• Date: 10/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/11/2019

Hastings St Leonards & East Sussex Canine Society

Hastings, St Leonard’s and East Sussex Canine Society

Limit Show

10th November 2019

Thank you so much to the committee for inviting me to judge your limit show. The show was well run, I had a great sized ring to move the dogs and the exhibitors were so friendly. Thank you to my steward who kept the ring running smoothly all day and to everyone who entered their wonderful dogs.

My Best in Show winner was the striking Pointer; Droveborough’s Smooth Mover, Reserve Best in Show went to the elegant Dalmatian; Keiradal Moulin Rouge at Akoni. Best Puppy was the stunning German Spitz Mittel; Izlou Shiver Me Timbers, Reserve Best Puppy in Show was the cheeky American Cocker; Sabisabi Lakota Teetonka and Best Veteran in Show was the beautiful Tibetan Terrier; Kyipo’s Hot Totty ShCM.

AVNSC Utility

Class 1 Puppy (2/2)

Litter siblings gave each other a tough challenge in the first class of the day.

1st 2 Barnes & King’s Izlou Shiver Me Timbers. 8 month old, Black, German Spitz Mittel male who makes an impressive outline and is full of ring presence. Excellent expression with the darkest of eyes and pigmentation. Correct skull shape with well set ears. Good length of neck into good shoulder placement and front angulation. Excellent bone with lovely cat feet. Balanced all through with rear angulation matching the front. Really well muscled already with strong hocks. Stunning coat which enhanced his square outline. Movement in the class was good but by the time he got to the Best Puppy Competition he was really showing off. Lively and brisk, covering the ground with ease. Best Utility Puppy and Best Puppy in Show.

2nd 4 Barnes & King’s Izlou Let Me Be Your Fantasy. Pretty much a female version of her brother with the same excellent breed type. Well balanced and in fabulous condition, she just wasn’t quite as outgoing as her littermate. Good for bone and substance, nice angles front and rear. She actually moved more steadily than the 1st with excellent ground coverage. I would just like to see her gain more confidence.

Class 2 Graduate (1/1)

1st 11 Green’s Aizenay Fields of Gold. 15 month old, Gold/White, Shih Tzu. Masculine head with excellent expression and outgoing temperament. Nice dark eyes, good muzzle and open nostrils. Good front construction, well off for bone and nice feet. Good topline and tailset, well muscled hinds. Moved with excellent drive, showing full pad.

Class 3 Postgraduate (2/2)

1st 8 Cleland’s Candidal’s Tennessee VIP at Deovolante. 6 year old, Black spotted, male Dalmatian. Traditional type, masculine yet retaining his elegance. Absolutely full of personality, making his handler work hard. Excellent head with beautiful, dark eyes. Good bone and nice, tight feet. Ribs to elbows with great heart room. Excellent topline and correct tailset. Balanced in his angulation front and rear, well muscled. His movement was economical with the correct footfall, covering the ground effortlessly. RBAVNSC Utility.

2nd 9 Gardner’s Daraydala Black Pearl. 13 month old, Black, German Spitz Mittel bitch. Unfortunately out of coat, however this meant you could easily see her correct, square outline. Feminine head with beautiful eyes and excellent pigment. Well set ears but she didn’t want to use them. Excellent neck and nice front construction. Good for bone with lovely feet. Correct topline, nicely curled tail. Well muscled hinds. She has excellent movement but she was not enjoying the show today.

Class 4 Open (2/4)

1st 5 Bridge, Meyer & Britton’s Keiradal Moulin Rouge at Akoni. Almost 3 year old, Black spotted Dalmatian bitch. So elegant with the most beautifully spotted face. Dark eyes, cheeky expression, good length and depth of muzzle. Well carried ears. Excellent neck into well laid shoulders. Good length of upper arm. Good bone, without being heavy, down to strong pasterns and tight, cat feet. Great ribbing, level topline and shapely underline. Good turn of stifle, well developed second thigh. Foot perfect movement with no wasted energy. Best Utility. She could go all day and she did, as she was still showing right at the end of the day to take Reserve Best in Show.

2nd 7 Cleland’s Candidals King of the World by Deovolante. 8 year old, Black spotted, male Dalmatian. Masculine, nicely balanced head with a strong muzzle. Dark eyes with a melting expression. Excellent length of neck into good shoulder placement. Good bone and nice feet. Excellent ribbing, strong topline and correct tailset. Well balanced rear angulation and still carrying good muscle for his age. Another with excellent movement, steady and ground covering, working hard for his handler.

