• Date: 06/07/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Peter Matfin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/07/2019

Goosnargh & Longridge Agricultural Society

Goosnargh & Longridge Agricultural Society Open Show

6th July 2019

Thank You to the Committee Officers and stewards for there help and hospitality shown to me on the day, I really enjoyed it, I have shown and Judged at all levels for many years but I do enjoy my judging. 

General message to my Exhibitors, all your dogs are a credit to you, and you always take the best dog home, I’ve won at open shows & championship shows, and Crufts etc, but even if I loose, I’m always happy if I’m shown respect by the Judge/Exhibitor which I hope I did to you.


Newfoundland Junior 1.0 .

1st. Park. Parkbears Diamond Girl. A lovely puppy bitch of good qualities, nice head, good eye and ear set, scissor bite nice reach of neck, good top line, moved well. BP. Puppy Group 2.

Newfoundland Grad. 4.1.

1st. Hudson/ bone. Newfangled Bone Idle. Almost 2yr old a pleasing dog, with a good head, correct head, strong neck, good shoulders, level top line, sound throughout, moved well

2nd. Park. Parkbears first Edition. Another nice dog, broad head, good pigmentation, correct body, well laid quarters. Moved well.

3rd. Anderson.Gezandos Do Ya Like What Usee.

Newfoundland Open 4.0.

1st Black. Camnoire Crush Blackcoast. JW. ShCM. 3yr old bitch, well balanced thoughout, broad head, well developed good eye and ear set, strong neck into the shoulders, good straight legs, well built hind quarters, webbed feet, very pleasing, moved well. BOB, Group 2.

2nd . Adair. King Of Helluland Love Actually At Darebear JW. ShCM. Another quality newfi, well developed head, sound throughout, moved well.

3rd. Park. Brival Medusa.

Res. Wood. Sandbears Soulkeeper Via Luvminewfs JW. ShCM.

Dobermann Grad. 2.1.

Gethin. Abovo Miss Americian Pie ShCM. A 3yr old bitch, with a good head, correct eye and ear set, lean and long neck, good angulations, compact feet, cat like, moved well. BOB. Group 4.

Dobermann Open. 1.0.

1st Gethin. Abovo Independence Day. ShCM. The male litter brother to the last class winner, all as his sister but very male, didn’t move as well for the challenge.

Rottweiler Junior. 3.0.

1st. Culley Amatol Shot In The Dark. A lovely 7mth old dog, medium length head, correctly proportioned, good neck leading into good shoulders, deep chest developing nicely, level top line, moved well. BP. Group 1. 

2nd. Holden. Rottknight Bach. A 9 mth old bitch, nice head, good pigmentation, good angulations, sound throughout.

3rd. Speight/Crabtree. Rottknight Wagner.

Rottweiler Open. 2.1.

1st Culley Amatol Penny Black. A 3 yr old bitch, of average size, good, head, correct eye and ear set, scissor bite, everything as it should be. Moved ok.

Great Dane. Grad. 1.0 

1st Wren. Bandwar The Yorkshire Lass. A 3 yr old bitch of excellent qualities, good head in proportion to the height, broad muzzle, long and ached neck, good shoulders, deep brisket, good turn of stifle, low set hocks, once settled moved well. BOB. Group 3.

Great Dane Open. 2.0.

1st.Pendleton/Watkins. Zefather’s What It Takes JW. A 2yr old bitch again of outstanding qualities, correct head, well toned throughout, moved well.

2nd. Robinson Dainwood Cherry Pie. A 4 yr old dog, Alert, majestic, etc, as the standard asks for, these 2 Dane’s will change places regular, 2 very good specimens.

Boxer Grad. 1.0.

1st. Robinson. Norwilbeck Bellchime Candy. A 5yr old bitch, typical breed head, correct eye and ear set, strong neck, well balanced throughout, moved ok. BOB.

AV Working NSC Junior. 4.2.

1st. Williams/Williams. Proud Of Being Ann Sheridan At Versus (Russ Black Terr IMP) 13mth old bitch of outstanding qualities, Alert, a well proportioned head broad and rounded cheekbone, eyebrows slightly pronounced, correct eyes and ear set, well muscled throughout, straight front legs, well bent stifles and hock set low, finishing with that lovely weatherproof coat, moved well. Best AV Working, Group 1, & was so pleased that this lovely bitch went BIS.

2nd Byrne. Harpan Charlotte Bay. (Can Eskimo Dog) a 1 yr old bitch, well proportioned head, correct eye and ear set, scissor bite, short straight neck, good throughout, moved ok.

AV.NSC Working Open. 2.1.

1st Byrne. Akna Carroz. (Can Eskimo Dog) A 5 yr old dog, typical of the breed, correct head, broad shoulder, well laid back hindquarters not to high, large feet, well arched. Thick pads, with good snow feet. Moved ok.

AV Working Veteran. 1.0.

1st Edwards. Abukea Brief Encounter. ( Can Eskimo Dog) A 9 yr old bitch, typical of the breed, good head, stronger neck, good top line, well muscled, moved ok. Best Veteran.

AV. Minor Puppy Stakes.

1st. Willmitt. Goldenmill Harvest Fantasy. (Border Terrier) an 8mth old bitch, with the otter type head, moderately broad skull, dark eyes, small ears, forequarters not too heavy boned, pleasing throughout, moved well.

2nd. Jacobs/Johnston. Willowthorns Dream Star. (Sheltie), A 8 mth old smart little bitch, coming into her own, nice head, good ear set, pleasing throughout, moved well with tail carried down on the move.

3rd. Morris/Langton. Jorgealin Tri A little Magic At Jennobar. (Papillon)

Res. Jennings. Jenivenmr Mischief. (Smooth Haired Dachshund)

AV Puppy Stakes.

1st. Smith Ranbatan Could Be Magic. (Cocker Spaniel) 11 mths bitch, she was merry in nature with the ever wagging tail that the breed standards mentions, square muzzle with distinct stop, dark brown eyes, low set ears, scissor bite, moderate length neck, strong compact body, level top line gently sloping, moved well.

2nd. Close. Sparrowgill Smarty (Beagle) A 10 mth old dog, typical of the breed, good head, correct eye and ear set, nice neck into good shoulders, pleasing throughout.

3rd. Smith. Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg JW. ShCM. (Field Spaniel).

Res. Motherwell/Smeaton. Akai Hana Kichiro (Jap Shiba Inu)

AV Good Citizen Stakes.

1st. Black Camnoire Crush Blackcoast JW. ShCM.


2nd. Bull-Harris. Pendream Go Gether ( Standard Poodle) A well balanced elegant looking10mth old bitch, not too broad skull, moderate stop, almond shaped eyes, scissor bite, good length and strong neck, well laid shoulders, correct in all departments, move well.

3rd. Small. Tobermoray Godrevy Beach. (border Collie)

Res. Smith. Flyenpyg Where Ya Bin. (Lab Retriever).

 Judge Peter Matfin: