• Date: 13/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Martyn J Rees Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

I should like to thank the Officers and Committee for their most generous invitation to judge at this show and with some lovely breeds to Judge. I was particularly honoured with the fantastic entry of Lagotto Romagnolo afforded to me by the exhibitors of this lovely breed and for the trust placed in me by the owners of this breed. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and the opportunity to assess many quality dogs. The hospitality extended to me throughout the day was excellent.


Puppy (3):

1ST Hardcastle, Green & Bradley, Mr D J, Miss N & Ms E M, Vizslanya Sziena By Viszaset: A very nice young bitch of 11 months of age. Well balanced outline, free from exaggeration. Lovely head and expression. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Correct length of neck leading to well laid back shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Good bend of stifle. Neat feet with short nails. Moved well both fore and aft and in profile. BP and I was very pleased to hear that this quality young bitch later gained Puppy Group 3.

2ND Harrison, Mr T D & Mrs H L, Bitcon Camden: Very nice bitch of just over 6 months, full of quality, feminine head and expression, complete, correct and clean dentition, neck of good length into very good forehand assembly, short loin, moderate hind angulation, short nails and neat feet moved very well.

Junior (2):

1ST Hardcastele, Green & Bradley, Mr D J, Miss N & Ms E M, Vizslanya Sziena By Viszas

2ND Rollings & Verity, Mr P N & Ms A J, Vizslanya Sziena Es Sors: 11 month male well up to size, good head and expression, Correct full, clean and complete dentition, Strong neck leading to well placed shoulder, deep chest, strong loin and moderate hind angulation. Moved well and soundly but standing his front feet had a tendency to position themselves in a 10:2 stance, his front feet especially were splayed due to nails that could and should be much shorter.

Open (1)

1ST Bradley & Green, Ms E M & Miss N, SH CH Vizslanya Vivmany Highforce JW ShCM: Stood alone but presented a clean outline, Very well balanced all through with well proportioned head, kind eye and good ear set. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Strong, well arched neck leading to correctly angulated forequarters. She has the correct depth of brisket and is well ribbed back into a strong loin and well set on tail. Muscular hindquarters with moderate turn of stifle, excellent bone and neat feet. Moved well and accurately, both fore, aft and in side profile to win BOB and I was delighted to learn that she was later awarded a worthy Reserve Best In Show.


Post Graduate(3,1wd)

1ST Walker, Mrs R E, Zoldmali Story Of Lanokk (IMP SRB): A male of 21 months, showing excellent substance and quality bone all through, ideally for me I would like a little more refinement all through, that said, he won on his overall soundness and above all coat quality. He had an excellent head, moderately broad and expression, correct, clean and complete dentition, very good coat quality, both harsh and close fitting, well muscled neck into good forehand assembly with close fitting elbows, deep chest, strong, loin, moderate hind angulation with good second thigh, feet neat and tight with short nails. Moved very well covering the ground with ease, BOB.

2ND Somerfield, Mrs R D, Miadsc Eternal Flame: Quality, balanced bitch of 22 months of age. Presented in lovely condition, fit with good musculature. Pleasing feminine head with correct, clean and complete dentition, strong slightly arched neck into well placed shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm, strong and proportionate body, level back, deep chest, moderately angulated hindquarters moved well and completely sound. For me, whilst her coat was close fitting, it lacked the absolute harshness I was looking for.


1ST Summerfield, Mrs R D, Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue At Miadsc ShCM: A 4 year old bitch of good overall balance and quality, very feminine head and expresssion, correct, clean and complete dentition, strong neck of moderate length leading into well placed shoulders deep chest, strong hindquarters, good bone all through, slightly arched but tight feet and moved well.

2ND Hibbert, Mrs M L & Mrs E J, Ewtor Skyfall At Mindszenty: A male of 2½ years of age, well up to size, excellent head, moderately broad and lively expression. Correct, clean and complete dentition, clean well very muscled neck, well placed shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm, elbows close to body, deep chest, level back, his hindquarters worried me somewhat; the hindquarters were moderate in angulation but standing, this young lad was terribly cow-hocked but sound when moving. Harsh close fitting coat. 


Puppy (3,1abs):

1ST Mort, Mrs L, Radiva Baby Oh Cherrie (Imp Svk). A bitch of just 7 months. Presented a good clean outline. She has a very nice head and correct 3/2 proportions. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Short slightly arched neck. Well placed shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm. Close fitting elbows. Well ribbed back. Good hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Short hocks square to ground. She moved very both fore, aft and in side profile and with good drive. Good coat with curl. BP

2ND Bransby, Miss M, Mrs K & Mr B, Mikette Million Dreams: Bitch of just over 7 months of age, good proportions, pleasing all through, adequate bone for age, head of correct skull to muzzle proportions. Strong neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Well angulated hindquarters. Good coat. Not quite driving movement of winner. Handled very well.

Junior (3, 1abs):

1ST Ferguson, Mr & Mrs A, Crispino Della Caveja: Absolutely stunning male of just over 12 months of age and now just into Junior who completely fits my template for this lovely breed. He has everything in place, stands square. Head of correct proportions with ears that are moderately large and correctly set slightly above the level of eye, correct, clean and complete dentition, strong, slightly arched neck into well placed shoulders, compact strong body, close fitting elbows into strong short loin, well ribbed, excellent bone and feet, moderate hind angulation, moved very well. Being really ‘picky’ I would like just a little more drive from the rear on the move. In good coat of good correct texture. My absolute pleasure to award him BOB in good company and I was delighted to see him placed 1ST in a large and strong variety class

2ND Nelson, Ferguson & Barker, Miss J, Mrs L & Mrs M, Mizano Dioro Over Savio: Male of 15 months and of good overall quality. Presented an excellent outline. Good head correct proportions with strong muzzle. Correct, clean and complete dentition. Short, muscular and slightly arched neck into shoulders that are moderately laid back. Well ribbed back leading to short loin. Good topline and correct tailset. Strong well-muscled hindquarters. Moved well. Very good coat texture.  

Post Graduate (2,1abs):

1ST Collis, Mr D & Mrs L, Iteru Riccia Piattone: Bitch of 3 years of age and of good quality & type, head and expression good, correct, clean and complete dentition, good bone, well balanced, nails far too long , spoiling shape of feet, short body and loin , moderate hind angulation, moved well but a little close behind.

Open (7,4abs):

1ST Nelson, Miss J, Gaesten Zippy Zingo At Nelbekio: Very well balanced male of nearly 8 years of age. Upstanding with much ring presence, correctly made all through. Balanced showing good breed type. Head of correct proportions, with skull moderately broad and ears that are high set. Strong muzzle with correct, clean and complete dentition. Strong short, slightly neck into moderate layback of shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Elbows set close to brisket. Well ribbed back with loin of optimum length. Strong hindquarters with hocks that are square and well let down. Correct coat. Moved very well. 

2ND Ferguson, Mr & Mrs A, Mizani Jola Briar: Bitch of 3½ years, well balanced and correct to breed type - square in profile. Very nice bitch with pleasing head, strong muzzle and correct, clean and complete dentition, strong neck into well placed shoulders with elbows that are close fitting. Compact body with short loin and strong hindquarters. She did not move with the fluidity and drive of first placed exhibit.

3RD Collis, Mr D & Mrs L, IR SH CH Iteru Riccio Vespolina

Martyn J Rees (Judge)