• Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/08/2019

Sedgefield & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society


Sedgefield Agricultural Society held their open show at Robert Brown Showfield where a great atmosphere prevailed with lots happening on this large site from horses, cows, alpacas and sheep to the dog show & a companion show running in conjunction. Despite the wind & rain it was a very enjoyable day with lovely dogs & exhibitors. Thanks to the hard working committee for ensuring that the show finished at a reasonable time & the caterers for yummy food & drinks for judge, stewards & exhibitors alike. This is just how shows used to be & I was so pleased that the welcome that was given to us was lovely.

My thanks to the group judges for sending through seven excellent examples for the best in show competition. Despite the wind & blustering conditions my choice for Best in Show fell to the beautiful Italian Greyhound bitch, Newill Good As Gold, she just enchanted me with her beautiful expression & excellent outline, loved her beautiful coat & she never shivered once in the wind. When she moved, she pulled herself together & covered the ground as if to say, “I’m here, don’t miss me!” I loved her & I look forward to following her career, for I am sure she will soon be a champion. RBIS went the Border Terrier dog, Raleniro Second Time Around, mature dog with excellent body proportions, loved his head & expression, excellent coat & condition, moved soundly on well boned legs & feet. BPIS, Primavista’s Imaginarium, who took BP under me & her critique can be found within the breed. RBPIS, Kerrylands Hunting High And Low for Chanderhill, excellent well developed Spanish Water Dog bitch, in lovely coat & condition but where she excels is in her precise movement for her age, she is balanced & quality with a feminine head & expression. BVIS, Kazkell Thyme To Dream, Papillon male in full coat, the wind never disturbed this 9 year old, who was in excellent condition, lovely head & well set & carried ears, moved well & showed his socks off to win this quality filled section. RBVIS, Dandonick’s Knock Out Lady, another 9 year old French Bulldog bitch of a lovely type, she is quality with a lovely head & expression, in excellent condition, moved & showed well.

IMPORTED REGISTER – Y (3) 1 Babester’s Fab Point She’s A Storm, an imported Portuguese Pointer bitch who is well made, only a baby but a very good example of the breed, loved her head & expression, good neck & shoulders, she is balanced & she really moved very soundly & true for one so young. BP; 2 Wyer’s Otis Du Roc De La Borie, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne, typical dog who was a little overawed today by all the noise & wind & hence he moved a bit erratic but when he settles, I am sure he will be untouchable, he is well proportioned with a lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, correct size & with a good coat; 3 Wright & Taylor’s Grande Misterio Louis Roederrer. PG (0). O (3) 1 Wyer’s Melisent du Senier des Caillotte, Griffon Fauve de Bretagne bitch in excellent coat & condition, she is balanced & moved so well, she is of a good size & type with a feminine head & expression, a lovely ambassador for the breed. BOB; 2 Smith & Wisneiwski’s Xipilli Element Of Desire For Bondor, black Mexican Hairless boy is very mature & in excellent muscular condition, moved well in profile & is very impressive set up. Masculine head & expression with a good eye, lovely neck & shoulder, good width & depth of body, good hindquarters; 3 Wright & Taylor’s Realway Shtuchica Podarok Mechty. BOXERS – G (1) 1 Hudson’s Susie Be’s Miss World, beautiful bitch with an excellent head & expression, lovely proportions with a good eye & well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, hammy quarters, good ribcage & strong loin, she is balanced & moved so well with purpose & the correct head carriage. Alone but I am sure can win well in good competition. BOB. O (2,1a) 1 Hudson’s Forever La Rosa In Red, litter sister to previous winner & just preferred her sister’s hindquarters & movement at present, feminine head & expression, again a nice type but just needs time to finish, in good coat & condition. GREAT DANES – Y (3,2) 1 Young & Wyer’s Geordieone Charlottenborg, beautiful fawn bitch of quality of a good size & outline, moved well despite the weather, she is balanced & well boned with good feet, still young but she has a good neck & depth of chest with a feminine head & expression. BOB. PG (2,2) O (5,5). GIANT SCHNAUZERS (2) 1 Martino Whitney’s Primavista’s High Voltage, correctly coated dog of good balanced, very masculine in outlook for only 19 months, lovely type with a masculine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, strong topline held set up & moving, he is well boned with good feet, put down in excellent coat & condition. BOB & G3; 2 Martino & Whitney’s Primavista’s Imaginarium, what a lovely baby, so very promising & again has the correct coat put down in excellent condition, she is balanced & quality for only 7 months she has so much potential, such a feminine head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, she is well made & when she moves holds her head correctly & in profile looks the business. BP & BPIS. ALASKAN MALAMUTES – Y (0). PG (1) 1 Horseman & Horseman-Pheonix’s Snow Legend Be My Luck Nordicwinds, well coated young bitch who is very mature for age, feminine head & expression with well set & carried ears & a keen eye, good neck & shoulders, a sound mover on well boned legs & feet, excellent hindquarters, in good muscular condition & moves correctly particularly in profile. In excellent coat which was well presented. BOB & BP & PG4. O (1) 1 Horseman & Horseman-Pheonix’s Nordicwinds American Dream, nice bitch with good body proportions, slightly longer in muzzle but she has a good eye & well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, good depth of chest & strong loin, well set & carried tail, well boned legs & feet, moved well. DOGUE DE BORDEAUX – G (3,2) 1 Moran’s Aibrean Cosomonaut, 9 months old dog with potential, lovely masculine head with good proportions, well boned legs & feet, although the front legs still need to strengthen to finish the picture, he is balanced with good hindquarters & a strong topline, moved well in profile, in excellent coat & condition. BP & PG3. O (3,1) 1 Nattriss’ Soultime Keep The Faith, mature bitch of an excellent type, feminine head & expression with well set ears & a clean eye, she is balanced & in good coat, well boned & moved very typically for the breed. Her maturity took her through to BOB for she is quality; 2 Moran’s Aibrean Mr Brightside, only a youngster who needs to tighten up, masculine head, he thought it was fun & played up on the move but a good type who just needs time for he is only just over a year. BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOGS – G (1) 1 Horn’s Tangyachates Fenela’s Love at Westholincar, immature young lady who still needs to finish but she is well boned & a good size, movement erratic at present but she is a lovely happy girl with a good coat & excellent condition, it was just a shame that this is when the rain came & made it impossible to write on a soggy judging book! O (3) 1 Green’s Matthais vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf, mature dog who is well grown with good bone & lovely feet, in lovely coat & condidtion, he is balanced & quality, very taken with this boy. BOB & G4; 2 Horn’s Husheen Let Me Love You at Westholincar, another dog put down in excellent condition, he is balanced & quality, masculine head & expression, well made all through & showed & moved well; 3 Copeland’s Szarhegyaljai Fifty Fifty. NEWFOUNDLANDS – G (2,1) 1 Hall’s Mayosea Mirror Of Success, brown dog who really didn’t like my hat & coat, so despite the rain I took them off! A shame as this affected him & it took a bit of time to bring him round, he has a masculine head & expression & a well made body of excellent balance, despite the rain, he was put down in excellent coat & condition. O (4,2) 1 Adair’s King Of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear, what a beautiful quality bitch who simply flowed around the ring with such ease & style, I loved her head & expression, she is quality & put down in excellent condition, her coat just shone despite the wind & rain, strong topline held set up & moving, well boned legs & feet. BOB & G1; 2 Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoast, another quality girl again with a feminine head & expression, in excellent coat & condition, moved well, close up to 1, again with plenty of bone & good body proportions. LEONBERGERS – G (1) 1 Brown’s Jantonely Solar Eclipse, young male who moved OK when he put his head up, obviously the ground was very tempting to smell! He is well boned & bodied with lovely hindquarters, good balanced & a lovely masculine head & expression, I am sure can hold his own in any company. O (1) 1 Bell’s Vectiseleon Kiaja Wolfrik, mature dog of quality, he is well coated & very masculine in outlook, moved well on well boned legs & feet, masculine head & expression, good hindquarters, in excellent condition. BOB. TIBETAN MASTIFFS – G (2) 1 Lowes’ Callowdale Idris The Dragon & 2 Lowes’ Callowdale Imagica, two absolute babies, 1 was more mature & bodied than 2, both heads still need to finish but both have lots of potential, moved & showed well, 2 showed very well at her first show, hope they both enjoyed the experience & I am sure they will have fun, hopefully in different classes, 1 is the male & 2 was the female. 