• Date: 27/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Rebecca Danks-Kemish Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club


Thanking the committee for the invite to judge at his show, it was a great shame with so many empty classes and absentees in the scheduled ones, it will be a great shame when we lose our breed classes at open shows and we will have no one but ourselves to blame, unfortunately to add to the low entries a nasty accident not far from the show venue put a pay to some people not arriving on time.

ENGLISH SETTER Puppy(0) Junior(1,1ab) Post graduate(1,1ab) Open(0)

Irish Red and White Setter Junior(2,1ab) 1st Knox & Jakins- Terne Des Coris Qalimero at Coolfin 14 month old boy turned out beautifully, in good hard condition, just right for his age, beautiful headpiece, broad enough but keeping that typical setter expression with that beautiful glint in his eye, which were lovely and dark. Ears set level leathers lying nice and close, nice perfect bite. Neck flowing into well laid shoulders, free elbows. Well put together youngster, strong muscular without being overdone, on the move he was very forward/sometimes a little too much, slightly erratic to start with but settled more as he continued and became more fluent. Unlucky to meet the open winner today, but his time will come I’m sure shows great promise. RBOB Postgraduate(0) Open(3,2ab) 1st - Gardner- Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish 2 half yr old boy I have seen from the ringside but never gone over before, I wasn’t disappointed, strong well-made boy nothing overdone, beautiful headpiece with that lovely setter ‘glitz look at me’, enough length of neck ,what I did like was the way he flows from his neck into shoulders, clean and well laid back which he uses to his best on the move making his stride look effortless, good spring and depth to his ribs ,finishing off with nice bend of stifle again in moderation and well let down hocks as they should be, keeping everything neat tidy and strong. On the move, well, let’s say ‘EFFORTLESS’, just as required, long, free-striding and plenty of drive. One for the Top in just a short time I would guess, BOB and pleased to hear RBIS , well deserved, congratulations.

Irish Setter Puppy(3,2ab) 1st- Blackshore-Lanstara Ruby Slippers Pretty bitch in very good coat and condition, ha ha lovely to see a baby irish behaving like they should full of mischievousness, very pleasing to go over, nothing overdone here, neat feet, stood on lovely straight strong timbers, strong in body yet keeping that refined look and elegance of an irish, darkest of eyes , moved ok but needs time to settle into herself. BPIB Junior(3,1ab) 13month old boy, with the darkest of coats, smart and clean in outline, with a real look at me attitude, good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, flows from top to tail, neat feet really excels on the move with good drive, clean and purposeful foot fall ,straight and together for one so young. RBOB 2ND Sharman & Jennings- Kerrimere Red Ribbon 16 month bitch, pretty headpiece, enough work but keeping that feminine look, in good condition, flows from head to toe, a delight to go over, well made body properties with nothing exaggerated, today in this class she was so unsettled, it really put her off standing and moving, only with a good handler as she did have she managed to settle enough for the next class and to win it, well done for being so kind and patient to her , your hard work paid off. Graduate(2) 1st-Sharman & Jennings- Kerrimere Red Ribbon 2nd-Fitzmaurice-Harreds Trooper Nice type, dripping in coat, when stood correctly shows a promising boy, when you go over him he is well made, nothing over exaggerated, nice head masculine yet refined, he was a little unsettled today a few were, the hall was quite noisy and echoes making dogs a little anxious, moved soundly once settled. Postgraduate(5,2ab) 1st-Byard, Milligan-Bott,Bott & Lauwers- Oakdene Phenomenal with Thendara Spectacular looking boy from all angles, full of quality and at one with his sympathetic handler, an exquisite headpiece with just enough of everything making a superb headed dog, flows from his head down his neck into well laid shoulders, moved very sound with plenty of drive, if I’m being just ever so slightly picky I would love to see him stand a little less stretched out behind as it sometimes makes him look a little dippy in his top line and he most definitely isn’t that, he holds his top line so well on his own and on the move ,this isn’t me being negative quite the opposite I think this boy can go all the way, beautiful. BOB 2nd- Horrocks- Wyldfire Declan for Ittchenwych I have done this boy well before, my findings are much the same once again, masculine head without coarseness, still standing on quality bone, good depth of body, neat feet, good bend of stifle, last time I found him a little heavy in the weight department, today I didn’t but he really wasn’t happy going off on the move with a stand-in handler, he just looked like ‘NO’, and that’s dogs for you, we ask a lot of them and sometimes they just don’t want to do it, today looked like one of those days, hopefully he will be happier next time. 3RD-Gilks- Danwish The Lion King At Gochmawr. Open(2,1ab) 1ST –Cohen-Aoibheanne’s Rough Diamond with Shushana 4 half year old male, well-constructed boy, have always liked this boy, still do, he possesses the most lovely headpiece, slight movement in his coat giving him a ‘typy’ look that appeals to me, strong top line, plenty of depth and spring to rib but!!!! He looked like he didn’t want to be there today, he lacked any kind of drive, of which I have seen him with plenty, he wasn’t the only one, I can only put it down to the atmosphere maybe? Would have been a strong contender for top honours on a different day .

