• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Louise Tope Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society

Newton Abbott & South Devon CS open show

Saturday 26th January 2019

I would like to thank the officers and committee of Newton Abbot & South Devon CS for the invitation to judge at this show, my first Best in Show appointment at this level. Thanks also to my stewards, both in the hound ring and main ring, who kept things moving so efficiently.

Finally, a thank you to all the exhibitors for their support and for excepting my decisions with applause, this makes the whole judging experience such a pleasurable one.

The overall quality was exceptional and I was spoiled for choice for my main awards.

From an impressive line up my choice for BIS was the Schnanuzer, Moore's Odivane Mummy's Boy at Fillipers. He came, he saw, he conquered! Straight out of the top drawer with such ring presence, I couldn't take my eyes off him. Presenting a fabulous outline of balance and symmetry, your hands just flow over him. Masculine head with expressive dark eyes. Strong jaws and well set ears. Strong neck flowing into beautifully angulated shoulders. Good depth of chest,well filled in front and well sprung ribs. Strong through the back, firm loins. Well conditioned rear quarters with defined second thigh. Excellent bone and strong feet. Harsh pepper and salt jacket presented in first class order. Sensational on the move, covering the ground with an effortless stride showing power and balance, reaching in front and driving off his hocks, holding his topline at all times. Handled to perfection and never stopped showing. Couldn't be denied the top spot in this fabulous line up.

Very close up was my RBIS, Pinkerton & Cattoni Sarman's Borzoi,Ch Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma. I have admired this boy since I first saw him as a youngster and was delighted to get my hands on him. Another with such ring presence, outstanding breed type with balance and elegance. Such a beautiful head, correct plains, refined yet still with masculine substance. An expression to die for, dark eyes, fine ears and strong, long jaws. Arched neck into well placed shoulders. Straight forelegs with correct bone, good spring of pastern. Excellent depth of chest, well proportioned body with strong loins. Super topline and well set croup. Long, muscular thighs, hocks well let down. On the move he is breathtaking, effortless and graceful, looks like he could go on forever. Beautifully presented, in outstanding coat and condition.

Some very promising puppies to choose from, all putting on a great performance at the end of a long day. My choice for BPIS was Alekseenko-Simpson's Valtinchows Chosen Miracle, 10 months Chow Chow bitch. Loved her overall type and typical attitude, strong in outline yet 100% feminine. Not always cooperating with her handler, exploiting that fabulous attitude that just screams Chow Chow, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Broad skull with well proportioned muzzle. Dark, clear eyes. Good ears set on correctly and used well. Strong neck into well angulated front. Good depth of brisket, firm back and loins. Rear quarters well angulated with reasonable bend of stifle. Super bone and feet. Excellent coat texture, in full bloom and presented in first class order. Sound away and back and showing the typical Chow Chow gait in profile.

RBPIS, Brown's Pomeranian, Snowvilla Tropical Storm. Sassy and full of attitude, this 10 months lad never stopped showing. Compact in outline with a super head and expression and well set ears. Fine bone and neat feet. Correct angles fore and aft. Short back, well sprung ribs. Correct set on of tail completing the picture. Profuse jacket of good texture, beautifully presented. Sound and assured on the move, covering his ground with great style.

I love the veterans, fabulous to see such a great line up, all enjoying their time in the ring. A special mention to the two 13 year olds! All a great credit to their owners.  My BVIS winner was Carson's Sh Sh Khamsynn Carry on Cruising to Moorpoint JW ShCM. 8 years old Weimaraner of super quality. Presents an outline of overall balance. Masculine head with kind expression and well set ears. Strong neck flowing smoothly into well angulated forequarters. Excellent depth of brisket and well filled in front. Strong through the back, well defined loin. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Muscular rear quarters. Standing on good legs and feet. This boy excels on the move, superb profile gait covering the ground while all the time holding his topline. Handled to perfection 

RBVIS , Carter & Hozempa's Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM. Upstanding chestnut and white Ibizan Hound, wearing his 7 years well. He has the most beautiful head and expression with firm, well set ears which he uses well. Arched neck into correctly angulated steep front. Level topline, well ribbed back. Strong rear quarters with long second thigh. Enjoyed the freedom of the big ring. Moved out well to take the reserve spot in this lovely line up of oldies. 


Beagle Graduate (2)

1st Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Laurina

Tri bitch presenting a lovely balanced outline. Lovely head with soft expression and well set ears. Correct length of neck. Well filled in front. Good length of rib carried well back and well sprung. Firm loin. Well angled rear quarters. Level topline held on the move with good tailset. RBOB 

2nd Barrow's Timamso Magi Flute at Meganjin

Another bitch with a lovely head and expression. Preferred her shoulder placement to that of the winner. Again, well filled with good depth and ribbing. Well developed rear quarters. Moved out well whilst holding her topline. A touch short in the leg, not the overall balance of first. 

