• Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/11/2019

East Kent Canine Society

What a great show and lovely welcome the minute you arrive from a really excelling committee. I was not disappointed with any of the dogs I judged today, all having many qualities and a few things splitting the hairs between the placings. Two fabulous stewards. What more can you ask for after a long drive, and a great entry.  

SPANIEL (American Cocker) 

Puppy (3,2)

1. WALDEN’s Truly Yours Clear Magic for Taramount (IMP DNK). Buff 8m bitch. Well padded muzzle, nice stop. Good rise of skull and not overdone. Nice length of neck into good lay of shoulder. Nice bone. Good coat and presented well. On move a little unsettled at times, but still young. Just needs to strengthen in rear quarters on the away. Good tailset and carries well on the move. BP and shortlisted in Puppy Group 

Junior (1,0) 

1. MURRAY’s Zeffir Ot Chicarnoj Kompani (IMP BLR). Buff 12mdog. Well defined head and muzzle. Good chiselling. Nice rise of skull. Good neck into shoulders. Good spring of rib. Nice forequarters, well balanced. A little long in loin, but only fractionally, which is what split it for me in BOB. Good rear quarters. Tail tends to carry a little high on the move. But moves with reach and drive. RBOB. 

Post Grad (3,2) 

1. MURRAY’s Totem De La Chance (IMP RUS). 14mth parti male. Lovely head piece, good chiselling and definition. Good ear set. Nice front. Good lay of shoulders. Good ribs, and loin. Good tail set. A little spooked on the move today, but still went with drive. 

Open (5,2)

1. PRICE’s Jaclee Walk The Line. 14m parti male. Beautiful head and plush muzzle. Good definition in head. Nice lay of shoulders from good length of neck. Nice big ribs, strong bone. Good length of loin. Moves with drive and reach, albeit a little excited at times on the move but being very merry and cockery. Beautifully presented. BOB. Later G4. 

2. KNAPP’s Gablequest Glory Days. 4yr old black male. Classic style male head , with a masculine presence. Forequarters nice could have a little more reach. Good body. Nice drive from rear.  

3. MURRAY’s Totem De La Chance (IMP RUS)

Spaniel (English Springer) 

Puppy (1,1) 

1. Absent 

Post Graduate ( 2,0) 

1. HAWKES Meonstoke Elderflower. 2 y/o bitch. Lovely head piece, nice dark eye. Good lay of shoulders. Good rear end. Moves with reach and drive carries tail well 

2. WEYMANs Spuffing Tanqueray JW. 22m. Just a little stronger in head than 1, nice body and lay of shoulders. Good tail. Just not with drive and reach of 1. Also little sparse in coat. 

Open (2,0) 

1. WALKERs SH CH DEXBENELLAS ATTICUS FINCH. 2.5yr old liver dog. Beautiful expression and working in the head. Good ear set. Nice lay of shoulder, length of neck. Good rib. Tailset just tad low, but not drastic. Moves with reach and drive. Free and easy on the away and back. BOB. Later G2. 

2. WEYMANS Spuffing Molly’s Secret. 4yr old black bitch. Lovely head piece, good body. Just tends to carry tail down on move today, and a little close on behind. Shown in good coat and presented well. RBOB.