• Date: 01/12/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lisa Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/12/2019

Burton On Trent Kennel Association

Dalmatian - Burton on Trent Kennel Association - 1st December 2019

I wish to thank the secretary for the invitation to judge at their show, and to all the exhibitors that entered, they accepted my decisions gracefully and I very much enjoyed judging your lovely dalmatians, all the dogs were very good in temperament, only a couple that were a little hesitant to be gone over however should improve with practice.

Junior (12,5)

Few babies in this class that just need to gain some confidence to show off their potential.

1st Sampson, DR E & Mr R Dalstorm Golden Guinea- 11-month-old black spotted dog who holds himself very well. Masculine yet soft expression with dark brown eyes. Well broken ears and tight lips, his neck is clean and fits well into the wither which is not too pronounced. Shoulder well laid back and angulated equally with his upper arm, allowing his fore chest to be well filled. Round bone down to compact feet with well maintained nails. Topline well held standing and moving, as an excitable puppy he was acting up on the move at times which was hindering his front action, but he showed enough of his true movement to take the class. He has a good amount of width to his thigh and well let down hocks, his tail was carried correctly with a slight upward curve and did not stop wagging to complete the picture. His spotting is nicely distributed and well defined with pleasing pigment although his coat is very soft, would prefer a harder texture now he is moving up to Junior age. BP & RBOB.

2nd Horscraft Mrs M A Perdita’s Toodle Pip at Manchando – Heavy liver spotted bitch, 12 months old and conditionally beautifully, so fit and muscular. Strong muzzle, and well carried ears with correctly shaped amber eyes, however would like a little less stop to give her a more feminine head. Broad across the chest with plenty fill, her elbows are held close to her body and shoulders well laid back gives a pleasing front that moved with plenty reach especially on the run around, a little unsettled on the up and down. Retained her level topline whilst moving, great underline with strong loin, well sprung ribs and the best buttocks of the day. Her overall outline pushed the winner hard, even though she is a different type, just preferred the tailset and carriage of the puppy dog.

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st O’Connor Mr G K Doodledally Nancy Drew Am Dalseren – (Placed Reserve in Junior) Real baby of just 6 months, very pretty head with beautifully marked ears and decoration all over. Tidy feet and lovely bone, definitely feminine and an ideal size. She was a little more settled in this class and showed a good stride. Forechest developing and she has clean lines and balanced angulation. Her tail is set on correctly and carried with a slight upward curve. Topline and rear angulation won her the class over the older male. Once she matures should do well, just at that excited puppy stage so was difficult to see her full potential.

2nd O’Connor Mrs C Dalamanti Diamond Raider – 2 years black spotted male, kind expression and good for size. Would prefer a darker eye to complete his head, as the shape and size is good, his ears are set rather high and carried well. He has a clean elegant neck, flowing into the wither and strong pasterns front and rear. Dense pigmentation, that is well defined, and his spotting is of equal size. Could use some more enthusiasm on the move to show to his advantage.

Open (6,0)

1st Goodswen Mrs P M & Mr C Alphadal Ain’t No Sunshine – rising 2-year-old liver spotted bitch, very happy outgoing temperament but turned on show mode when she needed to. The standard asks for a strong, balanced, muscular active dog that is symmetrical in outline, elegant and free from lumber and this she is. Feminine head but with strength to her muzzle and just enough stop, ears set high well held and size appropriate to her head. Excellent depth to her ribcage with great width and fill to her forechest, her shoulders are well laid back and muscular. She produces long even strides, with no over tracking and was one of the few today that did not move close behind, she has great bone and substance but still retains her femininity. Excellent first and second thigh, giving great width to her rear which enables her to move so smoothly and with purpose. Ideal for size, strong loin and correct tailset just off her back. Her decoration is well defined and was extremely well presented in condition and ring presence. She got even better as the show went on, and I was delighted as she finished the day going Reserve Best in Show where she could really show off in the extra-large ring, congratulations to her owners.

2nd De Rozario, Webb & Chrystal , Mrs M, Mr D & Mr G Jemblewood Jelly Bean (IKC) - 3 years old black spotted bitch, many of the same qualities of the winner just in a larger frame overall. Pretty spotted face, her decoration is very distinct and defined with fantastic deep pigment, flat skull with rounder eyes but dark brown in colour. She uses her ears well, and they are set rather high and are a good texture and size. Elegant neck that flows to the wither that follows on to her strong topline. Shoulder is well placed, and she has good return of upper arm. Ribs well sprung and carried well back, she has plenty depth of chest and most certainly fit for purpose, she is capable of a day’s work for sure. She is a long striding bitch that moves with power, one that would certainly benefit from a larger space to move in. On the stand she was posting at times when fidgeting for her handler, and this cost her today as it gave the appearance that her elbows are not quite as tight as the other winners.

Judge – Miss Lisa Marley (Bellili)