• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Plymouth & District Canine Society



Thank you to the Society and to my lovely hardworking stewards. 


In a lovely line-up of group winners, from which I also considered the super Cocker, BIS was the Samoyed, Blossomrain Moonlight Song of Dynar, I really fell for the charms of this mature cream bitch, beautiful smiling expression, so well made and the soundest of movers with plenty of drive going away and covering lots of ground in profile, plenty of coat without being overdone; looked every bit as if she could do the job she was bred for and chock full of Samoyed character; RBIS the Alaskan Malamute, Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM, imposing, athletic masculine dog in super fit condition giving excellent reach and drive, super head and expression, sound out and back, all quality; BPIS was the Shih Tzu, Dylan Blekitny Kanion (IMP), w/b, a most appealing youngster with typical expression and lots of breed character, free active mover, plenty of ‘look at me’ attitude, in harmony with his handler and showing very well at the end of a long day; RBPIS the NSDTR, Melanitta Palmata, handsome young male with a well-balanced head, matching angles front and rear, very sound and typy, covering ground well on the move with clean footfall, most promising; BVIS the Cesky Terrier, Komidion Nickolodeon avec Dajaces ShCM, a real laster at 9, absolutely no sign of his veteran status, really typy and sound and full of activity, presented to perfection, also won the terrier group; RBVIS the BSD (Terveuren) Delator Dionysus at Tolnedra ShCM, what a lovely chap, in superb shape for any age let alone 12, cracking head, typical outline, moved really soundly and freely and in superb coat; Best RBOB in Show, the Ibizan Hound, Afilador Room on the Broom ShCM, quite beautiful head on this girl, oozes breed type, a slow maturer who is just coming to her best at 3. Correct angulation, light free action, a real look of quality about her. 


Pastoral Group 


Australian Shepherd 


P (1) 1, Villyanda Wizards Apprentice for Amenbury (Imp), Tri male, natural bobtail, pleasing balanced outline with good front, feet and topline, moved well in profile and coming towards me, could use a little more drive going away.  BP & PG2. 


PG (3, 1abs) 1, Birkcross Secret Agent with Accra, most appealing b/m bitch just out of puppy, natural bobtail, a lovely type with super conformation and excellent movement, lots of drive and clean both ends, well balanced feminine head, very nicely marked, just needs to fill out in body a little; liked her very much. BOB & G4; 2, Amberslade Morse Code for Amenbury, b/m, nice outline, correct angles both ends, moved well enough but a bit of a handful and not as well marked as 1. 


O (5,1) 1, Love in a Mist of Fender Song for Moortime ShCM, RBOB, petite b/m, excellent make and shape, typy head, well balanced, moved very well, wish she had a bit more of the showgirl about her; 2, Accra Mystical Man tri,  nice type, good proportions, not very settled and he moved well enough but going a bit close behind; 3, Louis Blanchette at Amenbury. 


Border Collie 


SY (1) 1, Mojuca Queen of Diamonds, br/w with pretty typy head and expression, good shoulder and hind angulation, pleasing outline, light on her feet; clean going away but rather fond of her elbows. 


PG (2) 1, Mojuca Perfect Bliss, b/w, petite, soundly made, well schooled with lovely head and expression, moved really well, did everything right today, BOB. 2, Starside Proper Job, liked this masculine typy boy a lot but his head was not in the right place in this class, and he refused to behave sensibly or move properly. RBOB, pressed hard for Best RBOB later on when he settled and showed what good stuff he is made of. 


O (2,1) 1, Tonkory I’m All Right Jack, good looking b/w male of excellent type and shape, pleasing outlook, well made and balanced. Not moving well today, close behind and not striding out. 


Polish Lowland Sheepdog 


O (3,2) 1, Chrevle Zophire ShCM, 7yo bitch in very good fettle, lovely head and expression, well-proportioned and sound all round, moved very well; excellent coat which could be better presented. BOB. 


Welsh Corgi Cardigan 


PG (2,1) 1, Wildcard Spot Check for Horcrux, b/m just out of puppy, attractive head, good front and feet, balanced proprtions, well marked, moved pretty well, just a little soft still, needs to body up. BOB 


O (abs). 


