• Date: 03/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sarah-Jane Finch Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Oxfordshire Canine Society

Oxfordshire Canine Society

  3rd March 2019 


I would very much like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at their show. The gift for the judges was very thoughtful. The hospitality was lovely, we were very well looked after. The committee did an excellent job considering the miserable weather. I would like to say a huge thank you for our fantastic ring, it was big enough for me to see the dogs moving properly which you often don’t get at indoor open shows so I commend you for this! Thank you to be efficient stewards who were very helpful. Also thank you to all of the exhibitors who entered. They took my decisions sportingly and some were not easy decisions to make. A few dogs seemed a bit unsettled today and maybe due to this didn’t show to the best of their ability which is a shame. In the puppy class there were dogs that could easily change places on another day. For a lot of placings I was really nit picking to find my winners. 

P (5, 0)   1. Williams Tolkain Storm King From Phadante. 8.5 month black dog, lovely masculine head, dark eyes giving him a kind expression. His ears are well set on and well broken. He has a good mouth with a correct scissor bite. He has a strong neck leading down to his ample chest, nice tight cat feet, a good topline and a well set on tail. He is slightly high on the leg at the moment but he is still growing so that can be forgiven and I am sure this will all come together as he matures. He was well muscled for his age and has an excellent white coat with well placed spotting. His movement, although a bit jumpy at first, once settled he had a nice steady movement, looking correct from all angles and he already has that determined look of a carriage dog. Son of my Best of Breed and I can see a lot of his sire in him already. Best puppy.  

2. Tingey’s Dallyador Secret Addiction. Almost 10 month old black bitch, slightly longer cast than 1. She has a pretty feminine head with lovely dark eyes, her well broken ears are set on correctly framing her face. She has a good neck, tight feet, a good topline  and a well set on tail. She moved correctly fore and aft and has good reach. I know this is a cliché but she was very unlucky to be against 1 today. There is a lot to like about this girl.  

3. Hobbs & Whiting’s Rapanooey Ragdoll 

PG (3, 1)  1. Chappell’s Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway. 13 month old liver bitch who had mischief on her mind today and made her handler work very hard. Her head is slightly narrower at the muzzle, she has dark amber eyes, her ears are set on well and very heavily marked, she has a nice neck and a deep chest. She has a good topline, a well set on tail and  tight cat feet. She is the darkest of liver but she was slightly out of coat in places. She moved with enthusiasm around the ring.   Reserve Best of Breed. 

2. Graham’s Dotlun Sorella’s Phancy. 4 year old black bitch, taller on the leg than 1, dark eyes and dark heavily spotted ears. She has a scissor bite, a feminine neck,  good tight feet, a lovely crisp white coat with dark pigmentation. I found it hard to assess her movement today as it was a bit erratic.   

O (3, 1)  1. Gibb’s Phadante Mr Blue Sky JW ShCM. 3 year old black dog. A dog that I have admired since he was a puppy and he really did not disappoint today. He has a gorgeous masculine head, dark eyes, well set on ears that he uses to give him a lovely soft expression. His neck is powerful but not overdone, he has an excellent deep chest and tight cat feet. He has a correct topline which he keeps on the move, his tail is well set on and carried correctly. His body is well muscled and in fantastic condition, his coat is clear white and he has well defined spotting. This dog has impressive, stallion-like movement, he moves with such power driving from behind. He has great reach and I would love to see him behind a carriage. Delighted to award him Best of Breed and see him get Group 4.  

2. Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot of Castletop. 2 year old black dog who I have judged before. He has a good masculine head with a kind expression, dark eyes and a scissor bite. He has a good, strong neck, tight cat feet, correct topline and a well set on tail. He was rather pre-occupied today and really played his hander up which made it very hard for me to assess his movement.  

Sarah-Jane Finch (Dalticino)