• Date: 03/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bridgend & District Kennel Association


SUN 03 MAR 19




Post Graduate

1. Thomas’ Eronels Red Red Wine. Won the class on superior angulation with excellent shoulder and a good parallel gait. Good head, nice dark eye, strong top-line, shown in good coat.

2. Williams’ Zantanas Something Special Lyzahro (imp SWE). Not quite the shoulder of 1 but covered plenty of ground with an easy gait, good head and correct coat.

3. Hancock’s Starbound Padina at Stavella.



1. Prevett/Thomas/Mainwaring’s Raileve My Fair Lady. Very smart 2 year old bitch, super head and expression, keen dark eye, absolutely balanced throughout with an easy ground covering gait, BOB.

2. Hancock’s Jacadmar Quantum of Solace at Stavella ShCM. 6 year old male, as much back length as I would like but super head and good reach of neck, good ground covering gait.

3. Williams’ Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro.




Post Graduate

1. O’Connor’s Talisman Tibeta Buddha (imp RUS). Very sound male who won the class on his movement, well angulated front and rear, strong top-line, good bone, nice feet. Well handled and presented.

2. Plummer/Bingham’s Gandaki Bust a Move. Another nice example of the breed, typical head and expression, strong top-line, completely parallel gait, good prospect.

3. Plummer’s Silgarhi Holy Smoke to Tetsikarma.



1. Plummer’s Tetsikarma Lola Stargirl ShCM. Excellent on the move and shown in good, hard condition, good shoulder, nice turn of stifle and a strong top-line, BOB & G4.

2. Plummer’s Tetskiarma Stargazer ShCM. Not quite the movement of 1 but a balanced exhibit, typical head and expression, covered good ground in profile and shown in good coat, well handled and presented.

3. O’Connor/Johnson’s Smoke N’Mirrors by Khados.




Post Graduate

1. Protheroe/Johnson’s Runner Star Akemi Etsu Katsu. Won the class with an easy, ground covering gait, typical feminine puppy head, balanced front and good level top-line, parallel throughout.

2. Bartlett’s Gustafski Trouble Maker. More compact in type and in need of some practise but an attractive head, well angulated shoulder but her movement was difficult to assess on the day.



1. Skivington’s Hokkaido Yoshi Lad at Ajatiaza JW ShCM. Good masculine head, as much back length as I would like but with good shoulder and viewed from behind parallel and covered plenty of ground in profile, BOB

2. Protheroe/Johnson’s Takashi Kimiko Khan. Lovely male puppy, excellent angulation throughout, super head and a very good prospect, BP.





1. Paradise’s Shardlow Rainbows End. Nice young bitch, well angulated, absolutely sound and parallel on the move, a good prospect, BOB.




Post Graduate

1. Dunn’s Valetta Spoilt for Choice. A somewhat restless exhibit who was a little upset on the day but moved to advantage when settled. Had a keen dark eye, was shown in excellent coat and condition and covered plenty of ground on the move.

2. Thomas’ Eronels Silver Tassie. A nice young bitch, balanced angulation and a busy, parallel gait, not quite the coat and condition of 1, BP.



1. Dunn’s Valetta All About Love. Nice young male, keen alert expression, well angulated, shown in good coat and condition, quick parallel and easy gait, well handled and presented, BOB.




Post Graduate

1. Wallington’s Dallyador Secret Passion for Rovinjdal. 9 month old bitch, super feminine head and expression, balanced angulation, good top-line, correct croup and tail-set, good ground covering, light footed gait, BOB, BP & PG4.



1. Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream ShCM. Typical masculine head, not quite the shoulder to match his good turn of stifle but good level top-line, parallel on the move, correct feet and pasterns.  




Post Graduate

1. Connor’s Ringablok Diamond. Very nice bitch, good head and expression, high set ears, correct bone, good pasterns and feet, good turn of stifle, easy ground covering gait, BOB, BP & PG1.



