• Date: 09/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Marie-ann Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/11/2019

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Walsall & District Kennel Association 

Saturday 9th November 2019 


I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge at your lovely friendly, very well attended and well run open show. Thank you also for the help of the two lovely stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.  


Thank you very much to everyone who gave a very good entry and gave me the opportunity to go over a wonderful group of dogs. 

Chihuahua Longcoat (9entries, 1 abs) 

Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries. All the dogs that were present were well groomed and in excellent condition. I was very pleased to see that all dogs I went over had good mouths all with scissor bites and as a whole teeth were clean. 


Puppy (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Lee’s Aristodemos Future Legend of Ridgehawk, 7mth Red Dog. This boy has lovely large expressive round eyes with good size flaring ears. This boy has a wonderful level topline with a very well set tail that is carried correctly. He moved very well throughout and he showed a dream. Exceptionally Beautiful head with well defined stop appropriately length of muzzle. Lovely round eyes. Perfect correct dentition. Moved exceptionally well with excellent topline held perfectly on the move and on the stand. BPIB 


2 – Swale’s Sleepyhollow Richard at Selaws, Sable and White dog. The head of this boy is simply stunning. He as fabulous large round eyes with well set ears. He moves well.  


Post Graduate (4 entry, 1 abs) 

1 – Lee’s Barwater Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk, Tri colour bitch. This girl I have admired from ringside for a long time and she did not disappoint. She has beautiful large round eyes with wonderful big flaring ears. She moves very showing off her level topline and great tail carriage. RBOB 


 2 – Stangoe’s Zoy’s Kingdom Fifth Element at Stanghurst, smaller red boy with a beautiful head and beautiful big round eyes. 


Open (3 entries, 0 abs) 

1 – Lee’s Ridgehawk Freds Legacy, Have judged this boy before with fond memories and he certainly did not disappoint this time round. Red and white boy with correct coat – not too much and correct texture. His topline and tailset is spot on. His lovely large round eyes give him a great expression aided by great pigment. His ears are large and flaring. His movement is free and with drive and showed as always the true showman. BOB 


2 – Stangoe’s Mona Liza of Vanilnoy Luna at Stanghurst, Lovely bitch that has wonderful large eyes and ears. She has a great body and topline only preferred movement of 1.