Welsh Corgi Pembroke 


PG (1) 1, Rhiew Ravens Royal Tower, tri youngster with a nice head who shows himself off well, profile and hind movement good, would prefer him a little better ribbed up. 


O (2)  1, Ir Jun Ch Balletcor Morning Symphony at Amenbury ShCM, mature red male with a typical outline, clean sound mover, pleasing head and expression, BOB. 2, Balletcor Godric Gryffindor for Horcrux, similar nice type with a lovely head, moved OK, just needs to mature and tighten up; RBOB. 


BSD Groenendael 


P (2) 1, Karmidale Black Lace, a lovely type with a beautiful head and expression, correct balanced outline, super front and feet, brisk sound movement, in excellent coat, full of herself but settled well to take BOB, BP & PG1. 2, Karmidale Black Onyx at Tinolucianna, litter brother to 1 and of similar lovely type and quality, just not as clean behind as his sister as yet. RBOB. 


PG (1, abs) 


O (1,abs) 


BSD Terveuren 


P (1) 1, Hawksflight Papa Don’t Preach at Dacfolke, 7 months, very pretty head and expression, dark eye, good angles both ends, movement good in profile, just needs to tighten up out and back; full of character, BOB, BP & PG3. 


OD (3, abs) 


OB (3, abs) 




PG (2, abs) 


O (5, 2) 1, B Moonlight Song of D, BOB, G1 & BIS. 2, Dynar First Love JCh, daughter of 1 and of the same lovely type and quality, just preferred the front and more mature body of the dam. RBOB. 3, Icemount KY Luck be a Lady. 


Bearded Collie 


P (2) 1, Victory Wind’s Orange Mecanique for Karmeliann, br/w, in good jacket, liked his head type and expression, super balanced outline and he moved nicely when he settled, BP & RBOB; 2, Corimist Over the Rainbow sl/w again of pleasing type, well balanced, feminine head, moved OK but much less forward than 1. 


PG (4,1) 1, Megamaree Just Amazing JW, quality sl/w with an exemplary outline, not a big dog but well-balanced and constructed, moved well all round covering plenty of ground, attractive head and expression, BOB; 2, Bryonyhill Wizard Whizzes to Crestasan, br/w younster of excellent type and outline, liked him a lot but he is so naughty, refused to settle and move properly, hard to assess hind movement as he was sidewinding; 3, Corimist Musical Soul. 


O (2) 1, Osmart Jess Dark Duchess for Trystam 3yo bitch, not carrying a lot of coat, but she was balanced and typical in expression,  moved cleanly out and back though not very active in profile; 2, Karmeliann Stargazer JW ShCM, neutered veteran male in good shape, typy head and outlook, moved pretty well with more extension that 1, carrying a little excess weight which affected his topline. 


Rough Collie 


PG (1) 1, Stregato the Malificent at Marketdene, sable bitch whose ear carriage and shape contributed to very pleasing expression with good head planes and correct eye shape, profuse but well fitting coat, correctly made all through with plenty of scope and no exaggerations, front and profile movement OK but as so often with this breed her hind movement let her down, close and lacked drive. BOB. 


O (2), Nutslade Kiss the Stars, sable, pleasing outline, moved fairly well, in good coat and well-proportioned in body, refusing to use his ears and not the head planes of the PG winner. RBOB; 2, Aaronwell Aybeecee, tri dog in excellent coat with a decent shoulder and of good construction, uses his ears well but lacks refinement in head and sluggish on the move. 




P (1) 1, Zuberg Madin, just 6 months with a shapely head, lovely front with good feet, unexaggerated angulation and topline, moving well and with a clean hind action when she consented to move in a straight line. BP.  


PG (2) A very difficult class, huge divergence in type. 1, Astradine Keepsake JW, absolutely sound all through, moves really well in all directions and especially behind, nice feminine head with strong jaw. Rather long in loin and lacks shape in topline; 2, Markley vom Monksley, masculine young dog with a very impressive outlook, superb head and expression, excellent front and feet, very typy, but on the day he was headstrong and moving poorly behind. 


