• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Leanne Marshallsay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Cheltenham & District Canine Society 24th February 2019 Judge Mrs Leanne Marshallsay Many thanks to the exhibitors who gave me the honour of judging their dogs. On the whole the quality was good however a dog should be fit for function and unfortunately on many occasions I found dog lacking in muscle tone and fitness.

Long Coat Chihuahua

Postgraduate 1st Waterworth’s Barwater Snow Patrol Cream dog with lovely dark pigment, handsome expression with lovely correct set ear carriage and good mouth. Well bodied a with sufficient coat. Nice front with correct shoulder placement and good topline nice tail carriage . Moved well. BOB

2nd Smith’s Little Wolf Cry of Hulawawas Fawn dog, not quite the body or coat of one but has a lovely kind expression and correctly placed ears. Ok front and topline, moved well.

Open 1st Waterworth’s Barwater Golden Delight Another nice dog from this kennel, lovely head with expressive dark eyes, and correct set ears. Sufficient coat, with a good body. Good front and shoulder placement with a nice topline, good tail set and moved well.

2nd Smith’s Zena Warrior Princess Of Hulawawas Lovely little lady who really wasn’t enjoying her day sadly. Feminine expression with a dark eye, well set ears. Good coat. Moved reluctantly.

Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Puppy 1st Valenchino Delicate of Hulawawas 11 months old, very much a baby and another girl which didn’t enjoy their day. Nice head with dark pigment and well set ears when used. Strong neck leading into good shoulders, okay front and topline. BOB & BP

Cairn Terrier

Puppy 1st Keeves Seveek Cherry’s Dream Very happy and alert bitch, she has a keen expression with her broad skull with lovely dark pigment and correct ear carriage. Good bite, decent length of neck leading into good shoulder placement and good chest and depth of rib. Level topline, good tail set and moved well. Good harsh coat. BP

Junior 1st Day’s Tribannon Chocolate Chip At Trekhilli Lovely masculine dog, nice expression with a nice broad skull and correct bite, dark eyes and correct ear set. Beautiful front, good shoulder placement with ample chest and rib. Nice length of back, good bend of stifle moved well and correct tail set. Correct coat.

Postgraduate 1st Keeves Seveek With Corynthean Sharing Dreams Very keen bitch, nice head, correct set ears and correct bite, dark pigment. Okay body. Would have liked her to have settled a little more.

Open 1st Day’s Trekhilli Pepperazzi BOB What a handsome boy, he just had that terrier spirit, what a pity he was absent in the group. Lovely alert and expressive, good broad skull with lovely dark eye and pigment, good mouth, powerful throughout and correct ear set. Lovely front nice length of neck and well-padded feet, good shoulder placement and nice chest and depth of rib. Good muscle tone and correct bend of stifle, moved very well. BOB

2nd Keeves Seveek Treasure The Dream Not quite the presence of one but very saucy in expression, was alert throughout. Smaller in stature and would have preferred a neater front. Lovely head with dark pigment, good body and moved okay.

Jack Russel Terrier

Puppy 1st Thornley’s Locheil Stop Right There Cracking puppy dog, well balanced throughout he had a great ring presence. Lovely wedged head with nice dark pigment giving a great expression, correct ear set and good bite. Lovely flow of neck into well placed shoulders allowing the legs to carried under the body giving the correct free flowing movement. Good chest and rib making the pup spannable, good developing hindquarters. Coat correct and good tail set. BP

2nd Stuart’s Katilley Back To Basics Smaller size to one I prefer that overall balance of one, this young dog doesn’t quite have enough of her at the moment.


1st Kay’s Jackopeaks Bakewell Puddin Very feminine bitch, very alert and keen expression, good shaped head, good mouth and neat ears. Nice length of neck, into well placed shoulders, would have preferred a little more fore chest. Nice length of back, ample rib and chest with was spannable. Nice hindquarter and bend of stifle, moved okay.

Postgraduate 1st Smith’s Locheil Talk Of The Town Nice sized dog, with a great expression and presence, good shaped head, dark eyes and correct mouth, good ears set and good mouth. Neck of good length, good front and shoulder placement, legs set under the body allowing his movement to be free holding his topline well. Good muscle tone throughout and good bend of stifle and excellent tail set. BOB

Open 1st Kay’s Jackopeaks Princess Peach This lady of 9 years she is a sparky girl, great expression and good shaped head, good front with ample fore chest, nice topline and moved well with correct tail set.


