• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Michelle Emmerson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society

26th January 2019


I would like to thank the committee for offering me this appointment. Thanks to the Midland Chihuahua Club for sponsoring the Chihuahua classes. A big thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries. I was a little bit disappointed with the quality of some exhibits but overall the majority was good.

Longcoat Chihuahua

Puppy 3

1st Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Fancy That NAF TAF. 6 month fawn girl. Beautiful domed head with well set ears. Big eyes, definite stop with a moderate length muzzle. Topline needs to settle but she is just a baby. Tail never stopped wagging. Loved her temperament.BPIB. Was nice to see her gain Puppy Group 2. 2nd Yorone’s Going For Gold. Fawn boy with a lovely head, moderate length muzzle. Dark eyes and a good mouth. Level topline. Moved well. Preferred the tail of first.

Junior 4

1st Holland Smith’s Oozora Queen Of Mystery JW. A fawn girl that I judged last year. A lot more confident now. Quite small and pretty. Nice domed head, dark pigment. A definite stop with a longer muzzle. Level topline with sickle tail. Moved well. 2nd Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Willy Eckaslike NAF TAF. A lovely 6 month old boy. Very similar to the puppy class winner.Nice domed head, dark eyes and lovely expression. Tailset was good but he carried tail down most of the time.

Post Graduate 3(1)

1st Berrington’s Ellochi Crazy Nights For Pappersley. A happy cream boy with large flaring ears which he used at all times. Nice length of muzzle and good dentition. Large round eyes. Deep chest and nice spring of rib. Lovely tail carriage carried up and over. Moved well. RBOB. 2nd Meacham’s Khanor Picture Perfect. A red boy who was very unsure. Dark eyes, definite stop with a longer muzzle. Level topline. Moved around the ring but was scared and carried tail down.

Open 3(1)

1st Green’s Ellochi Chasing Stars. Parti coloured boy who I have admired from the ring side for a while. He didn’t disappoint . Good ear placement on a domed head. Large, round eyes, dark pigment. A definite stop with a moderate lenth muzzle. Deep chest. Sickle tail carried up and over. Good turn of stifle. Moved with drive. A happy little boy who was attentive to his owner. BOB. 2nd Brydy’s Domi Ventura Ferrero Rocher (IMP POL). Black tri with large flaring ears. Big eye, mouth ok. Straight front and level topline. Tailset a bit low.

Smoothcoat Chihuahua

Puppy 5

1st Rooney’s Borjomi Beyonce At Yorone. A fabulous fawn girl. Beautiful apple domed head with nicely placed ears which she used at all times. Nice big eyes, dark pigment, definite stop and nice length muzzle. Typical chihauhua expression. Nice front, lovel topline with a good tailset and sickle tail. Stood four square. Moved with drive. BPIB. 2nd Fothergill’s Bondor Mr Sunshine At Diamonchi. A red boy with large flaring ears. Dark round eyes. Slightly longer in muzzle than first. Beautiful mouth. Nice length of neck. Not as confident as the first.

Junior 3

1st Wilcox’s Braerita Talulah Truffle. Up to size fawn girl. Good ear set, dark pigment and big round eyes. Level topline. Bit longer in body and tailset slightly low. Nice profile when tail is up. Good dual purpose bitch. 2nd Holland Smith’s Bratilda Raphael. Typical Chihuahua expression. Large ears set on domed head. Nice length to height. Was nervous and wouldn’t show.

Post Graduate 4(2)

1st Stading’s Lemaritz Skyes The Limit. A larger fawn bitch with flaring ears. Dark pigment, definite stop with a longer muzzle. Excellent dentition. Moved well. 2nd Hall’s Jorazan Apollo Creed. 7 month old boy with large round eyes, dark pigment and a nice length muzzle. Level topline with a good tail set but carried tail down. Not very confident but just a baby.

Open 4

1st Fothergill’s Diamonchi Mister Moon JW. A lovely cream boy with a fabulous outline. Well set ears, which he used all the time, set on a lovely domed head. A big eye and dark pigment. Good reach of neck, deep chest. Level topline with an excellent tail carriage. Moved forcefully around the ring like he owned it. BOB. 2nd Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Royal Albert JW. Another lovely boy. Large flaring ears, dark pigment and a good mouth. Arched neck leading into level topline and good tailset. Good spring of rib. Moved well. Preferred the tail of first. RBOB.

Michelle Emmerson