• Date: 11/05/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lisa Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/05/2019

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Puppy (5,3) 1st Cherryman’s Pholima Johnny Come Lately 6 month old black dog, lovely hard jacket and colour. Masculine head of good length with neat ears used well, dark eyes and correct scissor bite. Nicely ached neck flowing in to well laid shoulders and slight slope to top line, tail set on and held beautifully both stacked and when moving. Forechest developing and good depth and spring of rib for age. Nice angles fore and aft which showed when moving with good reach and drive once settled. BP and UPG3.
2nd Lock & Denning’s Lockenstox Opal Gem 6 month old P&S bitch, jacket coming. Nice head with good ears and correct bite. Shoulders laid back and nice top line, tail carried well. Nicely sprung rib, not quite the forechest of 1st. Angles fore and aft nice. Moved out well and looked nice in profile.

Post Grad (6,3) 1st Lock & Denning’s Lockenstox Lightening P&S bitch, harsh jacket with banded colour. Good length of head with nice flat skull and neat v shaped ears. Dark eye and correct scissor bite. Good neck in to shoulder and top line held well. Tail set on and carried well. Ok forechest and good depth, well sprung rib and shorter loin giving a nice balanced square outline. Nice rear anglulation and well muscled. Moved out well coming and going and in profile showed off lovely reach and drive. BOB and UG1.
2nd Bishop & Evan’s Nujax Americano P&S dog, nice harsh jacket and good colour. Nice head with dark eye and tidy ears used well. Strong neck in to topline. Good spring of rib. Well muscled hindquarters. Longer in body than 1st. Moved well.

Open (4,1) 1st Turner’s Krystal Twister V D Blessewichof Engalah B&S bitch, nice harsh black coat and correct silver colour. Nice length of head with v shaped ears held very well. Well laid shoulders. Nice forechest and depth of chest. Well sprung rib and shorter loin. Moderate neck in to slightly sloping topline and well held tail nicely set. Good rear angles and nicely muscled. Little unsettled when first moving but soon settled and showed nice reach and drive.
2nd Cherryman’s Marnimica Mix ‘N Match P&S dog, lovely harsh jacket with correct banding and good colour. Similar to 1st in many ways. A strong masculine head, dark eyes and scissor bite. Well laid shoulders. Neck flows nicely in to topline with well set tail. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Well made rear with good muscle. Moved out well in all directions.

Judge: Lisa Parker (Violis)