• Date: 24/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/11/2019

Southern Border Collie Club


November 24, 2019

The Southern Border Collie Club held their open show at Larkfield Village Hall with a lovely sized ring & a good entry to go over. Thank you so much to the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge this excellent show which was well organised with a lovely atmosphere.

BIS went to Moshanta Movin On; RBIS & BOS was Locheil Secret Surprise at Elystari; BPIS, Moshanta May Contain Nuts; RBPIS, Quintiopia Blackbird; BVIS, Bilyara Orapa & RBVIS,Shemella Black Shadow.

MPD (5) 1An excellent class to start with. 1 Hartfield’s Moshanta May Contain Nuts, typical youngster with so much potential, he is balanced & very forward for age, this quality boy has excellent head carriage in profile with correct head proportions, he is well made & moved well, correct bone & feet, enough coat & at the end of the show, he became my BPIS, he is half brother to the BIS & the same excellent type & temperament; 2 Croft & Peters’ Falconmoor Movie Star, slightly taller young man who needs to grow into himself & spring his ribs to fill out in front but he is just right for age, when he settled he moved well with the correct footfall, good topline & well set & carried tail; 3 Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare An Emotion Away. PD (4) 1 M May Contain Nuts; 2 Dalby & Green’s Fayken Return Of The King, b/w who was slightly unsettled on the move today, in full coat & condition, good bone & feet, good ribcage & loin, he is balanced & set up looked the picture holding his topline & correctly set tail, masculine head & expression with good earset & carriage; 3 F Movie Star. JD (2) 1 M May Contain Nuts; 2 F Movie Star. YD (3,1a) 1 Stewart’s Mojuca King Of Hearts, typical young man who had good bone & feet, enough coat but what he had was well presented, still needs to mature to complete the picture but he is balanced & moved OK when he settled. At present carries his tail high on the move & head needs to drop but he is well made & I think with maturity & practice, he can become a good showdog. Showed well enough to win this class & look forward to his finished look; 2 Morris’ Sunnydean Chasing Rainbows, masculine head & expression with a good neck & well made shoulders. Needs weight to complete the picture, he is still immature & at present he is moving close behind, enough bone with good feet, good topline & well set tail. Maturity should help him look the finished article, for he has good body proportions. PGD (4,1) 1 Milham’s Locheil Secret Surprise at Elystari, he surprised me, the more I saw him the better I liked him, this b/w is such a sound mover, I could actually see him work, he is fit for purpose with correct movement & in profile lovely head carriage, in the challenge he was got out a bit late & hence in his excitement, he carried his tail high, but in the class, he was just right. Very masculine in outlook with a lovely head & expression, well set & carried ears with a good eye shape & set, good width to skull, in full coat & condition, lovely neck & shoulders, correct topline & excellent hindquarters & hocks, he is quality & an exciting prospect. RBIS & BOS; 2 Barrell’s Falconmoor Wizard, another fit for purpose, in excellent condition & moved well particularly in profile with the correct head carriage & a light easy moving style, lovely head & expression, enough coat, neck & shoulders OK, he is slightly taller than 1 but he is balanced; 3 S Chasing Rainbows. LD (3,1) 1 Lewis’ Shemella Dark Star, mature dog in full coat & good condition, he is balanced & very masculine in outlook, excellent head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good ribcage & strong loin of the correct length, good width to hindquarters, correct topline & tailset, moved well particularly in profile with correct head carriage & tailset. This quality dog pushed hard. RBD; 2 S Chasing Rainbows. OD (2,1) 1 S Chasing Rainbows. OD (Confined to Members) (2) 1 Bilyara River Ranch, b/w who, for 10 years of age, he belies his age by behaving like a youngster, he was put down in such lovely coat & condition, moved well particularly in profile, masculine head & expression, good proportions, strong topline & well set tail, good neck & shoulders, quality dog of good balance, brother to the BVIS; 2 Fisher’s Locheil George Clooney, another 10 year old who doesn’t look it, again put down in excellent coat & condition, he is well bodied with a masculine head & expression, good topline with a set on which is slightly high which affected the picture as he moved round the ring, again good head carriage, lovely ribcage & forechest, good loin & hindquarters. VD (5) 1 Stacey’s Bilyara Orapa, litter brother to the last class winner & the same quality, he gives a clean outline & is balanced & moved so well yet with a lightness that you could see him using in the workplace, this quality boy was put down in excellent condition & his masculine head & good eye completes the picture of masculinity, good bone & feet, well spring ribcage & good loin, strong topline & well set tail. BVIS; 2 Lewis’ Shemella Black Shadow, close up to 1, again half brother to 1 who was put down in excellent coat & condition, moved so well, he has a masculine head & outlook, good bone, shoulders & forequarters, good ribcage, loin & topline, well set & carried tail, another one from the top drawer. RBVIS; 3 B River Ranch.

