• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Plymouth & District Canine Society

I would like to thank Debbie Stansbury and her fellow officers and Committee for organising such an excellent show and for inviting me to judge. 


Puppy (2 1abs)

1st Neate's Mangookoa Dynamo The Great BPIB - 11 month old male, good dark eye, correct overall balance of head, good shoulder and nice turn of stifle. A little slack in the top line but shown in good coat and condition. Covered good ground in profile but will take a little time to tighten up on the out and back as he matures.

Post Graduate (4 1abs)

1st Franklin's Shinglebay I've Gotta Be Me - A well proportioned young bitch, super head, well set ears, dark eye, and a good reach of neck. Powerful shoulders and held her top line well. Balanced angulation front and rear and shown in good coat and condition. Absolutely sound on the move.

2nd Royle's Believe In Your Dreams Tender Ebony - I preferred the head of 1 but this exhibit has both balance and is well angulated, giving a ground covering gait in profile. Shown in good coat and well muscled. 

3rd Mayhew's Merrybear Jolly Roger 

Open (3 1abs)

1st Stelemar Quiang At Shcarra JW ShCM BOB - Two very nice examples of the Breed. Good head, correct reach of neck, excellent angulation fore and aft. Just managed to hold his top line, parallel throughout and possesses an easy ground covering gait.

2nd Franklin's Shinglebay High Hopes ShCM RBOB - Another I liked but she had a tendency to 'run across' her handler on the out and back at least giving the impression of 'toeing in' on one side. Excellent overall balance and condition and with good forward reach and drive.


Puppy (3)

1st Verran's Megalmar Cecelia BPIB - I just preferred the head of 1. Well balanced bitch with moderate angulation and a good reach of neck. Well held top line and an easy parallel gait. 

2nd Hucker's Bevanray Ugo - Again balanced angulation but a little untidy on the out and back but I believe this will resolve itself with maturity. 

3rd James', Hucker and Thompson's Bevanray Unity

Post Graduate (4 2abs)

1st Vick's Ava Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels JW - Well handled and presented with good angulation and a strong top line. Good bone, well knuckled up feet and sound on the move. Good dark eye.

2nd Lefebvre-King's Bamabel Narissa Of Buttonlove - Strong feminine head, powerful throughout but untidy on the move. Needs to settle to be able to show herself off to advantage.

Open (3)

1st Vick's Mia Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels JW ShCM BOB - A nice bitch with a good head and expression, good angulation, powerful shoulders and a level top line. Moved with a good parallel ground covering gait which won her the class.

2nd Lefebvre-King's Buttonlove My Dashing Lad RBOB - A strong headed male with excellent angulation but very much a handful on the day and found it hard to settle. Shown to advantage I am sure he could do well.

3rd Lefebvre-King's Buttonlove Rumours Of Pearl 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Post Graduate (1)

1st Best's Tamarbern Tia Mkira Abjess BPIB - A charming young bitch puppy with a nice feminine head and once settled showed lots of potential, but will continue to need practice. A little 'up behind' at this stage but has good shoulder and will balance out with maturity. When settled she has an easy ground covering gait. 

Open (2)

1st Akehurst's Jesterbrock Alpine Storm BOB - A very well put together male with a typical head. Strong powerful shoulders and a nice turn of stifle, good feet and pasterns. Easy ground covering gait.

2nd Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden RBIB - A lovely veteran who was absolutely balanced throughout. Shown in full coat and good condition. 


Puppy (1)

1st Skilling's Owen Zielonej Coeszynianki BPIB - A very nice puppy shown in excellent coat and condition and possessing good front and rear angulation. In profile covered plenty of ground but on the out and back there was a degree of looseness which you might expect from a large breed at this stage. This will resolve itself in time.  

Post Graduate (1)

1st Skilling's Dacfolke Odina RBIB - A very well handled and presented two year old bitch. Nice dark eye, very 'laid back' in nature, but possessing excellent shoulder a good top line, good bone and correct feet and pasterns. Easy ground covering gait.

Open (4 2abs)

1st Folkes' Ch Dacfolke Obie Odakota BOB - A very nice young male who won the class on his excellent movement. Good head but for me I would prefer a slightly 'tighter' eye, well angulated throughout with a strong top line. Absolutely sound on the move and covered plenty of ground with his reach and drive.

2nd Smith's Dacfolke Vagabond ShCM - A nice six year old, good angulation but not quite as tidy behind as 1. But a good example of the Breed. 

AVNSC Working 

Open (2 1abs)

1st De Boo's Enjoy-Pearl VD Vanenblikhoeve - Bouvier Des Flanders BAVNSC Working - Typically powerful throughout good head and a nice dark eye. Absolutely sound on the move with good reach and drive. Shown in excellent coat and condition and very well handled and presented. 

Working Group

A very strong working group indeed which was a delight to judge.

1st Alaskan Malamute - Smith's Snowshoes King's Legacy ShCM - A typical young male shown in excellent coat and condition and in good weight rather than carrying excess as so often they do! Good head, well set ears good reach of neck and powerful shoulders. Athletic and easy ground covering gait. Nice example of the Breed. Very well handled and presented.

2nd Boxer - Powell's Jobaran Home Run - Standard fitting head, good cheek and chin and correct stop. Nice reach of neck and square in profile with a good level top line. Correct bone, good feet and pasterns. Good parallel ground covering gait.

3rd Newfoundland - Stelemar Quiang At Shcarra JW ShCM

4th Bouvier Des Flanders - De Boo's Enjoy-Pearl VD Vanenblikhoeve

Working Puppy Group

1st Great Dane - Bell's Jaydania Angel Of Harlem With Darlou - A very impressive 10 month old bitch who possesses all the potential. Feminine head and 'regal' expression, good reach of neck, well set shoulders and good balanced angulation front and rear. Graceful ground covering yet light footed gait. A comfortable winner of the Group.

2nd Alaskan Malamute - Smith's Snowshoes Silver Lining - Judging sled dogs of this age is a challenge since they should appear like a puppy and be just that with all the maturity to come. This puppy was full of joy and at this stage shows good angulation and a parallel ground covering gait. We must wait and see what the future holds. 

3rd Rottweiler - Verran's Megalmar Cecelia

4th Bernese Mountain Dog - Best's Tamarbern Tia Mkira Abjess. 

Best Reserve BOB In Group 

Newfoundland - Franklin's Shinglebay High Hopes ShCM 

Simon Luxmoore