• Date: 09/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Marie-ann Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/11/2019

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Japanese Chin (4 entries, 0 abs) 

Thank you for your entries. Although not many entries the quality of the exhibits certainly made up for lacking numbers. All were beautifully groomed and their coats gleamed. Such an honour to be presented with such lovely exhibits in excellent condition. 


Junior (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Wallhead’s  Marida Marianna, B&W bitch that is feminine and confident. She carries herself as royalty and owned the ring. Taller than long in body she has wonderful hind angulation with a topline and tail carriage that is sublime. She is well marked and her coat quality is excellent. Her head is round with large eyes showing just the right amount of white to give that all important astonished look and good space between her ears her jowels are well padded but not overdone.  And can she move? Well like a steam train! No hesitation she took the ring by storm! Will watch her develop into a top dog I have no doubt. BPIB & Puppy Toy Group 1 


2 – Russell’s Alnesaire Sukarafubuki, A sweet bitch at just 6mths and a day I wanted to run away with her. Lemon and white not normally a colour I am keen on but my gosh I want her. She has an expression to melt any heart, large round eyes you could swim in well padded jowel and a super waggy tail. She gave her all for her handler today. She has a great topline and with time and she will also no doubt win the hearts of many judges. Sadly for her she met 1st in her debut show but I will certainly watch her with interest.  


Post Graduate (1 entry, 0 abs) 

1 – Wallhead’s Marida Masquerade, An exceptionally beautiful Red and White bitch. This girl is still young and I know has more to mature but when you are faced with everything exactly where it should be you just have to look past the age appropriate coat and enjoy the quality she has to offer. She has good width between her ears, large round eyes showing the perfect amount of white. Lovely button nose framed by lush jowels. Following an amazing reach of neck down to well laid shoulders that allowed for her front movement to be free flowing, her  topline is held strongly with a tail set high and her tail carried over her back allowing her coat to cascade down her flank her hind angulation is perfect and this is not only seen when on the stand but demonstrated by her active straight movement behind. Her coat is still in its infancy but quality is excellent, her white is white and it is silky and soft. So much to like about this girl, delighted to award her BOB & later went on to be awarded Toy Group 2. 


Open (1 entry, 0abs) 

1 – Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Lester at Merida Sh.CM  B&W dog that is mature and masculine large round head with good space between the ears, large round eyes and very well padded jowl. In full glorious coat which as with the others in the breed was immaculately groomed, soft and silky with a slight wave. Topline and tail carriage is excellent. Moved well but today did not have the edge over 1st.  RBOB