• Date: 07/07/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Laureen Woods Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/07/2019

Bath Canine Society


SUNDAY 7th JULY 2019


JUDGE Miss. L. M. Woods


Blessed with good weather for the day, my thanks go to Bath Canine Society for their hospitality and to my very professional steward Adrian who worked hard in the heat.

Also to the exhibitors for their entries and to Beccie Woods for putting through some lovely dogs for me to go over.


AVNSC PUPPY ( 2 entries- 0 absent )

1st. Marshall, MrsV & Mr. S. – Arabsrque at Devonia (Imp Rus)

Ten month old Keeshond puppy, showing a lot of promise with balance and great bone. Nice head and expression with good dark eye. Well constructed front and good rib. Just needs more time. BOB & BPIB


2nd. Acheson-Dumbrava, Mrs. K & Bridgeman – Sutton, Mrs V. -Taco No Cho.

Very raw baby just 6 months old needing a little more ringcraft to teach him the ropes. Balanced. Nice straight legs at front with neat feet, leading to correct body and rear.


AVNSC GRADUATE (2 entries-2 absent)

AVNSC OPEN (1 entry- 0 absentr)

1st. Marshall Mrs V & Mr S. -Torikees Made In Heaven at Devonia

Mature bitch in lovely coat. Great expression and dark eye. Lovely front and moved out well. Good bone, I Just found the puppy a little more balanced on the day. RBOB


AV UTILITY JUNIOR (1 entry -0 absent)

1st. Achesson-Dumbrava, Mrs. K & Bridgeman-Sutton, Mrs V.-Taco No Cho


AV UTILITY VETERAN (2 entries -0 absent)

1st-Thorner Mr & Mrs -Ch. Tolutim Drambule Sh. CM

This Dalmation really does look extremely good for her age. Correct head with good neck that runs to well laid shoulders, good length of back with strong loin. Correct angles at the rear that allows her true movement. BVIB.

2nd, Whitman, Mrs S – Kipukyi Snoqualmie Legend

Good head and length of neck, well laid shoulders and very nice length of upper arm producing the desired front. Would have liked elbows a bit tighter to ribs. moved ok.




G1- Barnett, Mr S & Carter, Mr A. -Belazieth Sundance Kid with Alamiks

I have watched this Lhasa Apso with interest for some time now and so pleased to have the chance to judge him. As I thought he did not disappoint. Great head and expression set and very black nose. Great arched neck joining the well laid shoulders, good bone and straight legs with elbows well in. lovely strong dog with great topline and correct well angled rear. Carried his tail well and moved with drive. Very happy to award him G1.

G2- Spencer, Mr J & Burr, Miss J.- Silmoralbions Eris

This is a Eurasier that caught my eye as she entered the ring, so balanced throughout. Correct wedge-shaped head with dark oval eyes and used her ears well. Good neck leading to the correct front and lovely straight legs. Correct lengthy of body to height and parallel rear legs. A true honest dog, that moved out well.


G3- Smith, Mrs J E & Smith, Miss J, - Ch Kessaku Bread And Honey at Snowshoes Sh.CM

A mature Japanese Spitz bitch at 6 years of age. Nothing to not like about this girl, again balanced and matching the desired breed standard. Good dark Pigmentation throughout and used ears well. Correct head, front and rear with a good depth and spring of rib. I have seen her in better coat than on the day. Lovely small, tight cat like feet and moved well.


G4- David, Mrs L M Saunders, Mrs J -Dallydyl The Loving Spirit

Such a promising nine-month-old Dalmation puppy. Great bone, well muscled and strong yet balanced with lovely level topline and strong loin. Good head correct arched neck and lovely front angles. Great depth of rib and elbows close to ribs. Correct rear and moved well. Happy to award him G4 and PG1.



PG1- David, Mrs LM Saunders, Mrs J – Dallydyl The Loving Spirit

PG2 – Arabesque At Devonia (Imp Rus)

PG3 – Smith, Mrs J E & Smith Miss J – Snowshoes Belle Of The Ball

Still very much a puppy, needs time to mature and feel at ease in the ring, though this said a promising youngster, with a correct head and lovely length of neck. Correct front and rear.

PG4 – Wayman, Mrs PE, Bushgarth .- MynapawPerfect Symphony

Alert Tibetan Spaniel puppy, great head and dark eye and ears set fairly high. Good strong neck not too long, correct front and amount of bone. Good level topline held on the move. Correct rear and moved well.

Judge Laureen Woods