• Date: 10/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Stella Oliver Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Portsmouth & Southsea Kennel Association



February 10th 2019 


Show reports for Flatcoated Retrievers, Irish Setters, GSP, & Golden Retrievers 


My thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this very friendly well-run show. Sadly, the weather was challenging, but the cold and rain did not dampen the spirit of those exhibitors that endured the conditions and I thank them for entering their lovely dogs. 


Flatcoated Retrievers 



1st Oxfords Matlaras Spirit of Dunkirk For Tarabeck Very feminine 8 month bitch. Pretty head with expressive eyes, ears set close on head, good length of neck into correct shoulder, topline level. Good depth of chest, clean in outline. Moved ok. BP 

2nd Strudwick’s Flatcharm Miss Lotsa Love For Burpham another very feminine bitch correct head lovely expression good neck and shoulder. Front correct, lovely bone, overall in super condition. Just felt she was a tad overweight and therefore unbalanced on the move. 

3rd Taggs Empire Gory Black Brianta At Oiyou  



1st Bellamys Moontorn Goddess Of Love Very nice stylish bitch with extremely feminine head good length of neck into reasonable shoulders quite narrow in front but still need to mature. Slightly longer cast in loin, good rear angulation, in super condition and moved with drive and purpose. 


OPEN (2) 

1st Bellamys Bochilbarley Blue Moon Smart young man with all the attributes required in the standard. Head not overdone but with a hint of masculinity good reach of neck into clean shoulders, correct depth of chest, level topline super bend of stifle ensuring strong driving movement and that ever present slashing tail. BOB 

2nd Bowens Clandrift Midnight Galaxy Although this girl was beautifully made in all departments, she lacked femininity in my opinion. Everything about her was slightly overdone and she was very unsettled on the move. 


Irish Setters 

Junior (1) 

1st Koureas Cloonmanna Cassia Feminine bitch found her narrow in head with a startled expression, good length of neck although quite upright in shoulder. Good depth of chest slightly long in body, good rear angulation. Not very happy and that showed in her hesitant movement. 


Post Graduate (2) 

1st Ferrol & Murray Gwendariff Whirlwind At Harvancourt Very stylish young bitch lovely feminine head and sweet expression. Overall beautiful construction, clean in outline, good depth of chest, short coupled correct topline and moved very well. RBOB  

2nd Browns Baystrider Bluebell More This girl was more mature, sweet head, good length of neck, short coupled but her topline was level and she lacked the sweep of stifle. Not a very happy mover. 


Open (2) 

1st Halls Glennara Cilleigne Dervla (IKC) JW Quality bitch with exquisite head very expressive eyes. Good length of neck into clean shoulders. Straight in front with super depth of chest. Ribs well sprung with good loin and sloping topline. Moved out very well BOB 

2nd Browns Baystrider Bluebell pretty head with soft expression good length of neck quite wide in front and level in topline but moved quite happily. 


German Shorthaired Pointer 


Junior (1) 

1st Braines Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW Very masculine Liver boy 17 months old.  Broad head with gentle expressive eyes ears set high correct length. Neck arched well set into clean shoulders good depth of rib and excellent tuck-up. Rear angulation good with super muscle and of course moved with power and style. BOB 


Open (1) 

1st Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW 


Golden Retrievers 


Puppy (10:7a) 

1st Porters Shearstone Muck Fe Very attractive 9 month bitch Gorgeous head with sweet expression, dark eyes. Good length of neck into correct shoulders straight front with good depth of brisket for age. Excellent topline and rear angulation. Very happy mover, effortless with drive. Super coat and colour BP 

2nd Hodgsons Rikita Jazzeena Very close up to 1 Prettiest of heads lovely clean outline nothing to dislike. Just on the day preferred the overall look of 1. 

3rd Murrays Goldaseco Footpad 


Junior (6:1a) 

1st Russells Rosinante Mirabelle Very smart 14month bitch gorgeous head lovely dark pigmentation. Straight front with such good bone. Correct shoulder placement level topline and excellent rear angulation. In lovely coat and condition moved very well. 

2nd Russells Rosinante Crystal Clear litter sister to 1 very little to choose between although this one is slightly shorter in neck and not such a crisp outline as 1. In lovely condition but not so positive on the move. 

3rd Porters Shearstone Riff Raff 


Graduate (5:4a) 

1st Russells Rosinante Mirabelle 


Post Grad (7:1a) 

1st Taylors Pandreft Lola Very attractive head balanced with good chiseling correct pigmentation. Good length of neck into correct shoulders balanced outline with good rib and strong hindquarters stylish mover. 

2nd Rosinante Crystal Clear 

3rd Pages Bramdale Tickled Pink 


Open (5:2a) 

1st Linfields Tonaro Rio Grande JW ShCM Very handsome veteran at the peak of maturity and didn’t it show. Super head with a hint of masculinity lovely kind expressive eyes. Excellent neck into clean shoulders, straight front with excellent bone. His outline was brilliant. In good coat and moved with drive and style BOB 

2nd Roses Ruler Of The World Over Azteca Another lovely boy when standing all the same remarks as 1 apply. slightly preferred his head over 1 super outline but not so positive on the move and this let him down. 

3rd Wests Xanthos Arran