AVNSC Working

Class 5 Puppy (0/1)

Class 6 Graduate (1/2)

1st 16 Midgley’s Cwnhapus Tanana. 12 month old, Silver Grey, Siberian Husky bitch. Beautiful, foxy head with dark eyes and friendly disposition. Correctly set ears which she used well. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Good bone and excellent, oval feet. Nice depth of chest, well ribbed and good topline. Strong loin, nice tuck up. Well muscled hinds with good bend of stifle and strong hocks. She moved with lightness and agility. Best Working.

Class 7 Postgraduate (1/1)

1st 17 Midgley’s Nativespirit’s Legacy. 2 year old, Silver Grey, male Siberian. Racier type with nice, masculine head with a strong jaw. Excellent neck into well laid shoulders and well angulated front. Good bone with strong pasterns. Good depth of chest, nice topline and slight slope to croup. Excellent rear angulation with good muscling. Just tended to throw his back right leg out when he moves which probably means he’s been charging around like a maniac.

Class 8 Open (1/1)

1st 14 Cullen & Gregg’s Philoma Ms Kalifornia. 3 year old, Black, Giant Schnauzer bitch. Strong girl with a confident temperament. Head in balance with the rest of her body. Dark eyes and neat ears. Powerful muzzle and well muscled cheeks. Long, muscular neck into flat shoulders. Good forechest, well ribbed and solid topline. Well bent stifles with excellent muscling and sturdy hocks. Moved with a driving action. RBAVNSC Working.

AVNSC Pastoral

Class 9 Puppy (1/1)

1st 25 Stewart’s Mojuca Heaven Sent Amy. 8 month old, Chocolate, Border Collie bitch. Such a charming puppy, super feminine with an alert expression. Beautiful head, strong neck into good lay of shoulder with tight elbows. Good bone and nice feet. Held her topline well when standing and moving. Good bend of stifle. Gave her handler a really hard time but when she settled there was some very promising movement. Just needing a little confidence boost and I’m sure she will do well. Best Pastoral Puppy.

Class 10 Graduate (1/2)

1st 20 Etherton’s Dragonburg Storm Boy. 2 year old Male GSD. Strong, masculine head with a good wedge shaped muzzle. Good lay of shoulder with nicely angled front. Good for bone but could do with tighter feet. Nice balance of length to height. Ribs carried well back and strong topline. Good reach on the move but tended to be a little cow hocked at the rear. His temperament was outstanding, such a friendly, happy boy.

Class 11 Postgraduate (2/2)

1st 27 Stewart’s Mojuca King of Hearts. An entirely appropriate name for this Chocolate Border collie. A really handsome boy, with a melting expression. Nice head and length of muzzle, ears were set correctly but he just did not want to use them, preferring to gaze lovingly at his handler. Excellent neck, good front angulation and strong bone. Very nice tight, oval feet. Athletic condition all through with fantastic muscling of his hindquarters. Easy going gait, with no wasted energy. RBAVNSC Pastoral.

2nd 23 Nelson’s Esterbon Liberty Bell Joins Parracombe. 2 year old, tricoloured, Shetland Sheepdog bitch. Stylish girl with an elegant, balanced head. Sparkling eyes and well set ears. Nicely arched neck, correct bone for her size. Good depth of chest and level back. Well angulated rear and good hocks. Just slightly close in front when coming towards, however her rear movement was very strong.

Class 12 Open (2/2)

1st 22 Milham’s Shadowshack’s Real Charmer. Just love this 4 year old Male GSD. He is so striking and so sound. Handsome, clean head with a strong muzzle. Dark eyes, excellent use of his ears. Good length of neck, correct front angulation with muscular shoulders. Lovely bone and strong pasterns. Deep chest and ribs carried well back. Firm back, broad loin, correct croup and good tail. Well muscled hinds with powerful hocks. His movement was excellent, the handler had him at just the right speed to show off the correct gait. Best AVNSC Pastoral.

2nd 26 Stewart’s Bordertime Just Dice. 6 year old black Border Collie bitch. Feminine head with an intelligent expression. Good neck and correct shoulders. Good bone and feet. Nice depth of chest with excellent ribcage. In excellent, muscular condition all through, particularly her hinds. Nice movement, she covered the ground easily.


