• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sheila Appleby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Plymouth & District Canine Society

9 February 2019

Thank you to the Show Society Committee for a lovely day’s judging. Everything was well organised and a friendly atmosphere pervaded. Thank you to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my choices and for bringing their happy healthy dogs under me, some were particularly exuberant and it was a joy to see. Especial thanks to my steward Chris

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

O (1) 1 Newman’s Lanokk Violeska a neat, feminine 3 year old bitch in good wire coat. Well proportioned head with medium stop. Soft hazel eyes, good angles overall, with straight front, short strong loin and medium bend of stifle. Moves quite well. BOB

Italian Spinone

PG (4) 1  Luff’s Montecani Elara At Lyndyck B, RBOB & BPIB. 10 month puppy bitch, with lots to like. Correct planes to skull, balanced head with soft kind eyes. Good front assembly and depth of chest. Squarely built. Good brown/white coat. Nice steady trot on the move. 2 Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Feminine bitch with sweet expression, nicely balanced overall, straight front and good depth of chest. Good coarse coat. Moves with comfortable long stride, 3 Kemp’s Pendio Roman Holiday BP.

O (3,1a) 1 Kruglow’s Amberellie Adrianna BOB, Mature W/O bitch in very good coat. Classic head, kindly eyes of good colour, well boned forelegs,  shoulders well laid, strong body, good bone throughout, balanced frame with characteristic topline. Moved very well.  2 Luff’s Ricinni Carluccio At Lyndyck 4 year old masculine dog, balanced head with ochre eyes and good ear set, straight front, strength to shoulders. Deep chest, strong body, long broad thighs. Moves okay just overreaching a little.  


0 (5,1a)  1 Medogold Tartini With Sonham JW ShCM Appealing B/W feminine bitch. Attractive head with good definition, nice dark eyes. Long muscular neck. Well balanced overall, straight front, strong body, good width of thigh. Not overangulated. Happy positive mover, BOB. 2 Osman’s Fleurfield Firethorn At Marissolo. Masculine dog with head not overdone, well defined stop, dark eye, thin leathers and correct ear set, good long reach to neck, deep chest, short coupled, strong rear quarters, smooth, slightly sloping topline. Moves quite well. RBOB.

3 Coombs Wilchimane Tick’T Boo.

Large Munsterlander

PG (2) 1 Caille’s Kamaze Cosmic Diamond, Lively young bitch, with plenty of energy. Nicely rounded skull, strong jaws, medium sized dark eyes, good forequarters, shoulders well laid, balanced in body, short loin, good bend of stifle. Moves well when settled. RBOB, 2 Prowse’s Quilesta Just Endearing, 3 year old feminine bitch, with balanced head, good front assembly, into strong body. Slightly longer cast than 1. Strong rear quarters, a little straight in stifle. Moves okay. Both 1 & 2, in very good coat.

O (2) 1 Disney & Whiting’s ShCh Wonglepong Will’s Faramir

4 year old dog of good size and substance. Head in proportion to body, dark amber eye. Good front assembly, wide chest deep brisket, strong short loin, good width of thigh and bend of stifle, tail set a bit high. Moves with reach and drive. In good full coat. BOB, 2 Leeming’s Ashlowrick Ladies Day At Iscadu, 7 year old bitch very feminine but with enough width to skull, alert amber eyes. Muscular neck, strong square body, well muscled thighs, hocks well let down, tight feet. Well clothed coat. Moved very well.

Cocker Spaniel

SpYr (2) 1 Parkhouse’s Shiyani Summer Breeze Young b/w bitch, feminine with nicely developed skull, good stop, dark eye, good slope to shoulders, strong sturdy body, good bone overall, in good coat, happy mover. RBOB, 2 Harris’ Poppycroft Solo Flyer. Pretty blue roan bitch, not as mature as 1, has balanced head with dark eye, good ear set, medium length to neck, compact body, little straight in stifle, bustling mover and wagging tail.

O (2) Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert JW ShCM  2 year old dog, with plenty of substance which I liked. Classic head with dark eye. Well boned forelegs, elbows close, shoulders well laid. Spring of rib, compact strong body, neat feet, well rounded rear, good bend of stifle. Good bone. Quality coat and very well presented overall. Moved happily with forward reach and rear drive. BOB Gundog Group 1.

2 Parkhouse’s Sandaluga Magic Spell For Shivani, Smaller framed black dog, with balanced head, nicely chiselled head, dark eye, ears set low with good feathering, Good slope to shoulders, strong body, short loin, enough bend of stifle with short hocks. Flat soft coat. Moved very well.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

P (2, 1a) 1 McIlwaine & Reynolds, Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love,

Lovely youngster, feminine, good skull shape, slight dome to head, expressive kind eyes, long clean neck, straight front, firm round feet, good body for age, strong rear quarters, quality coat, good mover with plenty of drive. BPIB.

