• Date: 09/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Marie-ann Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/11/2019

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Chihuahua Smoothcoat (9entries, 1 abs) 

Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries. All the dogs that were present were in excellent condition. I feel they type to be very consistent and all had good mouths all with scissor bites. Both my BOB and BPIB winners went on to do well in the Toy group too. You did yourselves Proud! 


Junior (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Sutton’s Aristodemos Spaceman Nikitos, at only 7mths old this cream dog will surely be one to watch! His head screams out quality and with the large dark eyes and excellent pigmentation for a cream you can not help but look at him. He owned the ring for one so young and showed his topline off to perfection with a wonderful tailset and correct “beaver” tail held as you would expect with this tailset in a perfect sickle.  He oozes quality and with everything exactly where it should be he moves without a fault. No hesitation to give him BPIB & Puppy Toy Group 4 


2 – Ginger & Parkinson’s Jodeschi Rolling Mist, 9mth cream bitch slightly plainer in the head but still with great large dark eyes and wonderfully set ears. She has a great body for a bitch and her topline is perfect which shows off her good tailset. She moves well. Lovely girl that I liked a lot but preferred overall proportions of 1.   


Post Graduate (4 entries,1 abs) 

1 – Stangoe’s Stanghurst Strike a Pose, Light Red little bitch that made me smile. She has just the sweetest expression and temperament and a tail that never stopped wagging. For a small girl her mouth is spot on with good sized teeth which she proudly showed me. The big dark eyes that instantly make you want to love her a lovely apple domed head and well placed ears. A firm topline that she held well and trooped around the ring. Such a happy soul. I wanted to pick her up and put her in my pocket. RBOB  


2 –  Sutton’s We Got Told You Got Sold To Nikitos, slightly larger bitch with the best ears of the day. Large eyes and dentition spot on. Slightly longer in the body but on the move carries herself very well and shows off her good tail carriage. 


Open (4 entry, 0 abs) 

1 – Stangoe’s Spindlepoint Noel Coward at Stanghurst, Red sable dog. When this boy came in the ring I thought – Wow I like him. Now I know we should not instantly like a dog but gosh I did and he certainly did not disappoint when I went over him. His head is strong (but not over done) and masculine. His mouth is fab with good strong teeth and his large round eyes just gleam health and vitality. On the move this boy shone holding a topline that is strong and level, a tailset that is textbook and boy can this dog move! Well muscled and strong. BOB and Toy Group 4  


2 – Ginger & Parkinson’s Jodeschi Incoming Blizzard JW, a very nice dog with great proportions. His head is lovely with good eyes and lovely large flaring ears. He moved a dream but on the stand not as confident as 1.