• Date: 19/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Mike Wildman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club

Minor Puppy Dog - 1 Entry  

1 Jenkinson's Eastriding Royal Mayfair  

Wow what a great start to be presented with a pup of this quality he measures up for size and is so balanced. Of lovely type, his head is gorgeous with a soft kind expression, excellent balance with good work and chiselling. Stands tall on well boned legs, super feet his front assembly balances with his rear he is well put together in the middle. He had a large ring to himself and he sure used it had super action and so sound away. His immaturity was evident, but his type and quality shone through. Skilfully handled. Res Best Dog & BPIS. 

Puppy Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)  


1 Eastwood's Eastfalla Next Step  

10-month-old liver/white of medium size and build of good overall balance. Would prefer him a touch more masculine but he is free from exaggeration. Moved soundly both ways keeping his outline in profile. I would prefer more condition and muscle tone, but he has time to firm up, nicely presented.  

Yearling Dog - 3 Entries (1 Absent)  

1 Topliss Beresford Night Train  

Gorgeous head on this dog, classic expression. Clean outline well off for bone quality, well-padded feet, good shoulder and well-placed elbows. Liked his balance and type, well angulated rear drove off well but was a little untidy coming had balance of outline in profile.  

2 Thomas Tigerrock Super Ted  

Smaller but masculine type whom I've judged before and remarked then on his good bone and feet. Heavily marked quality jacket, deep liver and white sound moving but not the ring presence of 1 today. 

Post Graduate Dog - 1 Entry  

1 Happs Clentonian Solomans Seal  

Really liked this super moving boy another liver/white who was well presented in good coat and condition. Really liked his head and eye, he is of correct size and proportions. He has pleasing bone and feet with good lay of shoulder, well ribbed body and soundly made rear quarters wide and well-muscled. 

Limit Dog - 2 Entries (1 Absent)  

1 Glendinning's Plaiglen Beaters Btrue  

Neat compact Bl/w of smaller type but not lacking in substance has balance and is typical of the breed when moving he did cover the ground and with good carriage. 

Open Dog - 1 Entry (1 Absent)  

Special Beginners Dog -  1 Entry  

1 Thomas Tigerrock Super Ted 

Veteran Dog - 4 Entries (2 Absent)  

1 Mitchell's Sh. Ch. Peasblossom Jester the beautiful tri of immense quality, he is so well put together and just looks a picture of balance, his head and expression are truly beautiful with excellent work and chiselling and such kind eyes of correct shape. Stands tall with strong neck into superbly laid shoulders, well angulated upper arm, elbows close to body with exceptional fore chest, level back well rounded body with good length of rib and short coupled to his croup which mounds well into his strong well set tail. His hind quarters balance the front and are broad and well rounded, he set off with drive from the rear returning has typical action in front, his side gait was impressive too he was on top form here congratulations to his owners/handler his coat and conditioning were undeniable. Best Dog & Best in Show.  

2 Glenndinning's Sh. Ch. Plaiglen Hustle  

Another worth title holder and example of the breed bl/w who is of true type, totally square and free of exaggeration. Masculine head with glorious dark eye, excels in neck good lay of shoulder but not the return or length of upper arm of 1. Well made body, broad well-muscled quarters he too moved off well and impressed in profile but not the reach of 1. Vert pleased to of gone over these two Sh Ch's whom I'm told regularly change places.  

Minor Puppy Bitch - 2 Entries (0 Absent)  

1 Corbett's Trimere Taylor Swift  

Super baby, raw but balanced and of lovely type has scope and flow to outline. Pretty headed with a kind expression. Super fitting shoulders quality bone and feet. Well bodied with generous rib, short coupled broad rounded quarters still loose and rolling on the move but her frame is well covered and will firm in time. Just as one would expect at this age so very promising. BPB 

2 Jenkinson's Eastriding Glam Princess  

Slightly more forward than 1 and another quality exhibit. Presents a good outline and is lovely to handle she also has good depth and length of rib. Moved out well and more steady at the moment just preferred 1's head and length of foreleg.  

Puppy Bitch - 4 Entries (0 Absent)  


1 Calvert's Calvdale Stowaway Magic  

Well made of good overall balance and sound moving with great reach she really covered the ground. Lovely coat and condition, well off for bone and substance. Stands on good feet, deep and well ribbed, firm loin broad quarters short below the hock drove her off well, she is sound both ways . 