Class 13 Puppy (0)

Class 14 Graduate (1/1)

1st 32 Ralph’s Stormchi Skyes The Limit. Gold/white L/C Chihuahua bitch with a lot to say for herself. Bundles of personality, with a well rounded head and good eyes, giving her a mischievous expression. Good length of neck and decent shoulder placement. Excellent topline and tail carriage. Good rear angulation. She moved with a lively action. RBAVNSC Toy.

Class 15 Postgraduate (1/1)

1st 31 Ralph’s Texans Dainty Maisie. Almost 10 year old Sable L/C Chihuahua bitch. Dam to the Graduate winner and of a similar type. She actually made better use of her ears than her daughter. Impressive that she still has almost all of her teeth. Great front, good ribs and topline. She moved well but has the tendency to stand with her feet turned out.

Class 16 Open (2/2)

1st 30 Nelson’s Sarahmah Kleopatra’s Dreams in Parracombe. 6 year old tri Papillon bitch. Such a lovely little dog. So pretty, with a gorgeous head and expression. Used her large ears to advantage. Sloping shoulders, nice depth of chest and good ribs. Excellent topline and nicely angulated hinds. She moved out well, with an active, positive movement. Excellent ring presence. Best AVNSC Toy.

2nd 33 Ralph’s Stormchi Black Magic. 7 year old Black/white L/C Chihuahua bitch. Another from this kennel with an excellent temperament. Correct head shape and eye. Used her ears well. Good topline which she kept steady when moving.


Class 17 Puppy (1/1)

1st 39 Cramphorn’s Yelxba Bonnie. 7 month old, brindle, Irish Wolfhound bitch. Beautiful baby with a balanced head, long muzzle and strong jaw. Dark eyes and correct ear placement. Well arched neck into good shoulders. Well off for bone but not heavy. Good elbows and deep chest with good ribbing. Slight arch over the loin which is muscling up nicely. Good rear angulation with very strong hocks which she put to good use on the move. Her movement was smooth and rhythmical, such an elegant girl and I will be interested to see her mature. Best Hound Puppy.

Class 18 Graduate (0)

Class 19 Postgraduate (2/3)

1st 40 Jowitt’s Barleymoon Ankaa. Fawn, 3 year old, Saluki bitch. Superb, elegant head with sparkling eyes. Beautiful, well feathered ears which framed her face. Graceful neck into sloping shoulders. Long legs with good bone and correct feet. Shapely ribcage and underline. Good strength to hips, well muscled hinds with excellent rear angulation. Tail set on and carried well. Her movement was beautiful to watch, so fluid and athletic. She gave the Open class winner a run for his money. RBAVNSC Hound.

2nd 35 Bird’s Blandings Eyes on the Prize JW. 19 month old, brindle/white, Whippet bitch. Balanced bitch who has a lovely outline. Pretty head with sparkling eyes. Elegant neck into nice front construction. Good depth of chest, plenty of heart room. Well muscled hinds, hocks well let down. She moved with ease, tracking nicely from all angles.

Class 20 Open (4/5)

1st 38 Boydell’s Nightwind You Can’t Stop the Beat (IMP) JW. Stunning black 2 year old Afghan Hound. So masculine and so proud, he really demands attention as soon as he steps into the ring. Strong head with dark eyes and wonderful expression. Excellent neck and shoulders with correctly angulated front. Superb bone and substance. Strong topline with well muscled loin and good width all through. Correct tailset and carriage. Hinds are well angulated and muscled. He was impressive on the stand but even more so when moving; stylish, elegant but powerful. He would have benefited from a larger ring to really show off. Best AVNSC Hound.

2nd 36 Bird’s Blandings Miss Lala. Fawn Whippet bitch. Beautifully feminine with a charming head and expression. Nicely angulated front with good fill to chest, which was deep and capacious. Shapely ribs with good topline and tuck up. Very well muscled hinds which she used well on the move.

AVNSC Gundog

Class 21 Puppy (2/4)

1st 61 Kirton, Oxbury & Dackombe’s Miranda Flower Iz Mazhornogo Lada at Sabisabi. Red/white, 7 month old, American Cocker bitch. Lively girl with a wonderful temperament. Head developing nicely with good muzzle shape. Intelligent expression with nicely set ears. Good length of neck, good lay of shoulder and correct elbow placement. Strong, slightly sloping topline. Good rear angulation. A little erratic on the move however, when she settled, she has an excellent forward reach and covered the ground well.

2nd 66 Turnbull’s Afterglow Antoinette. Black/tan American Cocker bitch. Just six months old this baby is full of promise. Lovely head and eye. Good neck and front construction. Nice bone with compact feet. Not quite the strength in topline as the first but this should come as she matures. Well angulated hinds which she used to drive around the ring.