Beagle Open (5, 1 abs)

1st Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Lyric ShCM

Mature tri bitch, scored for overall balance. Good head with dark eyes and well set ears. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib, firm loin, well angulated rear quarters. Good topline with tail well set on. Presented in hard muscular condition,. Moved true away and back with an effortless profile gait covering the ground with ease, holding her topline. BOB

2nd Adey & Nash's Timamso Suraya at Rubeusbay

Tri bitch, another with good balance all through. Feminine head with kind expression and well set ears. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Level topline into correct tail set. Good length of ribbing, firm loin. Well angulated rear quarters. Moved out with style.

3rd Barrow's Meganjin Muckle Flugga ShCM

Afghan Hound Open (7, 3 abs)

1st Chapman's Devanmarn Show Me Majic at Sadida

Mature black and tan male presenting an outline that just screams Afghan Hound. Exquisite head with an expression of pure arrogance. Dark eyes, ears well set. Long, strong neck into well angulated front with good fill. Level topline, accentuated hipbones and correctly angled croup. Well turned stifles and low hocks. Moved well in such a small ring. BOB

2nd Godber-Ford's Affyneeta Toskan Sun

Super gold boy of 9 months with a real air of quality about him. Balanced overall outline. Super head with correctly shaped eyes. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Enough depth for age. Correct topline, firm loin and well set croup. Sweeping rear quarters with good angles. Moved sound and true. Presented in super coat and condition. BPIB & PG3

3rd Godber-Ford's Affyneeta Dionysius

Dachshund, Mini Smooth Haired Graduate (5)

1st Kilroy's Janacop Maggie May

B/T bitch of 20 months. Balanced outline. Sweet, feminine head. Ears well set. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Well filled in front with prominent sternum. Good length of ribbing with balanced, strong loin. Well angulated rear quarters, strong hocks. Level topline which she held on the move. Sound coming and going with good profile gait. RBOB

2nd Landry's Royaldachs Lovely Lottie

Sweet 7 months B/T puppy with such a happy disposition. Feminine head with kind expression. Well developed in front, correct angles fore and aft. Enough length of rib. Level topline. Firm rear. Moved well. BP & PG4

3rd Cox's Yorath Florentino Oren

Dachshund, Mini Smooth Haired Open (6, 1 abs)

1st Thomas' Royaldach Authorized Queen

Mature B/T bitch with a super outline. Feminine expression with dark eyes and well set ears. Well proportioned head held proudly on long, strong neck. Beautifully smooth over the shoulders, well filled with prominent sternum. Well ribbed back with firm topline and loin. Strong and well muslced rear quarters. Super bone and strong feet. Moved out with great style, plenty of drive from the rear, holding her topline at all times. BOB & G2

2nd Tree's Ardenrun Sea Shanty by Keimantree

Pretty red bitch of lovely type. Not the length of winner but still presents a classy outline. Well angulated front and rear. Firm and level topline. Firm condition all through. Moved with drive, well handled.

3rd Rudkin's Dynastydax Secret Agent

Hamiltonstovare (1)

1st Sufayre Angels Whisper at Rubeusbay

Super veteran bitch, well balanced.with a very typey outline. Feminine head of correct proportions. Kind expression. Well set ears. Enough length of neck flowing into smooth shoulders. Ribs carried well back, firm loin and well set croup. Well developed rear quarters. Good bone and strong feet. Positive on the move holding her topline. BOB

Borzoi Open (6, 2 abs)

1st Pinkerton & Cattoni Sarman's Ch Korsakov Radost Power of Love Menigma BOB, G1 & RBIS

2nd Langley & Thomas' Ch Cro Otrada Amur Zlatoyar at Zoribo (Ir Jun Ch)

Rich fawn male of super quality. Long, lean head of lovely shape. Kind expression. Good length of neck. Well angulated shoulders. Good depth of brisket, elbows tucked well in. Strong back and firm loins. Nicely angulated rear,well developed.. Effortless on the move showing good drive. Well presented with super coat texture. Would prefer a touch more topline to finish the picture. RBOB

3rd Pinkerton's Coverdales Volcanus at Menigma (imp Fin)

Ibizan Hound Open Dog (4, 3 abs)

1st Carter & Hozempa's Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM


Ibizan Hound Open Bitch (3, 2 abs)