O (4,1) 1, Chalksville Cool Running over Jandeburn ShCM, mature masculine dog, super head and outlook, of very good type but also very sound with no exaggerations, superb front, shapely topline, balanced hindquarters, able to free stand true and he moved with freedom and athleticism. BOB & G3; 2, Monksley Yasmin, a quality young bitch of lovely type with a feminine head and strong jaw, really good front, shapely topline, free elastic movement, true behind and sound out and back, not fully mature yet but most promising. RBOB and Best RBOB Pastoral over some very nice dogs; 3, Astradine Cornishman JW ShCM. 


Finnish Lapphund 


L (2) 1, Elbereth Kippis to Pavoskas ShCM, 10 yo neutered male, really nice head and expression, well balanced angulation, moved very well all round if a little onward bound at times, pleasing type and outline, RBOB, 2, Infindigo Lintu Henkka, youngster whose profile movement was good but a little bit loose out and back still, nice overall type, reluctant to use ears. 


O (2) 1, Infindigo Reimu Emmi ShCM, well balanced head with a dark eye and good expression, very good front, correct moderate angulation, compact outline with short back and well ribbed up, free mover in profile, touch close behind, BOB; 2, Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM, different type, better going away than 1 and he has a very good head and expression, good topline and ribbing, strong and sound behind with moderate angulation, very profuse coat, just preferred front angulation of 1. 


Hungarian Puli  


O (2, 1) 1, Ch Catsun Cinnabar at Tremodeus, 7yo, not surprised she is a ch, presented in fabulous coat, lovely typical head with good muzzle/skull balance, strong loin, well ribbed up, moved really well all round, feet could be a tad tighter. BOB and shortlisted in the group. 


Swedish Vallhund 


PG (3,1) 1, Starvon Bring it On, active free mover, sound all round with a super front and feet, level topline kept on the move, handsome masculine head with correct ears, well marked, quality young dog, BOB; 2, Meddobe Spice Girl, nice type with pleasing feminine head, well marked and in good coat. Front not her fortune, straight upper arm and pastern which shows in her movement. 


O (2,1) 1, Starvon All About Me, mature masculine dog with a quality head, very good front and topline, moved pretty well in profile and going away, a touch found of his elbows. RBOB. 




PG (1) 1, Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay, upstanding young male with an excellent head and all round conformation, very typical outline, good profile movement and going away, needs to mature in both body and coat, looks a little teenaged at present. 


O (3,1) 1, Febus Fleurac (AI), 13 months bitch, understand she has 2 CCs already and I can see why; quite beautiful head and expression, superb front and feet, well bodied for her age, so sound all round and presented in lovely coat. BOB and made the cut in a large Group. 2, Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay ShCM  lovely mature bitch of super type and quality, made the most of her excellent conformation on the move close up but just preferred expression of 1. 


AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (1) 1, OES, Oldoak Memory Maker at Lanxon, well grown 11 month old , pleasing head shape and expression, excellent front, firm through the loin, plenty of drive and moved very well all round, BP & PG4. 


AV Pastoral Puppy (3, 2) 1, O Memory Lane at L. 


AV Pastoral Veteran (20, 4 abs) Fantastic class with some really superb veterans. 1, BSD Terveuren, D Dionysus at T;  BV and RBVIS; 2, GSD, Ch Monksley Kohana at Zuberg ShCM, another stunner, beautiful head and outlook, soundest of fronts, really typy but with no exaggerations and that shows in his soundness and movement at 8 years old; 3, Shetland Sheepdog, Lowenek Calypso. 


G1, Samoyed, B Moonlight Song of D; G2, Shetland Sheepdog, Shadoway Lucky Strike, high class sable with excellent head properties, correct planes, eye shape and earset giving a lovely expression, good clean front and feet, correct coat texture, clean out and back with an effortless light stride in profile, quality dog; G3, GSD, C Cool Running over J; G4, Australian Shepherd, B Secret Agent with A. 


PG1, BSD Groenendael, K Black Lace; PG2, Australian Shepherd, V Wizards Apprentice for A; PG3 BSD Terveuren, H Papa Don’t Preach at D; PG4, OES, O Memory Lane at L. 


Lisa Tyler Jackson