• Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lindsey Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/04/2019

East Anglian Gundog Society


Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to Judge and also to the Exhibitors for the lovely entry.

P 4(1) 1st Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Parker. 6 month old puppy dog. Pleasing head and expression, correct length of ear. Lovely neck into well laid shoulders. He has a lovely length of back and is nicely angulated front and rear. Lovely bone and feet. When stood he has a lovely outline and topline. Moved well for a baby although he was giving his handler a hard time (BPIB) 2nd Burgess’ Kalimor Olive for Nemrac. Litter sister to the winner. Similar remarks apply. She has a lovely neck and shoulders. Feminine head and correct length of ear. Excellent feet. It was a close decision but today I thought she was a little heavier than I would prefer. Moved very well. 3rd Fotara’s Astraios Jets Belladona.

J 2 1st Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Parker. 2nd Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Gunalt Lustrous. Quality bitch of 17 months. Feminine head, lovely clean neck into well placed shoulders. Nicely angulated front, brisket down to elbow. Good length of back. Really thought she would be my winner but when she was stood she lost her level topline and tended to sink into her back end. She wasn’t happy on the move in this class, however when she settled later she went well.

PG 6(3) 1st Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca. Feminine head, nice lay of shoulders. Ample forechest, brisket down to elbow. Correct length of back and level topline. Good bone and lovely feet. Shown in lovely condition, she moved very well maintaining her topline. (BOB) 2nd Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Gunalt Lustrous. 3rd Fotara’s Astraios Earth Angel PBEG EX.

O 3 1st Fotara’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (Imp Aus) Really liked her, now a veteran but in amazing condition. Pleasing head and expression with nice amber eyes. Clean neck and shoulders. Correct length of back, lovely flowing outline stood. Shown in lovely coat and condition, she moved well when she settled (RBOB) 2nd Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Showsabatical. Kind eye and expression. Ample forechest, didn’t seem happy on the move today and when she stood she seemed quite tense which affected her outline. 3rd Read’s Whitecross Remembrance.

Sp Open (Longhaired) 6(3) 1st Fotara’s Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios (Imp Aus) 2nd Read’s Whitecross Remembrance. Feminine head, lovely topline and correct length of back. Good feet. She has a glorious silver grey coat and was shown in tip top condition.