• Date: 02/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Peter Barnaby Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford and District Canine Society

2nd March, 2019.

Welsh Springer Spaniels.

Puppy (2,0)

1st Barkley’s Chanangel Mr Whodat at Cherryheath – Dog just 6 months old but already developing nicely. Head of good proportions with a soft melting expression, ample length to neck into well placed shoulders. Neat front assembly with room to develop upon maturity. Well coupled with strength over loin, good angulation at rear. On the day a little shy on the stand but won this class with his movement which, for his age couldn`t be faulted. BP PG4

2nd Wright’s Taihang Hawthorn – 8 month old dog who like 1 was giving his handler a hard time on the stand today. Pleasing head with well domed skull. Good length to neck, nice front angulation with straight legs and enough bone for age. Slightly longer cast in the body than 1 giving a less balanced profile but this will no doubt change as he matures. On the move he was enjoying himself but when concentrating pushed well from the rear.

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (7,0)

1st Woodham’s Glynell Jiffy – 3 year old Dog. Lovely soft expression from a well proportioned head. Long muscular neck into well set shoulders with straight, well boned front legs and tight feet. Good spring of rib, strong top-line, muscular through the loin and well coupled. Good rear angulation which allowed good driving motion on the move. Loved his outgoing nature showing the Welsh Springers true merry character, in fact I don’t think his tail ever stopped wagging. Pleased to award BOB.

2nd Jones Julita Rumours At Trosley. 2 year old bitch. Although different in type to 1 I admire this bitch, she has a lovely head and expression, her front assembly is tight giving good footfall from the front quarters on the move. Smaller throughout than 1 as you would expect but still enough spring of rib, firm top-line, well-muscled over the loin. Good rear angulation strong hind quarters also well-muscled throughout. Once again used her tail well on the move.

Open (3,0)

1st Ellis and Pilkington’s Shannara Total Eclipse ShCM. Almost 4 years old mature dog. Masculine yet pretty head with kind eye and nice ear set. Well set shoulders into a deep fore-chest, good width to straight front legs with ample bone. Good spring of rib, well coupled with excellent tail set. Well angulated at rear, moving with drive and precision in class but not quite as accurate in the challenge which became my eventual deciding factor. RBOB

2nd Barkley’s Sh Ch Cherryheath Mr Mischief JW ShCM. 7 year old veteran dog but still one to beat. Although now greyer his head is of excellent proportion, masculine yet soft expression. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Nice deep chest and good spring of rib. Firm and muscled throughout the body and good rear angulation. Overall presents a very balanced picture when stood. On the move he has the exuberance of a younger dog, his ever wagging tail being used to his advantage. Very close call between these two but I felt on the day 1 had tighter feet and more precise footfall on the move.

Peter Barnaby