• Date: 17/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: R J (Fred) Ellingford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/11/2019

Hyde & District Canine Association

Golden Retriever J (5  entered, 3absent) 1st Falconer’s Rossgilde My Fair Lady of Siatham JW, 14 mth cream b, dark nose, strong muzzle balanced to skull, good lay of shoulder and upper arm, deep chest, ribbed well back, level topline, needs to settle to task in hand 2nd Edwards’ Crisansa Coconut Ice dark gold 6 mth b, pleasing expression, dark eye, good chest, level topline, good tail set carried well, BP & Puppy Group2. PG (3,2) 1st Burrows’ Dilworthey Princess Lottie, brown eye, good muzzle and skull, gentle expression, strong neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, strong loin, well turned stifle, clean action. O (4,1) 1st Murray’s Drumkilty High Five, l g d, pleasing head and expression, balanced skull and muzzle, dark eye, strong neck into well laid shoulder and balanced upper arm, strong foreleg, good sternum, deep brisket, body well ribbed back to strong muscular loin, solid topline, correct tail set and carriage, well turned stifle, let down hock, used to advantage with easy ground covering action, BOB & Group 2. 2nd Burrows & French’s Dilworthey Williams Prince JW another pleasing pale d, good skull and muzzle, good neck into well laid shoulder, good bone and substance, solid topline,easy action, just preferred assurance of 1st, 3rd Falconer’sSiatham Kall Me Madam. Labrador Retriever  J (1,0) 1st Bold’s Shaymiloney Saint Signed By Loubert, 12 mth bl d, broad slightly domed skull, clean neck, good shoulder and upper arm, barrel ribbed well back, strong loin, good stifle happy lad. PG (5,1) 1st Markham’s Stmakajo Bobafett y d strong head and neck, good shoulder, deep chest ribbed well back, strong hock, easy action, 2nd Hepper’s Amorozza in Extremo Mardas (imp Rus), pleasing expression, broad skull, happy nature, solid topline, moderate stifle.3rd Harris’ Shadbudpips Aghios Sostis O (6, 1) 1st Parr’s Stoneavon Minni The Moocher ShCM c b pleasing head and expression, strong neck into well laid shoulder, good forechest, plenty of bone, straight forelegs, barrel ribs extending well back to short muscular loin, solid topline, good stifle, easy action BOB & Group 4. 2nd S Bobafett. 3rd Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout But The Best 8 mth, black b who caught my eye, pleasing expression, strong neck, good rib, solid topline, strong hindquarters, moved with ease BP & BPIG. German Shorthaired Pointer O (3,2) 1st Mullen’s Isara Kurzhaar Whistle,  l/w ticked b, pleasing flew, melting expression, clean strong neck, well laid shoulder, straight foreleg, deep chest ribbed well back, slight tuck strong loin, solid topline, easy action BOB & Group 3. German Wire-Haired Pointer PG (2,1) 1st Donnelly’s Kimax Who Kares Wins b ticked b good height to length ratio, pleasing expression, good beard and eyebrow, good shoulder, deep chest, good tuck, well bent stifle, needs to settle to job. O (2,0) 1st McCullough’s Sh Ch Kimmax Koz I Kan, bl tick b, presented pleasing profile, pleasing expression, with good muzzle, beard and eye brows, balanced skull, strong neck into well laid shoulder, tight elbow, straight forelegs with good bone, deep chest ribbed well back, hard muscular loin, well angulated hindquarters with solid second thigh, harsh short jacket, owned the ring BOB & BIG. 2nd Donnelly’s Sh Ch Kimmax Knock Yourself Out, l ticked d, solid built d with pleasing head, clean neck, good shoulder, deep chest, plenty of bone, balanced angulation front and rear, good wire jacket, would prefer slightly more length to complete picture. Irish Water Spaniel O (2,1) 1st Bannister’s Banysun Eliza nearly 8 yr dark l b, good length muzzle, dark eye, pleasing expression, oily coat, level topline, balanced front and rear, reach and drive BOB. AVNSC O (4.2) 1st Firth’s Italian Spinone Hochopepa Lets Go Crazy o/w d noble head and expression, good muzzle and beard, good length ear set level with eye, good shoulders, plenty of bone, deep chest ribbed back, strong hindquarters, easy action,BAVNSC. 2nd Cunliffe’s ESS Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf, pleasing head and expression, good rib, balanced angles, good feathering, easy ground covering action, just wish she was a bit more sure of herself. AV Imported Register Gundog O (2,1) 1st Botterill’s Barbet Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx, bl b with pleasing expression, balanced skull, clean neck, well laid shoulder, solid topline, croup sloping to tail, ringed waterproof coat, solid hindquarters, easy ground covering action, first one of this breed I have had my hands on and can see the attraction BImpRegG.

Gundog Group 1st GWP Sh Ch K Koz I Kan 2nd Golden Retriever D High Five 3rd GSP I K Whistle 4th Labrador Retriever S Minni The Moocher ShCM.
Gundog Puppy Group 1st Labrador F Snout But The Best 2nd Golden Retriever C Coconut Ice.
AV Veteran Gundog (7,1) 1st Cunliffe’s ESS Sh Ch/ Ir  Ch Calvdale  My Girl Of Fallenleaf, this 10 yr old liver/white b blew me away, kind expression, long well feathered ear, clean neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, so balanced throughout, solid topline, lovely coat, well angulated and muscled front and rear giving an easy driving action,  showing the youngsters how it should be done. Pleased to award her BVIG and over the moon to hear she went BVIS. 2nd GSP IK Whistle, 3rd Smith’s Labrador Retriever Wenningdale Kristina Of Flyempyg.