• Date: 27/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Monet Rennison Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Chichester & District Canine Society

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog 

Judge: Monet Rennison (Zaniah)

Show: Chichester & District canine society

Date: 27/01/2029 

Puppy 3/0ab

1st -HAENSEL’S Sherkarl Cooper Highlights, this 9 month old sable and white bitch is just stunning she owns the ring and demands attention. Pleasing sweet head and expression, love her dark eyes and planes with flat skull topped with Correctly tipped ears. Enough neck leading to a good chest and spring of rib. straight top line which she carries on the move, her bone is strong but feminine, lovely turn of stifle leading to tight feet. Correct size, Groomed and handled beautifully, She moved with drive and elegance covering the ground with minimum effort. Couldn’t deny her BOB & BPIB, pleased to here she won pastoral puppy group 1 and adult group 4. Well done! 

2nd -CREAMER’S Clanavon Touch of Blue At Lyngarso, 8 month old blue Merle bitch, another youngster with good qualities. Lovely strong bone, with straight legs and nice lay of shoulder, with straight top-line and long tail. Good turn of stifle leading to tight feet She moved with drive and grace. Loved her Long neck, she has a Sweet face, but prefer 1s planes and eye shape. 

3rd- ALLAN’S Kelgrove Kosmos, very raw tri puppy who needs time. 

Junior 2/ 1ab

1st - HAENSEL’S Sherkarl Cooper Highlights 1st in Puppy. 

Postgrad 10/4ab

1st - COOPERS‘S, Wyckwood Crystal Sky, 4 year old blue Merle bitch. I liked this bitches size and overall shape, with good height to length ratio, another with strong feminine bone and tight feet. Lovely planes and sweet expression with almond eye shape. Good spring of rib, and turn of stifle with well laid shoulders and sweep over loin. She was not overly happy with the noisy hall but showed well, Blue could be lighter in colour. She moved well with grace, RBOB. 

2nd - ELDRIDGE’S, Kelthope Wispa’s Girl At Petara, 19 month old shaded sable and white bitch. loved the sweetness of expression, good planes and lovely dark eyes with perfect tipped ears on a flat skull. Nice bone with spring of rib, good length in back and moved well. 

3rd -MOORES Chibaya Bell of the Ball


1st COOPERS ‘S, Wyckwood Ice Blue, 4 year old blue Merle dog. Well up to size dog, but balanced. Strong head with, with good chest and spring of rib leading to a straight front, nice length of back. Liked his turn of stifle and tail length. Moved with drive. Good clean blue colour and presented well. 

2nd REYNOLDS Kelgrove Kinda Blue Magic, 6 year old blue Merle bitch, correct size with a good shape. Beautiful head and expression, liked her planes and width of muzzle. good arch of neck, leading to a lovely length in back, elbows could be tighter and blue is too dark in colour. Moved okay. 

3rd ALLANS Janetstown Jillions

Monet Rennison (Zaniah)