• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lichfield Canine Society


Italian Spinone  

Junior (2,1) 

1st Bullivant’s Payguns Willow Moon. 15mth B. Started off a little unsure and looking for her ‘mum’ but started to settle. Liked her shape and lines. Lovely head with inquisitive expression and correct planes. Well-made forequarters with depth and spring of rib. Moderate rear angles and correct tail set. Lovely free graceful mover. True fore and aft. RBOB

Post Graduate (2,1) 

1st Richardson’s Connomar Zelbio. 3yr D. Liked this boy’s head & short strong neck. Well-made forequarters but has a tendency to exaggerate the dip in his topline and is a little long through the loin. Good depth to loin, rear angles a little straight. Untidy coming and going but shows good rear extension.  

Open (5,4) 

1st Gill’s Teazledown Moonwalker at Jocagil JW ShCM. 4yr Brown Roan D. Wow, as soon as he walked in I thought yes. Love his size and lovely square shape. Super head, masculine, correct planes and nice eyes. Short strong neck lead to a very well made front, well laid shoulders, good fore-chest, depth and spring of rib. Correct topline and good bone. Broad well-muscled rear.  True free mover. Easy BOB and thought he deserved something in the group.  BOB  

Retriever (Curly Coated) 


Open (1,0) 

1st Hodson’s Gamesmere Ginger Snap. 5yr Liver D. May have been the only one but what a lovely one to have.  Correct for size and shape with lovely tight curls.  Good shaped head with slight stop, hazel eyes blending with his coat. Strong neck flows into a well made front., ribs deep and well sprung. Short strong loin, level topline. Moderate turn of stifle and a lovely free driving movement. BOB 


Retriever (Labrador)  

Puppy (2,1)  

1st Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig. 9mth yellow D. What a lovely puppy, full of the joys of spring and full of character. Super head and gorgeous dark brown eyes with a mischievous expression. Good length of neck to a super front assembly with well laid shoulders, good spring and depth of rib. Short loin, level topline and good tail set.  Moderate rear angles. Very settled on the move, true fore & Aft with good reach and drive in profile for one so young.   

Junior (5,1)  

1st Bysouth’s Luckswarren Secret Phoenix. I judged this young 15mth B as a puppy and she is maturing nicely. Full of quality and today full of mischief. Super head with a lovely dark eye and soft, intelligent expression. Straight front with well laid shoulder, good forechest, spring & depth of rib. Has lengthened in loin since I saw her last. Super rear, well-muscled with a good turn of stifle. Lovely mover with reach and drive. RBOB 
2nd Smith’s Flyenpyg Where Ya Bin. 10 mth kennel mate to the puppy winner and what a darling, and so naughty. Lovely overall shape, feminine head with nice dark eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest and deep well spring ribs. Short deep loin & good rear angles. Did play up on the move which made the decision for Best Puppy difficult and although he was more settled on the move I was taken by her overall size, shape & breed type so awarded her BP 
3rd  Kelly’s Alfavalley Secret Thyme 
Res Mutter’s Incantator Brizo  

Limit (2,1)  

1st Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout Like It.  Dam to my BP this 5yr yellow B is built on slightly smaller lines than some, nice feminine head with dark eye and well set ears. Well-made front with forechest, well laid shoulders and good depth of chest.  I would like a little more spring of rib. Good rear angles and a lovely mover. Super reach and drive.  Close call in the challenge.     

Open (4,1)  

1st Bysouth’s Alkhamhurst Mayfair at Luckswarren. I loved the outline and size of this 5yr B. Super head, broad but feminine, dark eye with soft expression. Well-made front with a good lay of shoulder, level topline, super depth and spring of rib. Short loin to a broad muscular rear with good turn of stifle. Her straight front, free true movement and shape won through to win BOB 
2nd Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout Like It. Another typey B of good size and shape. A 4yr Black B build along similar lines to the winner. Feminine head and well-made fore and aft. Good spring and depth of rib. Moves well but a little loose in her front right pastern which causes her to throw her paw out coming towards.  
3rd Kelly’s Alfavalley Swift Whisky   


Puppy (2,1) 

1st Davies & Brown’s Joneva Cocktails and Dreams at Wystry. 11mth B. A feminine elegant youngster, Good length to head, very attentive expression, long lean neck to well made forequarters. Good forechest, straight front and neat feet. Level topline to a well muscled rear with a good turn of stifle. A free flowing mover, just needs to tighten in front. RBOB  

Junior (2,1) 

1st Davies & Brown’s Joneva Cocktails and Dreams at Wystry  

Open (2,1) 

1st Fowler’s Kuantan Goosebump at Galgo. 3yr. An old fashioned boy, 3yrs and not one that stands out but nice to go over. Good length to head with moderate stop, clean through neck and shoulders which are well laid over a deep chest, Straight front, good bone and neat well arched feet. Good length of body to a well-muscled rear. True mover with good reach and drive. BOB 
2nd Graham’s Desjiem Aspyring. A very smart looking 5yr old of good body proportions. Darker in colour and well-made throughout. Masculine head, broader in skull than 1. Deep chest and good length of body with broad well angled rear. Not moving at his best today.  

German Shorthaired Pointer  

Puppy (1,0) 

1st Hamlin’s Easesprings Oberon at Nuash. 9 mth Liver / White D. Upstanding young man. Pleasing head for age, Good neck and well-made front. Not happy standing on one of his rear legs but seems to move ok.    

Junior (2,1 W/D) 

1st Barker’s Raidstorm Legal Eagle. 15mth B. Love her size shape and outline. Feminine head with dark eye. Super front assembly, lovely depth of rib. Short muscular loin to a well-muscled rear. Lovely on the move, smooth, true with good reach and drive. RBOB  

Post Graduate (2,1) 

1st Barker’s Raidstorm Legal Eagle  

Open (5,1) 

1st Whiting’s Ranger Two Rodale JW ShCM. 5yr D. Masculine boy with clean lines. Good breadth to skull. Strong neck to well laid shoulder with good spring and depth of rib. Nice straight front. Level topline to a well-muscled rear. Good turn of stifle. True mover but needs to be moved faster to allow him to show his full drive. BOB
2nd Hamlin’s Know No Bounds at Nuash. 5yr D. Built on slightly rangier lines to the winner. Pleasing head on a long neck to well laid shoulders. Chest reaches to elbow, level topline back to a well angulated rear. Nice bone and feet. Very fluid mover, true with reach and drive.
3rd  Schoneville’s Balvenie Bella JW 
Res Beresford’s Tuptonsett Maxamillion 

Ray McDonald (Judge)