• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Mark Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

South Yorkshire Whippet Club

I would like to thank the SYWC for the opportunity to judge at their open show, it was a great honour to be asked to judge at a Whippet breed club show, it was a day I will remember for some time. Secondly and by no means less important to the exhibitors for bringing your beloved whippets to be judged at the show, I truly thank you as without you there would be no show. Overall, I was very pleased with the quality of the entry and equally their presentation on the day, though I did come across a select minority that would benefit from a more thorough bathing, on a positive note however all mouths were correct with no exceptions and I was extremely spoilt for choice in a lot of top quality classes.

MPD (8:0)

1. Demerlay Handsome Harry. Fawn boy of almost 8 months displaying a picture of a boy much older, presented a perfect picture on the stack and an excellent mover coming, going and in profile. Nice size and very well balanced, correct spring in pastern and good muscle tone for this age. Handled to perfection to win this class.

2. Chaseover Marble Rolls On. 7mth+ brindle/white dog. Lovely expression, good neck length, standing over a lot of ground. Moved well coming and going with plenty of drive in profile, pushing the 1st place dog all the way.

3. Ranveli Rabbit Pie.

PD (7:4)

1. Shiny Sensations Wish Upon a Star with Supeta’s. 10mth+ light fawn brindle boy with white socks. A whippet who could not be overlooked from the moment he entered the ring, quality all through, sound out and back and super in profile movement, presented in fantastic condition. Good legs, feet and tail set which others struggled to hold on the move in this class. Went onto take best puppy dog and reserve best puppy in show. A strong future ahead for this young lad.

2. Supeta’s Show & Tell Astrazone. 10mth+, white fawn brindle dog. Larger frame to the winner but shown to perfection by the young handler. Nice lay of shoulder and return of upper arm with good spring of pastern. True coming and going, holding his topline and maintaining a low curve to his tail throughout. Promising dog for the future.

3. Copper Fire the Natural

JD (10:0) A class full of promising quality for the future.

1. Richclass Run for Cover 1Yr/3mth Quality dog, Correct head set, good length of neck into good shoulders. Correct spring of pastern and good tight feet, Standing over a lot of ground, good tuck up, and an overall true whippet in silhouette. Moved with poise and balance in profile, true coming and going to ensure he took this class and went onto reserve best dog in show.

2. Stoneroll Love in Motion 18mth brindle /white trim dog, Good head with alert expression, long arched neck into a good front assembly. Adequate spring of pastern, good tuck up / topline flowing into a rear assembly showing no forms of exaggeration. Moved with drive going and true coming moving well in profile another with a good tail set on the move.

3. Falconcrag Top Class at Crosscop

YD (4:1)

1. Wheelspin Silver Shadow among Silkdance 17Mth+ fawn dog, Full of breed type, Such a good head with soft expressive eyes. Correct topline and flowing curves throughout, standing over good ground. Moved well coming and going but would have liked more from him in profile movement in the final challenge for top honours.

2. Blackstem Be True to Me, 20mth dog, Fawn with white trim, good front assembly and correct spring of pastern, good tuck up and bend of stifle, holding his topline on the move, true coming and going and handled well in profile.

3. Southpoint John Snow NAF (imp Port)

PGD (6:3)

1. Kanati God of Olympus (imp) 3yr Brindle/white parti, a dog I have judged before. Excellent for size, good masculine head and nothing overdone, arched neck into a super front assembly, good topline and flows from head to toe. When he’s on form he has what it takes to challenge the best.

2. Coynachie Crazy Desire. 4yr+ brindle dog at top size for me. Masculine head with alert eyes, strong arched neck into well laid shoulders. Strong through loin with muscular thighs and good bend to stifles. Moved well.

3. Blackstem Shotgun Bill

LD (9:1)

1. Danluke Death by Chocolate JW 2Yr1mth red fawn dog who appears to be getting better as he matures, good head set, super length of neck and good front assembly, handled today by his breeder and he was on top form moving well coming and going with superb action in profile winning him this class.