Puppy 1st Hayes Ragus Seven Jumps Beautiful puppy bitch, who shows beautifully. Keen expression with a lovely broad skull, strong muzzle and good bite and correctly placed ears. Nice length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, front good and with a nice chest and rib. Good short back with a strong overall presence, good hindquarters which allow good movement and good tail set. BP

Junior 1st Hayes Ragus Seven Jumps

Postgraduate 1st Hayes Ragus Seven Jumps

Open 1st Hayes Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM If this dog could speak he would shout “hello I’m here”. He has a ring presence to die for, fitting the breed standard so well. He has the most gorgeous expression which is alert and keen, dark eyes and super ears. Good bite. Good front and fore chest, correct proportions overall. Moved like a dream around the ring, owning it at every step. BOB

2nd Hayes Ragus Seven Jumps

Parson Russell Terrier

Puppy 1st Chaffe’s Bourbon Beatific Beast (Imp Cze) Very promising young puppy, has a beautiful online and fits the breed standard well. Lovely wedged shaped head which is strong and clean, good mouth and dark eye with correct ear set which are neat. Good length of neck, well laided shoulders with good fore chest, legs placed well underneath the body with neat feet. Correct length of body, spannable and excellent topline, hindquarters developing well. Good bend of stifle good movement. BP & BOB

Open 1st Chaffe’s Rougeau Simply Sassy Not quite a fit as I would like her to be, nice shaped head with nice dark eye and neat ears good bite, Good overall shape and moved okay.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Postgraduate 1st Satherley’s Silkcroft Freeze Frame This was a close decision between these two dogs. Good sized dog, lovely flat head with a good width nice strong muzzle with correct bite, good ear placement and dark pigment. Excellent coat coverage on the head. Good length of neck leading into good shoulder placement with strong straight front. Nice chest and rib, good topline and strong hindquarters, good tail set. Lovely coat not quite the coat of one. Moved with effortless drive.

Open 1st Catlow’s Flaxela Too Fast For Love At Just Jingo ShCM BOB More compact dog, punishing head with correct proportions, good bite and nice dark eye, good ear carriage with a nice covering of coat. Good reach of neck into nice shoulder placement another good front. Good chest and length of back, level topline held on the move which was again typical for the breed. Great coat and good tail set.


Postgraduate 1st Allenby’s Wilmit Mildred Potter for Diddimont (Dandie) Lovely Dandie who went well by its young handler. Good proportion head with strength and depth lovely dark round eyes, god bite and correct ear carriage. Ample top knot enhancing typical expression. Nice length which of neck into well placed shoulders, lovely wide chest, and good hindquarters. Correct coat and moved well.

2nd Mitchell’s Lynnsto Pandora’s Box (WHWT) This is a very sweet bitch, beautifully presented. Good clean head with lovel dark eyes and pigment, well placed ears which she used well. Well placed shoulders and good chest, good topline. Moved okay.

3rd Rodriguez-Ponce’s Brueik Rosa Milan (Scottish)

Open 1st James Blomendal Cookies ‘n’ Cream (Sealyham) Lovely white bitch, which a beautifully constructed head, good mouth, correct ear carriage and lovely dark eyes. Good front and chest with ample rib. Good topline, well-muscled hindquarters and excellent tail set. Moved freely and with grace.BAVNSC

A.V Veteran 1st Jackopeaks Princess Peach

A.V Charity Stakes

1st Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM

2nd Blomendal Cookies ‘n’ Cream

3rd Jackopeaks Bakewell Puddin Res Brueik Rosa Milan

Adult Group

1 Norwich

2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lackyle Banrion Uasal At Jewelstaff Very feminine bitch, lovely head, beautiful dark eye and tights lips, good mouth. Neat ear set and strong neck leading into a lovely straight front. Deep chest and ample rib, Level topline which she held on the move. Strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle and moved well. Very balanced bitch and a credit her owners as she was definitely fit for function.


4 Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy Group

1 Jack Russell Terrier

2 Border Terrier Peacock’s Ragatam Essence Head still to mature, lovely expression with dark eyes, dark pigment and nicely set ears, good mouth. Okay front and chest which was spannable, good rib length and muscle developing well. Nice hindquarters and moved well.

3 Parson Russell Terrier

4 Norwich Terrier