• Date: 07/07/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Rebecca Woods Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/07/2019

Bath Canine Society

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this well run and friendly open show. We were blessed with the weather. a huge thank you to my steward was brilliant and very efficient. Also thank you to the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and patience in the heat. 


PD/B: (0) 

GD/B (1/1 abs)

OD/B (1)

1st: Mrs S & Mr G Mayo’s Dajomi Fair Young Maid At Gashoil.

A smart 2.5 year old, with a typical broad square head, nice eyes and ear set,, correct front and rear with a good amount of bone. Lovely compact knuckle like feet. Moved with power whilst keeping a firm top line, Stood alone but a very worthy BOB winner  

Dalmatian: ( 5 /1 abs)

PD/B 1st: David & Saunders Dallydyl The Loving Spirit.

A really lovely & honest 9 month old liver male, there was nothing not to like about him, so balanced and correct. a strong head and beautiful front. a firm level top line and correct rear angles, he came alive on the movement and claimed BOB & BPIB Delighted to see him take Group 4 & Puppy group 1.

2nd Evans & Saunders Dallydyl My Cousin Rachel. 

Very similar to 1 as was the rest of the class which I later found out all 4 are litter mates, all 4 are worthy of a place in the ring. A Black bitch with bags of style and unfortunate to come up against her brother who just had the edge on his condition.

3rd Kaal & Rance Dallydyl Dream Of Manderley To Olbero

GD/B (1/1 abs)

OD/B 1st: Thorner’s Tilutim Evensong At Naracoopa ShCM. 

8y/o Black Bitch and still ‘up for it’ a nice type, good head neck and top line correct front and rear angles and moved with a lot of drive just unfortunate to come up against the young puppy. RBOB

2nd Evans Lucky Prince Of Oaks Farm At Troikadal. 

Another nice balanced and correct dog, showed well I just preferred the front on the winner, side movement very neat with reach and drive. 

French Bulldog: 

PD/B 1st Lovell & Beaumonts Winuwuk Solana At Pinedown

A really lovely puppy with an outstanding head, compact but not too short and a nice topline, lovely angles and moved really well with so much read and drive, Stood alone in the breed but again a really worthy winner of BOB & BPIB

GD/B (2/2abs)

OD/B (2/2abs)

Japanese Spitz

PD/B (1) 1st Smith’s Belle of The Ball 

A really smart flashy 6 month only puppy with extra schooling will be one to watch, lots to like with correct angles and a nice length of body, moved well. BP PG3

GD/B (2) 1st Warrens Kessaku Scooby Doo 

A well presented up to size dog with lovely angles and a good front, correct coat and moved well, unfortunate to come up against the other kennel’s strong dogs today. 

2nd Norths Tawvale Taishita 

Unfortunately the condition of this dog let him down massively. I struggled to get through the coat, he did not want to move nor be gone over on the table. that being said the glimpses I did get were good a neat head and correct angles. 

OD/B (1) 1st Smiths CH Kessaku Bread And Honey At Snowshoes Sh.CM. 

I really loved this girl, bags of style and I really wasn’t surprised to see she’s a CH. so compact and balanced shown in fantastic condition, lovely head and nice dark pigmentation beautiful pricked ears which she used at all times, handled really well moved with reach and drive.

Lhasa Apso

PD/B (0)

GD/B (1) Torrance’s Sinyul Eleonora 

18 month old bitch, I really liked this girl, she had so much to like. In good condition and couldn’t be anything other than a bitch, really neat head with a clean flowing top line. correct angles. this little girl came to life on the move with so much reach and drive. so unfortunate to come up against the open winner today. RBOB

OD/B (3/2abs) 1st Barnett & Carter’s Belazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks 

My notes say ‘BEAUTIFUL’ this dog oozes quality and doesn’t he know it, such a showman. Presented beautifully. lovely head with straight fore face with a nice dark eye and correct reverse scissor bite, a beautiful arched neck flowing into a level topline, shoulder well laid back and elbows nice and tight to ribs, on the move he just showed off he covered the ground with such ease BOB and pleased to see him take BOB. I’ve since found out this was his last point for his JW - so congratulations.

2nd Torrance’s Sinyul Do You Love Me  

A pretty bitch again in brilliant condition. a lovely head and dark eye slightly longer in the body than 1 and was unfortunate to meet her competition moved really well. 

German Spitz (Klein):

PD/B (1) 1st Bennets Cyfelin’s Written In The Stars 

7 month old puppy with lots fo style. Compact and in good coat, pretty head and expression with a firm topline nice front and rear angles. moved well BOB BPIB

GD/B (0)

OD/B (0)


PD/B (0)

GD/B (1) Spencer & Burrs Silmorabions Eris 

This 22 month old bitch is really quite outstanding, loving head & expression with a good dense coat, shoulders well laid and a nice for chest, beautifully straight front with lovely feet, not too long in the body and correct rear angles. moved beautifully to bag BOB & Group 2

OD/B (2) 1st Stedhams Albionspitz Tanzanite Sh.CM 

Another nice bitch a little more compact, a really nice front and good shoulder placement shorter in body than my BOB, BOB out moved in the challenge gaining the award, RBOB. 

2nd Spencer & Burrs Silmoralbions Eugene 

A nice dog, slightly straighter in front than the winner, liked his head and expression. Moved and showed really well.

Tibetan Spaniel:

PD/B (3/1abs) Waymans Mynapaw Perfect Symphony 

A really smart puppy bitch, neat head and bite, good front with lovely feet, a good amount of fore chest and relaxed into a level topline, powerful rear, good coat and moved really well RBOB & BPIB. Pushed hard for BOB

2nd Smiths Starlance September Song 

A nice male, a little distracted today but a well made dog with correct head. slightly longer than 1 but presented and handled well. moved well

GD/B (0)

OD/B (1) Smiths Bulgay Ma Beau at Saxina.

A mature well made male in good coat, nice head and expression. good front and rear moved well BOB

Tibetan Terrier:

PD/B (0)

GD/B (0)

OD/B (1) Whitman’s Kipukyl Snoqualmie Legend 

An 8 year old dog with an excellent front lovely fore chest and lay of shoulders. lovely neck into an ok topline. Enjoyed his day out BOB

Judge Beccie Woods.