• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

German Shorthaired Pointer 


Puppy (2,1) 

1st Taylor & Taylor-Morris’ Drysika Cha Cha at Pelenrise. 7mth B. Liked her shape. Pleasing head of good proportions & slightly rounded skull. Clean neck to well made front assembly. Ribbed well back to a short loin, level topline and a well muscled rear of good angles that she used to good effect on the move. Smooth, true flowing with reach and drive. Very promising youngster. BP 


Junior (3,1) 

1st Hammond’s Seashan Love Bug. 15mth B. Liked her outline and head which is feminine, clean cut, of correct proportions and has nice dark eyes. Firm neck of good length to well laid shoulders. Deep, well sprung ribs, level topline and short loin. Very good rear angles, true, flowing ground covering movement. Lovely girl.  BOB and later Gundog Group 4. 

2nd Hayne’s Graygees Skyhawk in Rebeldye. Built on smaller squarer lines but with a pleasing head. Good neck and shoulders, level topline but not as deep through chest as 1. Feet could be tighter. Short Loin and good rear angles, well muscled and moved well. 


Post Graduate (2,0) 

1st Hammond’s Seashan Love Bug. 

2nd Hayne’s Graygees Skyhawk in Rebeldye 


Open (5,3) 

1st Rummey’s Kacela Sweet Ayana.3yr B of good shape and size. Liked her head, breadth of skull and dark eye. Strong neck to well made forehand and good forechest. Deep well sprung ribs, good bone and neat feet. Correct rear angles and moved true fore and aft but lacked drive. 

2nd Gardiner’s Indijazz Truly Scrumptious. 6yr B. Taller and rangier than 1. Correct head, very good forehand, deep chest and level top line. Lacks angulation behind and moves close coming and going. Easy side gait. 




Puppy (4,2)  

1st Anthony’s Jilony Iris. Smaller framed 10mth B. Pleasing through head and neck to very well made forequarters with good bone and lovely tight feet.. Deep chest back to short loin & a well angled rear. Level topline and good tail set.  Steady true mover. 

2nd Roberts’ Fanmatrix Roll Tiger Roll. 10mth B, Rangier in build that 1and not as mature. Pleasing head and well made body.  Good forehand with forechest. Slight slope to topline, good bone and neat feet. Lovely rear angles. Not as together on the move at the moment. 


Junior (5,1)  

1st Adams, Adams & Scales’ Fisherbloom Re’Encountered. 13mth D.  Has a lot to like about him.  Masculine head of correct shape and lines with dark eyes. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders with correct depth and spring of rib Nice bone and feet. Level topline when stood up correctly. Correct rear angles.  Moved with ease. 

2nd Roberts’ Fanmatrix Midnight’s Dream. 10mth D, love his outline. Very good in head with nice dark eye. Good neck and shoulders with straight front and neat feet. Well ribbed back to short loin and good rear angles. Level topline and correct tail set.. Steady on the move with good reach and drive. BP 

3rd  Scholes’ Wilchrimane Tea Fo Two with Rossglide 

Res Razzell & Hazeltine’s Hookwood Blondie 


Post Graduate (7,3)  

1st Anthony’s Jilony Ola. 2yr B. Love her shape. Feminine head with dark eye. Well made forequarters, level topline and deep chest. Correct rear angles and well muscled.  Steady and true on the move with correct reach and drive. 

2nd Adams, Adams & Scales’ Fisherbloom Re’Encountered 

3rd  Scholes’ Wilchrimane Tea Fo Two with Rossglide 

Res Ram’s Dacan Sharp Spear 


Open (7,4)  

What a lovely class with 3 quality exhibits. 

1st Adams’ Millpoint Simply Smashing JW ShCM. 2 yr D, Masculine all through and such presence. Lovely head and dark eyes, well muscled neck to solid, well made forequarters with depth of rib and correct spring to rib. Good bone and lovely feet. Level topline to a well angled and well muscled rear. True driving action on the move. BOB 

2nd Roberts’ Fanmatrix Oh What A Night. 3yr B. Just preferred her for body shape over 3rd. Feminine head with nice eyes.  Good length of neck to level topline. Well made fore and aft with deep chest and short loin, good bone and neat feet. Another true driving mover. RBOB 

3rd Metcalf’s The Artful Archer of Hookwood  




Post Graduate (2,1) 

1st Powell & Tatum’s Madreliath’s Asta. 20mth B. Not a happy girl today which affected her on the stand and on the move. When she did start to relax she has a very nice shape. Good in head, nice length of neck to well laid shoulders.  Good bone and feet. Lovely topline when relaxed and a good turn of stifle. Pulling away from her handler on the move which spoils her fore & aft movement, showed good drive in profile. Hope she settles and reaches her potential. 


Open (4,1) 

1st McDowall & Rutland’s Sireva Hot Line to Khamsynn JW. 2yr B won through a close decision. Lovely shape and correct head. Well made forequarters with forechest and correct spring and depth of rib. Level topline and short coupling. Correct rear angles, well muscled. Easy flowing mover with reach and drive. BOB 

2nd Powell & Tatum’s Weltguist Amy. 5yr B.  Another nice B. Lovely shape with well made fore quarters and level topline. Short coupling to a well angulated rear. Not quite as fluid on the move as 1. RBOB 

3rd Powell’s Parthelis Dante 

Ray McDonald (Judge)