MPB (4,1) 1 Mead-Peacock & Peacock’s Quintopia Blackbird, well developed young lady who moved so well for her age with correct head carriage & correct footfall, she is well coated, balanced & of a good size, lovely hindquarters & tailset, excellent neck & shoulders, I am looking forward to seeing her again as this quality girl has so much potential. RBPIS; 2 Milham’s Jupavia Midnyte Dreams at Elystari, absolute baby who needs time to get her act together, but she is willing to please & has such a pretty head & expression, she is balanced & when she settled, she moved so well, she is a lovely type with good neck & shoulders & lots of potential, bet these two are going to have fun in the coming months; 3 Stewart’s Mojuca Heaven Sent Amy. PB (1,1). JB (0). YB (3,1) 1 Croft & Peters’ Ghostland Cameo at Falconmoor, typical feminine bitch who is balanced, at present lacking coat but this only shows her good conformation, pretty head & eye with a lovely expression, good neck & topline with a well set & carried tail, good ribcage & loin, when she settled she moved OK, would just prefer a tighter foot, but she is a nice type; 2 Badman’s Tazaeos Tia Maria to Tecklebridge, again another young lady lacking her coat, she is a good size & good body proportions, needs to fill out & mature to complete the picture, could have moved better on the day but I think she might be better in an outside ring. PGB (5) 1 Stacey’s Vitala Chapter And Verse, typical bitch with a lovely head & expression, she is balanced & a lovely type, moved well in profile with the correct outline & head carriage, she moved effortlessly covering the ring quietly yet with purpose, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet, strong loin & good ribcage, held a strong topline with a well set & carried tail, won a good class with her quality & type; 2 Croft & Peters’ Falconmoor Love Me Do, close up bitch in lovely coat & condition, she moved & showed well with style & grace, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good topline & well set & carried tail, in profile she carried her head correctly, lovely type with a good attitude; 3 Carr’s Kirkbridgend Rhea. LB (5,2) 1 Lewis’ Shemella Drifting Snow, excellent movement on this typical bitch with correct head carriage, good topline & well set & carried tail, she is very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, correct eye shape & well carried ears, good neck & shoulders, lovely size & proportions, good coat of the correct texture & undercoat, won a good class & went on to take RBB; 2 Elliott’s Goytre Bamburgh Beach Babe, another good moving girl with lovely neck & shoulders & a good forechest & ribcage, good length of loin, very feminine head & expression, held her topline better on the move than set up but she has enough coat & was put down in good condition; 3 Criddle’s Champarla Murano Star. OB (7,1) 1 Hartfield’s Moshanta Movin On, not an overlarge bitch but so very feminine, there would be no mistaking her sex, she is quality & so balanced with a good topline & tailset, excellent profile movement, not overcoated but so feminine all through, lovely head & expression, good bone & feet, ribcage & loin, so full of breed type that I couldn’t resist her both here & in the challenge. BB & BIS; 2 Dalby’s Axernamoon Africansecret, heavily coated bitch of quality who pushed 1 hard, again that lovely topline & tailset & head carriage that I was looking for, excellent profile movement, she is balanced with good bone & feet, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders; 3 Stacey’s Story Rex Irreplaceable. OB (Confined to Members) (5,1) 1 Dalby’s Axernamoon Amun Ra, litter sister to 2 in OB & the same typical bitch but with slightly less coat, again a good type with a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good bone & feet, kept a good head carriage on the move with a good topline & well set & carried tail, her coat was beautifully presented & with a correct undercoat, she is quality & has good body proportions; 2 Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden, slightly large bitch but still very feminine, held her topline better in this class but in both classes her topline was fine on the move, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, moved well to take her place in this class; 3 V Chapter And Verse. VB (3) 1 Lewis’ Shemella Evening Mist, mature, well coated bitch with a good head carriage, so very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression, good neck & shoulders, in good coat & condition, at nearly 11, she looks & acts like a 2 year old, she is a credit to her owners for she is an excellent type & quality & still looks so good for her age & she certainly moves like a youngster. BVB; 2 Carr’s Rajjinka Safe Bet, clean lines to this bitch, again not looking her age, she has a pretty head & expression, enough coat & moved so well, particularly in profile with good head & tail carriage, so very feminine in outlook & she is balanced with good lines & angulation; 3 Skipper’s Tonkory Diamante Dazzler. Brace (5) 1 Dalby’s matching pair who moved as 1, so very alike & a lovely pair; 2 Lewis’ pair who moved & showed so well & pushed 1 hard; 3 Tansley’s pair.