PG (6,3a) 1 Best’s Amblelight Ophelia, appealing young bitch, good proportions to head, lovely hazel eyes, clean neck, good front assembly, neat feet, depth to chest and compact body, strong overall, moderate bend of stifle. Moves with drive. RBOB, 2 Mercer’s Amblelight Cassiopeia, litter brother to one and similar comments as above. Lovely masculine head with hazel eyes, strong body, good bone overall. Moves very well. 3 Lampersberger’s Benoveor Playing For Keeps To Kurzeja

OD   (5,2a) 1 Blackford’s Amblelight Galatea, 4 year old active dog, with plenty of substance. Strong head, hazel eyes, muscular neck, has good width of chest and depth of brisket. Level topline. Wide thighs, tail set on low and smooth forward action, showing good reach and rear drive, BOB. 2 McLlwaine & Reynolds Glenbrows Van Gogh For Benoveor JW, Another quality dog, with classic head and dark eye, low set ears, shoulders well laid. Good front assembly, deep chest, short loin with moderate tuck up. Moves very well. 3 Attwood’s Ir Sh Ch Kylowen Drym ShCM.

OB  (5,2a) 1 Lampersberger’s Benoveor Field Of Dreams To Kurzeja, 3 ½ year old feminine bitch, good length to skull, dark eye, strong muzzle, straight front, neat feet, short loin, level topline, good bend of stifle and short hocks. In lovely coat. Good mover. 2 Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza Pretty bitch with sweet appealing head and expression, good angles overall, balanced in body. Carries a level topline on the move. Just preferred 1 on the day. 3 Blake’s Benoveor Hey Baby.

English Springer Spaniel

SpYr (3,1a) 1 Merrick’s Tiverstone Statesman At Stormerick, young, very active B/W dog, broad head, defined stop, chiselled beneath dark expressive eyes, deep square muzzle, large nose, good front assembly, strong body, wide thighs and moderate bend of stifle, plenty of bone, in lovely full coat, strides out well on the move. BOB. 2 Kibby’s Tiverstone Lady’s Delight L/W bitch, not as well bodied as 1 but very feminine, with nicely proportioned head, dark eyes, good angles overall with enough depth of chest, moderate bend of stifle and hocks well let down, good tail set. Well feathered. Moves well.

O (3,1a) 1 Hosking’s Teinvalley Revo 3 year old bitch with lovely classic head, good front assembly, good spring of rib, good bone, level topline, moves very well. RBOB. 2 Holman’s Roqfolly Endeavour for Artycreath, masculine dog with broad head, chiselling beneath eyes, deep flews, good forequarters, strong body, well angulated quarters, slope to topline, moves well.   

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

P (1) 1 Ward’s Melanitta Palmata Promising 9 month puppy dog, slightly wedged skull, tapering muzzle, ears set high, alert haze/ochre eyes, straight front, tight feet, sloping shoulders, good depth of chest, short coupled, good bend of stifle, nicely balanced overall. Lovely straight orange coat. Very smart mover carrying level topline. BPIB, RBOB, Gundog Puppy Group 1 and I believe, RBPIS, congratulations.

OD (3,1a) 1 Ward’s Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat At Melanitta, 9 year old dog, clean cut skull, slightly rounded, well set ears, strong body, good depth chest, short coupled, good bend of stifle, showed good positive movement.  

2 Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts ShCM, masculine dog of 8 ½ years, strong head of good proportions, hazel eyes, correct ear set, tight feet,  good body and bone, in good coat, just preferred the movement of 1 on the day.

OB (2,1a) 1 Ward’s Melanitta Morning Glory  9 year old feminine bitch, has a typical head for the breed, soft appealing eyes, good front assembly, well laid shoulders and balanced overall with stifles well bent, good springy movement with good forward reach and rear drive. Carrying a tad extra weight, but liked her for substance and good bone over the OD winner. BOB

Flat Coated Retriever

P (1) 1 Milton’s Manteauplat Black Pippin 10 month puppy bitch, with nicely moulded head, slight stop, long muzzle, good set of ears, alert dark eyes, straight front, body still to fill out, good tail set, happy on the move, though moving a tad close behind. In good coat, BPIB

PG (5,1a) 1 Cooves Draketor Dartmoor Mist 2 ½ year old bitch with typical head, dark eyes, good lay of shoulders, short coupled body, plenty of bone overall, moves very well carrying level topline. RBOB, 2 Trotter’s Lussac Vill I An JW, lively 2 ½ year old dog with masculine head, long muzzle, slight stop, strong jaws, dark expressive eyes, moved quite well.

3 Hayman’s Tikkidui Showman’s Dream

O (6,2a) 1 Cooves Onyxro Naiad For Draketor 8 year old bitch, well proportioned head, dark eyes and good ear set, straight front, good depth of chest with ribs carried well back to short loin. Moderate bend of stifle, plenty of substance and bone, in good coat and very well presented. Covered the ground well with good reach and drive. BOB. 2 Lewis’ Draketor Sea Gypsy Among Fairwinds, 4 ½ year old bitch, with good head shape, dark eye and strong muzzle, straight front, strong neck, a tad heavy over the shoulder, but well muscled overall. Good length of body, depth to chest, good rear angles, moves well and carries a level topline.