1. Connor’s Buddy’s Living Legend of Ringablock. Nice 18 month old male, good overall proportions, nice shoulder, good turn of stifle. When settled, had a good ground covering gait.




Post Graduate

1. Morgan/Ling’s Tytorro Tiger Feet. Just preferred the overall proportions of 1, super head and expression, well angulated front and rear, covered plenty of ground in profile but a little untidy behind which will tighten up with maturity, BOB, BP & PG2.

2. Joshua’s Tytomax Gucci Rush. Lovely example of the breed, super head and expression, a little more back length than I would have thought ideal but absolutely sound on the move.

3. Oliver-Hicks’ Nashbank The Beautiful Game.



1. Morgan/Williams’ Gwynsel Chains of Love. Preferred the head and ear-set of 1, balanced angulation and covered plenty of ground in profile, good top-line, parallel throughout.

2. Morgan/Ling’s Agramer’s No Alibi at Tytorro (imp HRV). Balanced angulation, correct top-line, covered good ground but somewhat distracted and unsettled on the day.

3. Connor’s Judeffrey Jovial of Ringablock.





1. Winter/Unwin’s Morningcalm White Wizzard at Snowtrekka AI. Super head and expression, good shoulder, nice top-line, correct bone, good feet and a light footed gait.

B AV Imported Register.

2. Kirk/Turley’s Angelcrest Shadow Master. Good head, nice shoulder, strong top-line, would prefer tidier feet.





1. McCarthy’s Emrose Guccy Envy. 13 months old, good expression, absolutely sound on the move, good angulation and shown in good coat and condition.

2. Smith’s Dylan Blekitny Kanion (imp POL). 9 month old, quite a large puppy but nevertheless shown in super coat and condition and moved with a parallel gait, BAVNSC(P).

3. Phillips/Rout’s Valleyrise Invictus.


Post Graduate

1. Bojanowski-Toms’ Sistasu Silver Cloud. Shown in excellent coat and condition, this male had a typical head and expression, was excellent when viewed from behind and possesses balanced angulation front and rear.



1. Bojanowski-Toms’ Ch. Sistasu Silver Lining JW ShCM. Super male, excellent shoulder, nice turn of stifle, strong top-line and an easy ground covering gait, BAVNSC & G2.

2. Rice’s Ricox Somebody to Love JW ShCM. Tibetan Spaniel, balanced angulation but still some maturing to do, nice prospect.





1. Rice’s Sagrael Minime of Ricox. 13 year old, still in excellent condition. This veteran has a super front, keen alert expression, full of vim and vigour on the move and is an excellent example of the breed.

2. Stevenson-Reynolds’ Keagwyn Foxglove. A near 10 year old, keen alert expression and a pleasure to watch on the move.

3. Plummer’s Tetskiarma Lola Showgirl ShCM.



Bulldog – a super 2 year old bulldog bitch with an excellent head, absolutely 4 square, moved to good effect, parallel when viewed from the front and behind, an excellent prospect.

Shih Tzu

Keeshond - Super head and expression, keen dark eye, excellent balance throughout with a parallel ground covering gait. 

Tibetan Terrier


Boston Terrier

French Bulldog

Japanese Spitz




Post Graduate

1. Kingsley’s Penelope Von Den Borkener Turmen at Dainoak (imp Deu) NAF. 8 month old bitch, a little unsettled by her surroundings but this did not detract from her excellent, parallel, ground covering gait. Well angulated front and rear and a nice prospect, BP.


Open Dog

1. McGowan’s Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter (RAF). Impressive 2½ year old male, good masculine head, excellent shoulder, strong top-line, a little untidy on the out and back around the elbows but easy, ground covering gait in profile, BOB.


Open Bitch

1. Kingsley’s Dainoak Agent Provocateur. 2½ year old female, moderate shoulder, good turn of stifle, parallel on the out and back.