• Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/04/2019

East Anglian Gundog Society

                                                          East Anglian Gundog Club

7th April 2019



1: Hayes & Wilson’s TILLYBIRLOCH OTTO, 11 Month old. Put on a better performance than the 2nd. Decent for size and the correct shape. Needs a bit of training. BP

2; Hayes & Wilson’s SANBOAIER NEVIS, had other things on his mind on the day, decent head, type and in good condition.


1: Yarrow’s SH CH BONNAPARTIST LINNET, super for type, lovely head and expression. Totally balanced in outline. Moved on the right track. Strong in topline and holds herself well in profile. Good one. BOB

2: Yarrow’s SH CH BONAPARTIST GRANDE DUCHESS, 7 year old in excellent condition. Like her outline and proportions. Just A little close behind today. Well bodied and handled well. RBOB.


German LongHired Pointer


1: Hofma’s WHERRYPOIN KNIGHT SKY OVER ANSJOROS, in fine form, pleasing for size, pretty expression. Decent neck into strong topline. Moved out on the right track, delightful temperament. BOB



1; Flatman’s KENAITEEN LOVE NOTE, won the class on precision on the out and back. Decent for size and good substance. Sweet expression. Needs a little bit of practice to get the best out of her.

2: Gordon’s ROBINCROFT ME AND MY GIRL, medium sized and a little rushed at first. Pleasing head and expression, a tad wide coming towards me today. In good condition



1: Brown’s GRAYGEES GOGALO JW. Good one. Super for type and completely balanced. On the move he is so economical and sound. In superb condition. Superb head and expression. Stacked, he doesn’t do himself any favours but when you go over him you find a very decent dog. Decent front, deep chested and short backed. Really pulls himself together on the move and he will always catch the eye. Could easily see him doing a days work. BOB and delighted to hear he went BIS.

2: Braine’s GRENETREST CANTERBURY BELL JW, pleases for type, just a little longer cast than the winner. Super head and expression, in first class order and well handled. Moved out well, just not the forward reach of the winner today. Beautifully schooled and conditioned. RBOB




2 absolutely beautiful puppies who show so much promise.

1: Johnston’s GLENQUIN ANTHENA. Just loved her, she has the most beguiling expression on a delightful head. Strong neck into firm topline and well set tail. Super for size and with superb substance, yet retaining her femininity. Everything in the right place at the moment and she has the most delightful outline stacked. On the move she belies her tender age as her footfall was perfect. One with a future and I sincerely hope that she ends up with a title. BOB & BP

2: Johnston’s GELNQUIN ENYO. Litter sister to the winner and she too has the look of a future champion. Was absolutely spilling hairs here but her sister just had the edge in profile movement today. But they will change places on more than one occasion. RBOB.


1: Johnston’s CANIS FORTUNA HARDA. In super condition. Moved out well. Correct size and a coat of correct texture. Had to give way to the charms of her 2 daughters today.

Hungarian Vizsla

Post Grad

1: Bell’s GLASLLEB SKYFALL, 6 year old, put on the more polished performance. Good size and balanced outline. Handled well. RBOB

2: Downing’s NICAEL BLUE MOON AT KIRBYDEENE, young male going through the teenage stage at the moment, just needs to tighten. In superb condition and he is good for size. Super temperament.


1: Bell’s GLASLLEB PITCH PERFECT, pleasing type, in good condition, moved out well. Handled very well. Pleasing head and expression. BOB

Jim Conway Open Stakes

1: Poynter & Lewis’ QUENSHA COBOYS AND ANGELS. This English Setter boy has really come on so so much since I last judged him as a puppy at Darlington. Beautiful head and expression, strong neck into firm topline and well set tail that he uses constantly. He has developed in body, with super ribbing and short strong loin. Good layback of shoulder and balanced in angulation behind. He is now in full coat which is superbly presented. On the move he holds himself so well in profile and will always catch the eye. Super action going away, he just needs to tighten a little coming towards you. Looking like this I can see a title ahead of him and I really hope he gets one.

2: Hirst’s SH CH CREEAARK FANTASTICA, Super for type this is a very honest Clumber bitch. She pleases for head and expression. Correct shape and in super condition. Have seen her have good and bad days but today she really moved out well. Very worthy of her title.


Special Working

1: Pounds-Longhurst’s BRODENE TEMPESTIVITY TO MOSSBURN, 11 year old Golden in the most amazing condition. Super for type and shape. Pleasing head with the sweetest of expressions. Real credit to her owner

Maureen Osbourne Memorial RBOB Stakes

1; Johnston’s GELNQUIN ENYO. GWP who continued to impress me

2; Sladden’s TYRBECHGYN BELIEVE YOU WILL AT CANEMAMANS. Decent Bracco youngster who pleases very much for type. Good head and expression. Correct topline and in excellent condition. On the move he is typical with an economical action.


Lee A S Cox