1st Carter & Channon's Afilador a Hint of Jasmine

Chestnut & white. Feminine and very typey in outline. Sweet head, good ears. Elegant neck into correctly constructed front. Good length of rib and level topline. Quite unsettled which affected her movement, untidy and not holding her topline. RBOB

AVNSC Hound Graduate (9, 3 abs)

1st Wills' Cicelane Magnus (W/H Dachs)

Super chap who drew my eye on entering the ring. Masculine all through presenting a balanced outline. Good head , well furnished with kind expression, strong jaws and well set ears. Strong neck into well angulated front. Good depth. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Strong through the loin. Super rear quarters, well muscled. Strong bone and feet. Very stylish on the move, covering the ground well and holding his topline. Shown in excellent condition, all wrapped up in a super jacket. BAVNSC & G4

2nd Scott's Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks (PBGV)

Sweet baby with so much quality. Good head with kind eye. Well angulated fore and aft. Good fill in front with elbows set well under. Good length of rib,well balanced with firm loin. Level topline and tail well set. Presented in super condition. Sound up and back and super in profile, driving off her hocks and covering the ground with great style. BPAVNSC & PG2

3rd Weeks' Beldrew Fora at Avon (Mini W/H Dachs)

AVNSC Hound Open (4, 3 abs)

1st Scott's Overbecks Kathy Tiere (PBGV)

Mature bitch presenting a typical outline. Super head, feminine with gorgeous expression. Well set ears. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Well ribbed back, strong loin, level topline and well set tail. Good rear quarters with firm thighs which she used well on the move. Showing good reach in front and drive from behind.

AV Hound Puppy (6, 2 abs)

1st Trouton's Citycroft Grace Kelly of Runnel (Whippet)

10 months bitch of exquisite type. Well balanced, elegant in outline standing over a lot of ground. Pretty head with super pigment. Long neck into beautiful smooth shoulders. Enough depth for her age. Good length of rib, correct arch over the loin. Sweeping rear quarters, well angulated with good second thigh. Correct bone and neat feet. Effortless on the move covering the ground well.

2nd Cox's Bronia Jelly Baby (Mini L/H Dachs)

6 months, a lovely red baby with so much to like. Loved her head, kind eye and well set ears. Long neck into well angulated front. Enough depth and fill for her age. Level topline, nicely balanced length of rib to loin. Firm rear quarters with correct angles. Neat feet. Super coat. Moved well, sound and steady, holding her topline.

3rd Needham's Shertowin A Touch of Tartan (Whippet)

AV Hound Open (5)

1st Trouton's Runnel Run for Fun (Whippet)

An old favourite of mine. Presents a typical outline of classic type without any exaggeration. Masculine head with kind expression. Super neck flowing into the best of shoulders. Good depth and fill in front. Strong, muscular back, good length of rib. Firm loin. Correct arch over the loin. Well angulated rear with good muscle and defined second thigh. Super on the move, looks like he could go all day.

2nd Adey & Nash's Timamso Suraya at Rubeusbay (Beagle)

3rd Lawrence & Woodward's Bryntreia First Glance ShCM (Whippet)

AV Hound Veteran (7, 1 abs)

Lovely class of oldies!

1st Carter & Hozempa's Ch Amante Runnin on Jamaican Time JW ShCM RBVIS

2nd Sufayre Angels Whisper at Rubeusbay

3rd Roberts & Spearing's Linkenlees Liberty ShM (Beagle)

Hound Group:

1st Borzoi

2nd Mini Smooth Haired Dachshund

3rd Whippet Hawker's Mollytop Dream Maker JW

Fawn Whippet of lovely type. Balanced overall outline with no exaggeration. Masculine yet elegant. Lovely head, long neck into smooth shoulders. Great depth of brisket, strong back with arch over the loin. Excellent topline and underline. Would prefer a touch more bend of stifle to complete the picture. Moved well.

4th Wire Haired Dachshund

Hound Puppy Group:

1st Whippet Hawker's Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop

I have admired this lad since I first saw him and now, at 11 months, he is maturing into a super example of the breed. Classic in outline, balanced and standing over a lot of ground. Masculine in expression. Long neck into well angulated front. Good depth and fill. Well ribbed back with strong loin. Nicely angled rear quarters. Smooth topline and underline. Super feet and pasterns. Sound up and back and effortless in profile. Pushed hard for top honours in the BPIS line up, but just lacked that bit of sparkle at the end of a long day.

2nd PBGV

3rd Afghan Hound

4th Mini Smooth Haired Dachshund

Judge: Louise Tope