• Date: 23/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Peter Barnaby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Open Show

23rd February, 2019.

Special Awards Classes.

Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (7,5)

1st Ritchie and Butler’s Slapestones Diamond Mine – 15 month old dog, reaching maturity. Good head proportions and shape, strong long neck into well set shoulder. Neat front assembly with ample bone. Body coming along nicely will benefit from more spring of ribs and more muscle throughout the loin and thighs, but this no doubt will come when fully mature. On the move, when settled, he showed sound drive from the rear.

2nd Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor – 10 month old dog full of mischief on the day. Soft yet masculine expression with strong muzzle and well set ears. Strong neck, length more moderate than 1 but still ample to do his job. Good bone on front legs and nice neat feet. Pleasing compact body proportions, enhanced by well developing muscle through the loin. Would prefer slightly more rear angulation but had a nice shaped bum. Today on the move slightly wayward, making his handle work! Certainly an exciting prospect to watch once mature.

Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (13,3)

1st Morgan and Schofield’s CWSSCWN De Ja Vu (AI) – Almost 2 year old bitch. Overall compact bitch displaying balanced outline. Straight, square muzzle leading up to well defined stop and domed skull. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders, deep fore chest level with the elbow on nice round bone medium length forelegs. Good spring of rib, well coupled, well angulated rear and an excellent tail set. On the move displayed good drive, holding her top line well.

2nd Jones Julita Rumours At Trosley. 2 year old bitch. Had a pleasing feminine head with eye expression to melt your heart. Ears of good shape and size set low. Front assembly among the best seen today with lovely straight legs and tight feet. Ample spring of rib. Top line very firm, well-muscled over the loin, slightly longer couple than 1. Good rear angulation and hind quarters also well-muscled throughout showing a very fit dog. An active mover, with plenty of drive using her ever wagging tail throughout. A tough decision between 1 and 2 as they are both lovely specimens of the breed, each with their own qualities. The overall balance on the final stack won it for 1.

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (9,3)

1st Caldwell and McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan. Mature 4 year old dog. Masculine head of good proportion and shape particularly to the muzzle. Strong neck of good length set well into shoulders. Good length upper arm led down to well boned straight front legs, would have preferred stronger front pasterns to complete the picture. Well ribbed with a deep fore chest. Well coupled with muscular loin and thighs. Moderate angulation at rear with a well-developed second thigh. A lively mover with good drive. Once settled has a good top line and tail carriage.

2nd Roland-Shrubb’s Ypagneul Coco At Bichere. 6 year old bitch. Extremely feminine head of good overall proportions and nice shape. Low set ears once again a lovely size and shape. Strong neck and good shoulder placement. Ample spring of rib for her overall size, good leg to body balance. Nice topline with visible rise over the loin. Well angulated rear. Lovely coat texture. In my notes I have nice honest bitch with nothing over-done. I would have preferred more muscle tone throughout, especially at the rear which resulted in missing out to 1 on this occasion.

Peter Barnaby