2 Corbett's Trimere Time to Shine  

Of lovely type but sadly threw it away, was just not cooperating on the move she has other ideas! A change of handler brought her in order to display typical action and soundness. I liked her head make and shape, I hope she books her ideas up. 

3 Glendinnings Plaiglen Tweedledee  

Junior Bitch - 2 Entries (0 Absent)  


1 Mitchell's Peasblossom Whisper  

Stunning exhibit who's outline catches the eye and has scope. Her head is balanced and expression typical, fine and well laid in shoulder with good length and return of upper arm. Spot on proportions, excels in height to length ratios short well coupled rounded croup well angulated rear. Flat silk jacket shown in immaculate order. Moves with purpose, style and excellent carriage. Close up in the challenge. 

2 Kirk's Potrail Shape of You  

Tri, unlucky to meet 1 as she is of immeasurable quality and is also superb on the move but not the scope of one, she is balanced and is free of exaggeration has good substance throughout. 

Yearling Bitch - 3 Entries (1 Absent) - Pleasing class of females with little to separate them  


1 Reynolds Clentonian Picture Perfect  

She was the most pleasing for balance of the 2. I liked the head and eye also on this liver / white who really excelled on the move displaying freedom, reach and drive from well-placed hocks. She was well muscled and in good condition. 

2 Sanders Meonstoke Angelica 

Heavier type than 1 and not as up on the leg but another worthy exhibit who has a good head, strong and mature in body, broad over her quarters and sound moving although lost her stride a couple of times.  

Novice Bitch - 2 entries (1 Absent)  

1 Kirks Potrail Shape of You. 

Graduate Bitch - 1 Entry  

Downward's Royal Gala at Reuben's  

Black & white Classy female who's outline is so pleasing and really catches the eye.  

She has good height to length and is soundly put together, nicely boned legs, stands on good feet. Maturing nicely in body and excellent moving, she is light on her feet and sound displaying typical front action. Coat is of good quality and she was presented in excellent condition. 

Post Graduate Bitch - 3 Entries 

1 Gibsons Calvdale Rag Nymph  

Pleasing head and eye. Well up on the leg with balanced proportions pleasing neck into well laid shoulders. She is very feminine and of typical type level topline with good length of croup, well-made quarters and hocks well let down. Moved with purpose and was sound. 

2 Joyce's Kingsheath Total Diva at Felltops  

Heavier type than 1 and stronger in head. Very well muscled and in firm condition, well ribbed and strong in loin. Moved really well with good carriage and outline. 

3 Conrads Peasblossom Rumours at Strathnaver  


Limit Bitch - 6 Entries  

1 Corbett's Trimere Ticatboo  

A cracking class headed by this superb example she really typifies the standard, free of exaggeration and text book front assembly she had the best front in the entry. Excels in fore chest, well placed elbows tight to the body, generous in rib and she is so short coupled and strong in topline. Nicely shaped croup and well set and carried tail. Classic moving from rear well developed quarters, she never faltered going around moving with reach and drive holding her outline. She was well presented and could not be denied Best Bitch, closely run by equally typey litter sister.  

2 Richardson's Cherishym Chara  

Close up here in this good class of quality bitches. She really catches the eye for balance and type. Pleasing head of balanced proportions, nicely put together, all parts flowing together she was lovely to handle. Her moment was typical, covering the ground and was very sound both ways. She is of high quality and would deserve to carry her title.  

3 Greens Kennairi Am I Said  


Open Bitch - 5 Entries  

1 Corbett's Sh. Ch. Trimere Ticket Maid  

Another beauty from this kennel and litter sister to Best Bitch. Really little to separate them, she too has faultless forehand construction. Superb in body, balanced front and rear she covered the ground effortlessly in another quality class of springer females. She had so much to like and was Res Best Bitch.  


2 Calverts Calvdale Hot pink JW  

Bl/ white and another who excels on the move liked her quality head and true soft expression super bone and feet well ribbed up well coupled body broad over the quarters and of balanced proportions.  

3 Lawler's Bordacity Honey Rider  


Special Beginners Bitch - 1 Entry 

1 Sanders Meonstoke Angelica  

Veteran Bitch - 2 Entries   

1 Gibsons Calvdale Festivities  

Nice type and so sweet natured, happy and outgoing with capacious side gait, very balanced and typical. In good coat and well-muscled. 

2 Reynolds Mompesson Royal Flush  

Slightly taller and of nice type. Balanced head and soft, kind eye. Moved out well with good forward reach. Holding her outline in profile.