1 was BP. O (2) 1 Lowe’s Callowdale Maysee Grea, bigger bitch who is half sister to the puppies, sound mover but a bit doggy in outline, good tailset & carriage, in excellent coat & condition, good head & expression with enough neck & a good topline. BOB; 2 Bainbridge’s Elektra Bisurman Kera Herjay, smaller bitch with a full coat, feminine head & expression, preferred the balance & movement of 1 on the day but she is very typical & put down in excellent condition. SIBERIAN HUSKY – Y (2) 1 O’Dell’s Graffsiberians Excele Exact, well marked 8 month old boy who is balanced & mature for age, in lovely coat & condition, moved well on well boned legs & feet, covering the ground effortlessly with a good head carriage, masculine head & expression with well set & carried ears. BP & PG2; 2 Hughes’ Dream Come True Wilcza Dusza for Siberdrift, bitch just over a year but again a good type of a lighter type who is losing her coat at present which only enchanced her well balanced body, moved & showed well, good head & expression, strong topline & well set & carried tail. PG (3,1) Repeat. O (2) 1 Kent & Sutton’s Jacalous Fire N Ice at Lyfearon, r/w mature bitch of 14 months, she moved & showed well, such a pretty head & expression, enough coat, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & well set & carried tail, good hindquarters, put down in excellent muscular condition & moved with good head carriage. BOB & G2; 2 No name given, feminine bitch of quality who moved smoothly & effortlessly, good make & shape, feminine head & expression, in lovely coat & condition. Close up to 1. WORKING GROUP – G1, Newfoundland; 2 Siberian Husky; 3 Giant Schnauzer; 4 Bernese Mountain Dog. PG1 Giant Schnauzer; 2 Siberian Husky; 3 Dogue De Brdeaux; 4 Alaskan Malamute. AV WORKING – P (4,2) 1 A Cosomonaut, Dogue De Bordeaux; 2 Copoeland’s Masters Summerlin South, Bernese Mountain Dog who is just a baby & was overawed by the occasion, should do well when she gets her confidence, in good coat & moved ok when she settled, head needs to finish. J (5,3) 1 Dream Come True Wilcza Dusza for S; 2 S Fifty Fifty, Bernese, a nice type & 3rd in the breed class but has potential. PG (1) 1 J Solar Eclipse. O (1,1). V (2,1) Bell’s Vectiseleon Dream Maker, lovely 7 year old Leonberger who is a lovely type with a masculine head & expression, enough coat, very fit & moved well, lovely hindquarters & he is balanced. STAKES – P (13, 5) 1 G Excel Exact; 2 Dixon’s Otterpaws Red Red Wine, Border Terrier; 3 Lemin’s Sheneva’s Lady Madonna, Havanese. J (15,5) 1 Bell’s Tolberg La Di Da, Min L/h Dachshund; 2 Taylor’s Amarillo Rose, Irish Wolfhound; 3 Lintern’s Northernjoy Forget Me Not, Labrador. G (12,3) 1 Heslop’s Tianola Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Standard Poodle; 2 Clonneysmush Surprise; 3 Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About The Bass, Ridgeback. PG (14,4) 1 Bryan’s Teejay Struck Gold, Lowchen; 2 K All About The Bass; 3 Hall’s Matsushona Fire Opal of Cynami. O (15,6) 1 Hardcastle & Bradley’s Vizslanya Sziena, Hungarian Vizsla; 2 Firth’s Hochopepa Lets Go Crazy with Sophalba, Italian Spinone; 3 Holmes’ Ch Lisjovia Estevez, Pyrenean Mountain Dog; V (8,4) 1 Young’s Dandonick’s Knock Out Lady, French Bulldog; 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Shakey Byrne, Pyrenean Mountain Dog; 3 Smith’s Wenningdale Kristina of Flyenpyg, Labrador. Vintage (6,3) 1 D Knock Out Lady; 2 O’Conner’s Karlejay Gum Zulu Warrior, GWP; 3 Drady’s Kobo First Chance, Min L/h Dachshund. JW NE HEAT (26, 11) 4 qualifiers were Harrison’s Ch Kaypin Dum Dum Diddle with Trenson, Min Pin; Unwin’s Sunlea Ledgend Of The Sword for Aneeva, Pug; Taylor & Johnson’s Sifrason’s Military Hero, Lhasa Apso; Adair’s King Of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear, Newfoundland. Reserves were Mason’s Teckeltown Something Magic, Min S/h Dachshund & Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig, Labrador.