• Date: 16/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/11/2019

Crystal Palace Canine Association




PG 1 & BOB Parker's Kiromol As You Like It With Azuli JW. Attractive clean head with long, strong muzzle, eyes well set apart and appealing expression, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, ample length of upper arm, straight forelegs ad with good width of chest which was well developed, well boned, distinct crown with ridge, good set on of tail, medium bend of stifle, super free and smooth mover with excellent reach and drive, in hard muscular condition. 2 & RBOB Ferris' Mirengos Moringo, upstanding balanced male in rock hard condition and with a broad masculine clean cut head and good strength of muzzle, strong neck, good shoulder placement, could have longer upper arm, good depth of chest, well ribbed, good shape of underline, strong rear quarters with excellent turn of hock, very lively on the move and when settled moved out well. 3 Southwick's Kinabula's Bear Grylls. O 1 Larkin's Rubicon Red DoThe Right Thing Royaal Pearl (Imp) ShCM. Made a very impressive outline in the stack as her clever handler could freestand her extremely well, on closer inspection, she was in hard muscular condition and retained her femininity with a broad skull, well placed ears framing her pleasing expression, straight forelegs and compact feet, lovely depth of chest with slight curve of tuck up, well made rear with good strength to rear pasterns, excellent tail set and carriage, held her topline on the move, but lacked reach and drive on the day. AV HOUND NSC - P 1 & BP Chippendale's Imhotep Rears Natural Jasmine (IMP), quality 11 month old Saluki who has all the makings to reach the top, in tip top condition and very well turned out with plenty of feathering for one so young, straight front and good width, very attractive in head, good length of muzzle and good eye shape which was darkest in colour giving a most dignified appearance, strong in back with correct arch over the loin, well set tail and carried with a natural curve. Will watch his progress with interest. 2 Stewart-Brown's Pennywave Pink Gin, Min W/H Dachs, well presented girl with age on her side and alot to like at this stage, good head shape and length of muzzle, excellent pigmentation, well place ears that were correctly rounded, ample neck, ok shoulder placement, strong forelegs, firm topline, strong rear and good set on of tail, moved very well in all directions. J 1 Parson's Jamarqui Alchemy Annie, Borzoi. Well presented and handled to advantage, attractive markings on the head to give that aristocratic expression with long and lead head shape and correct roman nose, well off for bone and with straight front, chest just reaching to elbow and plenty of tuck up, tail was long and set low, muscle tone was hard but I'd like a little more weight on her all over to complete the picture. 2 Stewart-Brown's Tomaculum Molly Fye, Min W/H Dachs. Good topline on this pretty girl, dark pigmentation, well placed ears, good stop, reasonable neck and good sternum, short, strong legs and long in the back with firm topline, positive little mover but lacking required furnishings and harshness of coat. PG 1 & BAVNSC Lewis' Olphae Charman, Otterhound. Really stood out in this class, what a super free mover he was, long striding and accurate in all directions, he was fabulous to go over too with a large imposing head of good proportions and covered with soft coat, excellent lay back of shoulder with good length of upper arm, strong front and forelegs, deep chest and muscular loins, well made rear and good length of tail which was thick at the root and carried high, finished off with that typical rustic coat all over and in superb muscular condition, he literally powered round the ring and later took group 1 and was absolutely delighted to hear he went onto Reserve Best In Show under Mr Tan Nagrecha. 2 Langridge's Calicoe Thank God It's Friday, W/H Dachs. Made a cracking balanced picture in the stack and had excellent reach of neck and smooth curve down from the neck into a level topline, well set tail and motored around the ring very accurately and in a dignified fashion, very well handled and presented. 3 Williams' Tigsisle Totally Unique, Saluki. O 1 Langridge's Tendrow Elberta ShCM, I see sire of 2nd in PG and I can see he's passed on very similar attributes, he's slightly longer in body than his son but wow, he can move, in excellent harsh coat and furnishings and good condition with appealing head and expression.


 P - 1 & BP Simms' Over The Rainbow Des Sarmentins (Imp). Strongly made mature balanced puppy with plenty of coat, showing really well for one so young, eyes obliquely set and with attentive expression, tapering muzzle of good length, ears placed high on head and of medium size, good width to front, plenty of spring of rib, strong in the loin, medium bend of stifle, good tail set which was well furnished and carried nicely on the move, head carriage was lowered on the move too so he could extend in front and behind. Pleased to hear he went Puppy group 2 under another judge later in the day. J 1 Midgley's Cwnhapus Tanana. Very happy girl with plenty of personality, of a smaller mould but head was in proportion to body, ears could be higher set but of good size and well furred, medium stop, eyes almond shaped, perhaps could have a shade more length of muzzle, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, firm back and good rear angulation, good tail set and carriage and moved positively around the ring. PG Very close decision between these two. 1 & RBOB Midgley's Nativespirit's Legacy. Balanced male with excellent length of leg, substance and slightly arched loins, pasterns were correctly slightly sloping, attractive fox-like head with tapering muzzle and medium stop, eyes were almond in shape and obliquely set, good length of ears and size but could be set slightly higher, when settled, moved with a free and easy stride, preferred his length of back and head over 2. 2 Bowden & Hughes' Staggans Luck Be A Lady. Very attractive bitch who ticked alot of boxes of what I was looking for, extremely good to watch on the move where she moved with a free, light smooth stride and carrying her tail in an attractive curve, she makes a good clean outline in profile but a little upright in shoulder, neck of good length and with characteristic arch, very pretty in head with a chiselled like appearance, oblique set almond shaped eyes, definitely giving a mischievous expression. O 1 & BOB Bowden & Hughes' Shamsky Ee'Lahn Shona at Staggan. Appealed for size, type and substance, gave her handler a hard time but handler kept cool and calm throughout, she has a super head with slightly rounded skull, well placed ears, best of eye sets and shape, medium stop and tapering muzzle, strong neck which was slightly arched, well placed shoulders, chest reaching just above elbow, strong topline with good strength of loins, medium bend of stifle, good turn of hock, tail set on just below croup and with plenty of furnishing, very economical in her stride with good reach and drive, pleased to hear she took Group 4. 2 Bowden & Hughes' Nordicface Aurora Yukon at Staggan. Very well handled and lacking in coat but put up a good performance, he's a little heavy in muzzle and ears are smaller than I'd like, just enough neck but with slight arch, good leg length and good ribbing, tail was set on well and carried high, well padded compact feet and good width of front. 3 Simms' Arcticskies Glory Awaits JW ShCM.

HOUND GROUP: 1 Otterhound. 2 Whippet. Shepherd's Citycroft Sundae With Oxana JW ShCM ShCEx. Beautifully made Whippet who I've admired before and has matured into a real quality hound, in excellent hard condition and with graceful lines. 3 Rhodesian Ridgeback. 4 Min Smooth haired Dachs.

HOUND PUPPY GROUP: 1 Byron's Whippet Jasarat Gucci, an exciting youngster who put on a great performance to beat a Saluki which I had really liked. Good head and expression and a very accurate mover for one so young. 2 Saluki. 3 Min Smooth Haired Dachs.