW – 3 year old well furnished black and tan dog.   Excellent example of the breed with a beautifully made head, lovely large dark eyes, well set long ears with plenty of feathering, good dentition with correct bite.  Good moderate chest with well laid back shoulders, lovely straight front and good spring of rib with level back.  Good turn of stifle, four square on the stand.  Nicely compact and well feathered feet, well set tail, lovely elegant free movement with plenty of drive from behind BOB and pleased to see him go TG2.   2nd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Magical Dreams – 5½ year old tri bitch in good condition. Fair head, nicely set eyes with shallow stop.  Liked the ear set although ears could do with more feathering.  Well constructed throughout but lost out on movement and finish.   

Chihuahua (Long Coat)  

Post Graduate (1/0) 

1st Senior’s Coltham Kingpin IR JR Ch – 2 year old dog in nice condition.   Adequately constructed, moved out well.  BOB 

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) 

Junior (2/1)  

1st Hall’s Jorazan Rocky Balboa –  This spirited 7 month dog showed what a chihuahua is all about,  from his saucy expression and wonderful attitude throughout.  Well constructed head, good expressive eyes and correctly set large ears.  Shoulders well laid, fore legs well set under chest, level back with well sprung rib.  Muscular hind quarters with a good turn of stifle.  Good, brisk forceful action on the move but easily distracted at times BP. 

Post Graduate (2/1) 

1st Ansell’s Mjis Elle Dogomania JW –  Lovely size 19 month old bitch with very good breed type.  Good head proportions, well constructed throughout and moved well at all times BOB. 

Open (4/0) 

1st Senior’s Taradona Artful Dodger of Narinchi – 2½ year old dog in lovely condition.  Good head proportions, nice straight front, well constructed body, moved well and on the stand stood four square RBOB.   2nd Ansell’s Myojo Toy Story JW – 2 year old bitch.  Another nicely constructed bitch with good head and well made body.  Just lacked the movement of 1.  3rd Halls’ Jorazan Apollo Creed. 

Chinese Crested 

Junior (5/3) 

1st Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero (Imp Deu) – 9 month old dog with good head proportions and nice crest.  Good, dark eyes with nicely large set ears and good scissor both.  Well constructed body, straight front, nicely made hindquarters, moved well BOB & BP 2nd Simm’s Ezhar The Duke – 9 month dog with ok head proportions.  Ok in construction, lost out on movement today. 

Post Graduate (2/1) 

1st Peppett’s Crestspitz Shadow Walker of Zanjero – 4½ year old dog with a good head, nice dark eyes, good ear set.  Nicely constructed throughout, moved well RBOB. 

Miniature Pinscher 

Junior (2/0) 

1st King’s Adurus The Lion King – 7 month old red dog.  Lovely head shape, nice small well set ears, good dark eye, strong jaw with good dentition.  Lovely graceful neck, slightly arched fitting well into shoulders.  Good straight legs, elbows well tucked in.  Well constructed body for age, good muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle.  Stood four square on the stand with a lovely outline.  Had nicely set tail, well carried.  Had well co-ordinated movement, pleased to award him BP, RBOB & pleased to see he was later awarded PG3.  Will watch his career with interest.  2nd Billington’s Bamtybo Bonbon Avec Yrieix – 7 month bitch.  Another nice puppy with good overall construction, just needs to fill out a bit for me. Moved ok.   

Post Graduate (2/0) 

1st King’s Adurus Mata Hari – 2 year old bitch.  Another nicely constructed bitch with a good head, well made throughout just let herself down slightly by her front stance.  Moved well. 2nd Goff’s Debenar Itz a Gift for Hufflepin – 2½ year old bitch who was very unsettled today.  Nice head but a bit too fine in build for me.  Moved ok.   

Open (3/0) 

1st Griffiths’ Keljantzi Xciting Prospect for Amious JW ShCM -  23 month bitch in perfect condition and has all the attributes of a min pin.  From her lovely head shape with good set dark eyes, perfect dentition, great small high set ears.  Slightly arched neck fitting well into her shoulders which were moderately angulated with excellent straight front with her elbows close to her body which was rather deep with well sprung ribs.  She had well developed rear with a good sweep of stifle.   Lovely cat like feet with dark nails.  Good set and carried tail giving an overall balanced appearance.  On the move she was well co-ordinated and displayed a true hackney action BOB and pleased to see her get TG3.   2nd King’s Adurus Pursuit of Love – Red 4 year old bitch.  Lovely head shape, good dark eye, good dentition, small ears correctly set, well constructed throughout.  Was very sound on the move. 3rd Goff’s Jessy Jay 


Junior (4/2) 

1st Saffer’s Regemma Upsy Daisy –  Wow well what can I say about this beautifully constructed fawn bitch.  She is cobby and square with a great hardness of muscle.  Stood four square displaying a fantastic outline on the stand.  From her lovely head proportions, nice dark eye with a gorgeous expression, good ear set, strong slightly arched neck leading into well sloped shoulders, straight front set under body which was well ribbed and wide in chest with a level topline.  Good angulated rear with straight legs set well under body.  High set tail, curled.  Moved with style around the ring. BOB and delighted she was later awarded TG1. 2nd Rutherford’s Yorlanders Topaz at Potbelli – 8 months lovely sized fawn dog.  Many of the same attributes as 1, but lacked the maturity.  Moved out well BP. 

Post Graduate (3/2) 

1st O’Leary’s Sephina Made you Look JW – 20 months masculine fawn dog of larger proportions. Pleasing head with large, dark eye and good ear set.  Well made throughout and moved well at all times RBOB.  


Open (2/1) 

Rutherford’s Yorlanders It’s Zeva at Potbelli JW – 2 year old fawn bitch.  Good head with large, dark eye, good ear placement, strong arched neck, straight front set under body which was well ribbed and cobby, good rear assembly, high set curled tail.  A bit unsettled on the table today and on the move.   


Judge:  Stephen Maskell