• Date: 06/10/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Melanie Reeves Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2019

Beckenham Canine Association

I would like to thank Beckenham canine association for inviting me to judge at their Open show, also thank you to everyone who came with their lovely dogs. I always feel so privileged and honoured to have the good fortune to go over them.

Class 173

Puppy D/B

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1st. Midgley's Cwnhapus Tanana. 11 month old grey bitch, dark eyes , almond shaped, correctly set. Good ear set and shape. Foxy looking head. Short of muzzle, correct scissor bite. good neck length. Straight in the forequarters.Compact looking bitch. would like more length of body, and an arch over the loin and more angulation in the rear.She had a nice coat and fox like brush like tail. Still young and more growing to do.

Class 174

Junior D/B


1st. Miles Trailhunters Eywa. 14 month old grey bitch, very feminine foxy head, dark almond shaped eyes set correctly, with sweetest expression,good ear set and good shape and size, nicely furred. Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. a gentle slope of pastern, nice leg length and good body to height ratio, good slope of croup, arched over loin,nice angulation in the rear, good feet. Tail rather long . Overall a very nicely shaped young bitch who is still maturing. A nice balanced bitch. Light footed easy ground covering when moving, look forward to seeing her in a few years.

2nd. Midgley's Cwnhapus Tanana.

Class 175

Post Graduate D/B

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1st. Biddlecombe's Tsaritsa Veyron. 3 year old grey and white male, lovely head proportions, correct scissor bite, ears good set, size and shape, nicely furred. Dark eyes, correct set of almond shape.Nice length of neck and arched. Good layback of shoulder, nice length of leg and sloping pastern. good body length to height ration, good slope of croup and arch over the loin, nice coupling. Nice angulation in the rear, good tail set and brushlike. Good feet. He moved with a good reach and drive , easy and light on his feet. Out of coat, so everything on show, and no hiding place, I think he still has a little more maturing to do. Overall another nicely balanced dog.So nice to watch on the move, RBOB.

2nd. Norman's Skimarque Shades of Midnight. 2 and half year old dark grey and white bitch. Dark eyes almond shaped and correctly set. she has a lovely expression, good ears, good set and size, nicely furred inside. Nice head proportions. good chest depth, and height to body ratio. Arch over the loin, and noticeable tuck up. Good sloping croup, and tail brush like and good set on. good rear angulation. Nice easy and sound movement. I prefered the overall appearance of 1st .

Class 176.

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1st. Norman's Skimarque Margarita. 3 and a half year old red and white bitch. Liver pigment. Amber eyes of correct shape and set. lovely head proportions, and good ear set and size and shape good. Lovely expression, with a keen look. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder, good length to upper arm.and good depth of chest, and brisket stopping just above the elbow. Nice length of leg, and slope of front pastern.Feet nice shape, not too tight or flat. Good top line, nicely coupled , arched over the loin, and noticeable tuck up, Good slope of croup and tail set, brushlike of correct length. Nice angulation throughout, very balanced and moved soundly and with good easy ground covering reach and drive. A very standard fitting siberian, my only comment would be that when standing she seems tucked under and needs stretching out just a little to see her lovely well balanced overall shape. BOB.

2nd. Biddlecombe's CH Lincoln White at Tsaritsa. 12 year old white male, dark eyes correct in set and shape, with a lovely expression. Good ear set nicely furred and correct size and shape. Good length of neck and front angulation. Good length of leg and good height to body length ration rear angulation nicely matching this front, nicely balanced. Tail of good set and brushlike. He moved really well for an older dog, very sound. He still has it all there. Prefered rear angulation of 1st.

Melanie Reeves