2. Demerlay Snowy Owl 2Yr1mth light fawn dog, Lovely whippet silhouette on the stand. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Slightly heavier build type than the winner and not quite the length of neck and spring of pastern off the class winner but earned this second place with some to spare.

3. Summersway Gold Sovereign

OD (4:1)

1. Rae Renowned at Gazeforth 3Yr7Mth Red Brindle/white trim dog and one that I have admired from the ringside for quite some time. He reminds me a lot of one I have at home and I would gladly take this boy home with me. He excels in the qualities I admire in a whippet but today just fell short in the final challenge against the girls Presenting a true male stance, arched neck into well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm passing down into straight legs with a correct spring of pastern. Nice tight feet, good tuck up and topline flowing into his rear assembly showing no exaggerations. Moves true coming, going and with drive in profile.

2. Crosscop I Want You 1Yr10mth fawn brindle/white dog. Again, another I have admired from the sidelines in the past but today he didn’t appear to be on his top game. Great for size, moved true coming and going but didn’t quite go with the drive and enthusiasm of the winner today. We all have off days and I’m sure this boy will be back to his top form and winning ways.

3. Tarward Jaguar avec Clionys

JW VD (5:1)

1. Ch. Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM. 8Yr9mth brindle/white trim dog still defying his age and displaying enough enthusiasm and quality to challenge the younger dogs of today. His true movement coming and going with plenty of drive in profile won him this class today and the best veteran dog on the day. Good strong masculine head, long neck, great depth of chest, good topline and rear assembly.

2. Ch. Fletchgate Star Walker ShCM 10Yr4Mth Black dog, shown in pristine condition and was pushing hard for first place all the way. Age showing now and that just slowed down his drive and enthusiasm on the move that was shown in the winner. He still has all the curves of an elegant whippet that have helped make him up in the past Nice long neck and correct front assembly, super spring of pastern, great tuck up and correct topline. Credit to his owner for the super presentation.

3. Dalzeah Winter Melody Cum Rogansrock

VB (3:2)

1. Supeta’s Eclipse JW ShCM --- Best Vet in Show 7yr 1mth just into veteran and looking very regal. Flowing with elegance and quality, a true picture of a retiring whippet lady. She glances at you through the best of eyes and from there on she has you in her charms. Correct ear set, long arched neck into a correct front assembly finishing on her super pasterns. Her body flows from head to toe under hand finishing at a near perfect rear low set hocks. No class competition today but she held her best in reserve when it came to the challenge and she shone through to take best veteran in show. No wonder she has her title. Credit to her owner breeder handler.

MPB (9:1)

1. Cobyco Cover Girl. 6mth old light fawn/white trim bitch. A new one to me and wow. From the point of seeing her setting up for the first stack through to the final decision of the class she just had it all and given half the chance I would most definitely take her home. I believe her first show and if this is anything to go by she has the brightest of futures ahead. I wouldn’t want to see her grow on any more but that said on the day she was near perfect, beautiful feminine head, long arched neck into a correct layback of shoulder and return of upper arm descending into her correct pasterns and stopping on her perfect feet. Moving out and back truly and impressing in her profile movement, carrying her topline well for one so young and keeping her tail always curved low. Pleased to award her best puppy bitch and best puppy in show.

2. Shiny Sensations Summer Treat (Imp NLD). 8mth old fawn brindle/white trim bitch. Again another that shone through with her quality. Two very promising young whippet girls. Smaller type to the winner but on the day was not quite as settled but shown enough to take her 2nd place in this very strong MPB class of 8 entries. Pretty head, pleasing in outline on stack, in excellent coat & has a well set tail carried correctly, neat feet. Looking at this class as a whole we have a very bright and exciting future in our girls.

3.Demerlay Magical Mitzi

PB (8:3)

1. Danluke Little Red Dress. 7mth old red fawn bitch. In true harmony with her handler and presented in gleaming condition. Super pretty head set, long arched neck into a correct front finishing on nice tight feet. Flowing from head to tail under hand she was a pleasure to judge and one I will watch for in the future, I hope she makes it all the way. So very unfortunate to come up against the Mpb winner today but the decision for top honour was very close and on another day, who knows, placings may be reversed.