3 Tamblyn’s Peranki Treyarnan

AVNSC Gundog

P (3,2a) 1 Sheppard’s Bubbaloo’s Something Special For Shadowview NAF TAF American Cocker Spaniel dog puppy, just 6 months and a little in awe of surroundings, well proportioned head with full dark expressive eyes, strong body with good angles, cream/buff colour still in puppy coat, moved quite well, if a little uncertain at times. BPIB.

AVNSC Gundog

O (9,6a) 1 Sweet’s Bondadosa Beach ShCM Spanish Water Dog, 5 year old dog with lots of character, masculine head, good dark eye, well open nostrils, strong jaws, short in neck, good front angulation, sturdy in body, level back, moderate rear angulation, in even curly coat, impressive movement with plenty of forward reach and drive. Best AVNSC, Gundog Group 4.  2 Johnson’s Sonnetend Fastlove At Sylviidae Field Spaniel  2 year old black dog classic head, dark eye, good front assembly, deep in brisket, moderate spring of ribs which go well back. Moderate bend of stifle with hocks well let down. Good quality coat. Moves very well. Reserve BAVNSC.  3 Rutland & Jones, ShCh Khamsynn Coast Liaison JW ShCM, Weimaraner.

Gundog Group

Best Gundog

Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson In Gwbert JW ShCM Cocker Spaniel, this handsome and fit black dog was up for the challenge, showing a balanced profile on the move with ground covering action. Congratulations.

Reserve Best Gundog

Baker & Judd’s Harpitts Minnie Mack Labrador Retriever, 16 month old liver dog, stood out straightaway, alert and expressive, standing true and balanced, well muscled throughout, didn’t disappoint and at one with his handler moved freely and easily with good forward reach and drive. Congratulations.

Group 3

Blackford’s Amblelight Galatea, Welsh Springer Spaniel, showing fitness and health, very active, in lovely full coat, moved with push and drive.

Well done.

Group 4

Sweet’s Bondadosa Beach ShCM Spanish Water Dog, The AVNSC winner, everything to like about him, balanced overall, a purposeful mover, who covered the ground well. Well done.

Best Gundog Puppy

Ward’s Melanitta Palmata, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, super puppy who performed well throughout and went on to RBPIS, Congratulations.

Reserve Best Gundog Puppy

McLlwaine & Reynolds, Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love, Welsh Springer Spaniel, one to watch, happy and relaxed on the move.  

Well done.

Group 3

Fenn’s Chalksville Highlander At Jandeburn Golden Retriever, confident puppy at one with her handler, nicely balanced and should come on well for the future.

Group 4

Mills’ Trendlewood Day Dreaming, Labrador Retriever, mature for her 8 months, lovely head and balanced overall. Strong firm quarters, very relaxed and keen to please her handler, moved very well, worthy of his win.  

AV Gundog


Two lovely puppies, I wish them a bright future.

1 McLlwaine & Reynolds, Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love, WSS, BPIB and Reserve Best Gundog Puppy.

2 Mills’ Trendlewood Day Dreaming, Labrador, appealing puppy bitch, with pretty head, deep chest, straight in front, strong in body, short coupled, good width of thigh and good bend of stifle. In good coat, moves very well. Gundog Puppy Group 4.

AV Gundog


1 Osman’s Wilchrimane Ave Ventura At Marissolo ShCM, Pointer, b/w dog of 10 years, classic head with good definition, dark eyes, straight in front with good depth of brisket, good spring of ribs going well back to short loin, good rear angulation, not overdone. Moved really well with an easy long stride.

2 Sh Ch McLlwaine & Reynolds, Glenbrows Band Of Brothers For Benoveor JW ShCM, Welsh Springer Spaniel, 8 year old dog, pleasing head of good proportions, defined stop, soft hazel eyes, low set ears.

Straight in forelegs, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, well coupled, wide thighs, hocks well let down. Good bone throughout. Powerful mover, just preferred 1 over 2 on the day. 3. Johnson’s Devonivy Diamond Cut By Niallgold Golden Retriever.

AV Members Open Stakes

This was a strong class of exhibits and I was especially pleased with my main winners. I did appreciate the opportunity to go over different breeds, Thank you.


1  Pinkerton/Cattoni Ch Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma, Borzoi.

2  Szczepanski’s Ch Catsun Coral Eclipse, Hungarian Puli

3  Manley’s Grampsa Turn On The Light, Whippet

4  Roberts & Spearing Linkenlees Lyrics ShCm, Beagle

5  Hensley & Swift’s Monksley Yasmin, German Shepherd

6  Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM, Tibetan Spaniel  

7  Blackford’s Amblelight Galatea, WSS

8  Best’s AmblelightOphelia, WSS

9  Moore’s Odivane Mummy’s At Fillipers, Schnauzer

10 Shorter’s Fiyero’s Devil In Disguise ShCM, Bichon Frise


Judge - Sheila Appleby