 Gordon Setter Puppy(0) Junior(0) Postgraduate(5,2ab) 1ST-Crowther- Hernwood Stella Firework This Class had everyone at different development stages, on my preference in type and movement I gave this bitch the class, found her to be very honest both fore and aft on the move, she is a compact bitch yet is very elegant and sound both in body and on the move, being critical found her head to be a little narrow than what I would normally look for but still very nicely put together, with dark eyes showing that Gordon keen intelligent expression. As I previously said she scores today for me on the move. BOB 2ND-Ellington- Benbuie Thornbird 2 half yr old male in good condition, lovely type, quite eye catching in his darkest gleaming coat, strong top line, lovely head, just wasn’t moving as straight and as much drive as 1st today. RBOB 3Rd –Davies-Hernwood Athena At Herrera

Lagotto Romagnolo Junior(6) 1ST-Gilder & Blunden-Mikette Mini Mi Milioni Just short of 9 months this puppy is delightful, full of intelligence and very affectionate to her handler, lovely shape head broad enough but not too much, nice clean shaped eyes, strong short neck with enough arch, nice close fitting elbows with strong straight forearm. Strong muscular back for one so young, well developed upper thigh and a good bend of stifle, compact feet, and it was watching these feet falling that was part of her tireless movement added with great drive that she won this class and took BPIB RBOB 2ND –Nelson- Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Richard at Nelbekio Just 6 months, so balanced, the most beautiful disposition, good coat evenly following his body lines, plenty of depth and nice and dense , everything there in right place , body squarely built to the eye , one for the future here too I suspect. 3rd- Mort- Radiva Baby Oh Cherrie(imp svk) Postgraduate(2) 1ST-Kempson- Nelbekio Classi Chiara Beautiful bitch, big step at 19 months into postgraduate but she would of held her own in a big class, good body shape with lots of maturity in body for her age, lovely tight toes and well arched, beautiful shape to her head nice strong muzzle and yes you can clearly see she is a bitch , a quality one at that. 2nd-Kempson Mr P – Nelbekio Classi Carina at Chadsmoor Litter sister to 1st, again a nicely constructed bitch, moved well, this bitch also has a good shape to her, not quite the same in body condition as her sister at present but I’m sure this will change and cards will change and change again no doubt. Open(3) 1st- Nelson- Gaesten Zippy Zingo At Nelbekio RL4 8yr old male in fabulous condition for his age, very balanced dog,very striking in his attitude , and his sound movement, very true to what the breed asks for- squarely built and rustic in appearance , sturdy and robust, well he had it all with that added ’look at me’ presented immaculately , stood his top line was strong and correct and on the move he was together with plenty of drive. BOB 2ND- Kempson-Nelbekio Classi Chiara 3rd –Kempson Mr P- Nelbekio Classi Carina at Chadsmoor

Spanish Water Dog Junior(4.3ab) 1st Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford-Chanderhill Bit Of A Pickle Well what a lovely young lady she is, well-muscled for her age, strong and elegant in her head no mistaking she is a girlie’, good strong level back, lovely round, tight feet ,coat developing well, great depth to her woolly coat, overall great quality bitch and moved with great purpose with very good drive. Almost took the top honours today, with a clean sweep but your time will come Very soon. BPIP, RBOB Postgraduate(0) Open(2,1ab) 1st- Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford – Anathema De Aronagua Del Chanderhill CJW18(imp Esp) A 2 and a half yr. old bitch, another quality exhibit from this kennel, you obviously know how to pick them, what a fabulous coat!! Very much at one with her handler, strong yet elegant headpiece of the correct shape, scored for me in angulations of shoulder and forearm, great dark pigmentation, she has a strong back with well sprung ribs, I felt that today her kennel mate could of stolen the show as on the move this girl didn’t seem to have quite as much, well I have written ‘verve’ but I just felt that the drive was lacking, but when moved again she was much better, and as a whole picture I felt today she was my BOB.

Judge :Rebecca Danks-Kemish