• Date: 06/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Leanne Muir Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Heywood & Radcliffe Canine Society

Heywood & Radcliffe Canine Society 06/1/19 – WHIPPETS

Many thanks to the officers and Committee for the opportunity to judge at their show and to my stewards for the smooth running of the classes. Thanks also to the exhibitors for their entries and support.

Puppy (1,0A) 1 – Brown, Tamalden Silver Surfer, 11 Month bitch, brindle with lots of white trim. Feminine head with pretty expression, deep brisket flowing into a well-defined tuck up, holds top line nicely on the move, can flatten slightly when stacked. Nicely muscled thighs and well let down hocks, no exaggeration in the angulation, front or rear. Moved well in profile and away and back. BPIB

Junior (2,0A) 1 – Watson, Stoneroll Love in Motion, 16 Month Dog Brindle Part. Really liked this boy, good head with flat skull, alert expression and strong jaw, fine rose ears, good reach of neck which was strong and slightly arched, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, nice angulation front and rear with no exaggerations. Slightly curved top line and well defined tuck up. Good bone and tight well arched feet. Moved well around the ring.

2 – Brown, Tamalden Donatello, 11 Month Dog Brindle. A heavier build than 1 but still showing lots of whippet type. Masculine head with alert expression, good width and depth to frame. A slightly arched top line with strong loins, well-muscled throughout. Moved well when settled but really gave his handler a hard task today.

Post Graduate (4,2A) 1 – Wilkinson, Citycroft Starfall, 18 Month bitch Fawn. Lovely balanced girl full of elegance and type. Sweet feminine head with flat skull, oval eyes with kind expression and good pigmentation. Elegantly arched neck with good reach flowing into well laid back shoulders. Enough return of upper arm and tight elbows. Sloping pasterns into tight well arched feet. Nice width and fill to chest showing a deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Enough length to her well-muscled loins, low tail set and strong thighs of good width. Hocks well let down. Lovely away and back and moved out well in profile with that classic whippet stride. Would prefer just a touch more weight on her, but that’s being picky. A real credit to her owner – B.O.B

2 – Clark, Coynachie Crazy Desire – 4 year old dog, Brindle. Masculine head with alert oval eyes, strong slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth to brisket with well sprung ribs. Strong through loin with muscular thighs and good bend to stifles. Moved well. Just preferred the more overall elegance of 1.

Open (6,2A) 1 – Brown, Collooney Why Eye Man at Tamalden, 2 year old dog, Fawn. Lovely sized boy, masculine without being heavy. Alert, expressive oval eyes with nice dark pigment, fine set rose ears with a strong elegant neck reaching into well laid back shoulders. Good width to chest with plenty of fill to front. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Showing a slightly arched top line and a lovely curved underline. Just the right amount of length through his loins. Well-muscled throughout, shown in lovely condition. Moved well away and back, tail held just a touch high when moved out on profile. Still seriously considered in the challenge.

2 – Newsham, Railfield Rainmonarch, 2 year old dog, Fawn. A stronger type of dog all round, strong masculine head with flat skull, good reach of neck with nice layback of shoulders which smoothly flows into a slightly arched top line. Very deep brisket and well sprung ribs with well-defined tuck up. Well-muscled throughout, no exaggeration of angulation to rear. A little loose on front movement away and back but moved out well in profile. Just preferred the more refined type and movement of 1.

3 – Clark, Whilloer Wait on Me