2. Demerlay Strawberry Ice 10mth old light fawn/white trim bitch. Superb picture on the stack and equally as good on the move. Pretty feminine face, arched neck into a strong front assembly, flowing under hand to her rear quarters, where for me this is where she fell just short off the class winners’ attributes.

3. Supeta’s Tell The World

JB (7:0)

1. Cyangrove my Cuppa Tea of Danluke JW. 1Yr 4mth old brindle/white trim bitch, a super quality youngster, good flow of neck into a positive front, pleasing tuck up and nice top-line, pleasing head, eye and expression. Handled well, moving true coming and going with drive on her side profile.

2. Jothryn Blondes Have More Fun. A pretty 12mth old red fawn bitch. Pleasing feminine expression, classic whippet silhouette outline, pleasing eye, not quite as steady and settled on the move as the winner.

3. Spawood Ice & A Slice Y

B (8:1)

1. Danluke Little Red Dress (PB Class Winner)

2. Saraquele Sounds Like Chaos 23mth old brindle/white trim bitch and one that I have admired from the ring side from first seeing her as a youngster. Unfortunate to meet with the class winner but a bitch full of her own qualities from head to tail. Beautiful, quality head piece, small rose ears and long neck, well laid shoulders, nicely angulated front, well arched tight feet, excellent depth of brisket with lovely tuck up well angulated hind quarters with low hocks moved steadily both ways and flowed around the ring presenting a perfect profile movement.

3. Cyangrange Serendipi Tea

PGB (15:5)

1. Citycroft Starfall JW, 20mth old fawn bitch presented in superb condition, Stronger in appearance but none the less full of quality, good length of neck into correct lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, nice spring of pastern and good feet. Super topline and tuck up leading into a non-exaggerated rear bend of stifle, good second thigh and low hock set. Moved true coming, going and on the move around the ring. Winning this good class and pushing for top honours on the day ending up reserve best bitch and reserve best in show.

2. Gazenorth Secret Identity 2Yr light fawn bitch. Pretty feminine head, correct bite, good eye, ears and arched neck. Good front, top line, tuck up and rear assembly, not quite the movement today as the class winner but a quality bitch of true classic whippet type.

3. Layways Classic Design

LB (9:1)

1. Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta JW 19mth fawn/white trim bitch. Excels in breed type for me and as it all to come for one so young. Most definitely a whippet I would love to own and in this condition, it is hard not to award her top honours. Well presented in top condition. Correct in size and very well balanced with pleasing outline, just enough spring of pastern finished on perfect feet. Good tuck up, topline and well ribbed. Flowed under hand from nose to tail with no exaggerations anywhere. Moved with enthusiasm, purpose and drive to win this strong class and go onto to take best bitch and best in show. Full credit to the skillful handling and to her breeders for continuing the quality line of bitches from this kennel.

2. Saraquele Sound Effects 23mth old litter brindle bitch, sister to YB 2nd placed bitch and of equal quality from this kennel, the breeder can be proud for sure. I can apply the same qualities as her litter sister but for me this girl has just got the edge and was very unfortunate to come up against the class winner today. I have no doubt she has a very bright future ahead.

3. Mossbawnhill You Got The Look from Chaseover

OB (9:4)

1. Ger Ch Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love for Supeta’s (Imp) ShCM 5Yr+ dark brindle/white trim bitch. Pretty face, correct ear carriage, good length of neck set on good shoulders and nice return of upper arm. True front, good spring of pastern and correct feet. Good tuck up and fair topline sweeping into a good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Moved true coming and going and owned the ring on her profile movement to take this class.

2. Crosscop Brown Eyed Girl 4Yr+ dark brindle feminine bitch of differing type to winner. She was just a touch unsettled today which was the difference between first and second place amongst these two top quality bitches. Super feminine head with truly sweet expression, correct ear set, long arched neck into good front. Super tuck up and topline which she held on the move, fabulous rear quarters and a low set hock.

3. Silkridge Whispering Grass Judge:

Mark.a.Smith (Elequal)