Class 22 Graduate (3/3)

1st 65 Skippings and Gough’s Pelhamcourt Miss Markle at Nelbells. Black American Cocker bitch. Just turned two years old, this bitch is mature and makes a lovely outline. Nice head with good eyes. Excellent front construction, good bone and nice feet. Excellent topline and nice tailset with good rear angulation and well muscled thighs. Won the class on her fantastic movement which was flowing and effortless.

2nd 48 Braine’s Grenetrest Tulip. 2 year old liver GSP bitch. Absolutely beautiful bitch of the most gorgeous liver colouring. Clean, well proportioned head with strong muzzle and jaw. Twinkling eyes showing a hint of mischief. Good neck and shoulders, good bone and rounded feet. Excellent topline, well sprung ribs, strong loin. Good turn of stifle with strong muscling, strong hocks. A little erratic on the move and a bit giddy when being handled however this was due to excitement which is not a bad thing. Lovely girl.

3rd 60 Kirton, Oxbury & Dackombe’s Sabisabi Lakota Teetonka. 8 month old, black/tan, American Cocker male. Boy did he give his handler a hard time! Chiselled head with defined stop and median line. Dark eyes and nicely carried ears gave him his lively expression. Good neck and shoulders, elbows set right under. Good for bone with strong pasterns. He is compact with a strong topline and good ribbing. Excellent rear angulation with already defined muscling and strong hocks. Lovely, silky coat condition. He was third in this class as his movement was inconsistent, making it very difficult to assess him. However when he came back in to challenge for Best Puppy he got himself together and he stormed around the ring. He covered the ground so smoothly and completely outmoved the bitch. Best Gundog Puppy. He pulled out all the stops in the Best Puppy competition, no messing about, he was fantastic and therefore took Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

Class 23 Postgraduate (4/6)

1st 57 Horn’s Drovborough’s Smooth Mover. 17 month old, orange/white, Pointer. What a cracker. A real stallion dog. Strong, powerful outline yet retaining his elegance. Excellent head, muzzle is ever so slightly dish-shaped but not excessive. Bright eyes with intelligent expression, used his ears well. Long, well muscled neck into excellent lay of shoulder. Straight, well boned fores, good pasterns and oval feet with well arched toes. Ribs to elbows, carried well back with good spring. His topline is strong and muscular into correct tailset. Excellent rear with correct bend of stifle and well developed first and second thigh. Hocks are well let down and strong. He really comes into his own on the move; smooth with plenty of drive. He just exudes strength. To top it all, he has the most endearing temperament and is such a happy boy. Best AVNSC Gundog and his excellent construction and movement took him all the way to win Best in Show.

2nd 52 Carrick’s Tessmene Ooo La La. 4 year old, black, Curly Coated Retriever bitch. Pretty girl, with a feminine wedge-shaped head. Dark eyes and nice small ears. Strong neck and shoulders. Good bone and forechest. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Level topline into correct tailset. Good rear angulation with well developed muscles. Lovely coat condition with nice tight curls. Easy going movement, covered the ground well.

Class 24 Open (4/5)

1st 49 Braine’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW. 2 year old, Liver, GSP male. Litter brother to the second in Graduate with the same qualities however this boy can show. He demanded attention and really filled the eye. Strong and powerful with excellent head and eye. Nicely muscled neck into good lay of shoulder. Excellent bone and tight feet with well manicured nails. Good depth of chest with ribs carried well back to his strong loin. Good rear construction, well balanced with his front. Excellent hard condition all through. Athletic on the move and pushed the Pointer hard in the challenge. RBAVNSC Gundog.

2nd 58 Kirton, Dackombe & Gale’s Sabisabi Panwee Pow Wow. 9 year old, black, American Cocker male. I had to double check the age of this boy as he certainly doesn’t seem like a veteran. Excellent head and eye, strong neck and good front construction. Good bone and feet. Excellent topline and tailset. Good rear angulation, carrying nice muscling. Strong movement and lovely coat condition.

AVNSC Terrier

Class 25 Puppy (1/1)

1st 69 Harling’s Kenyten Funny Haha. 7 month old, red, Norwich Terrier male. Lovely natured little lad at his very first show, enjoying his day out. Strong head and muzzle, keen expression with dark eyes. Good ear set and carriage. Clean shoulders, good bone and round feet. Excellent, level topline and good spring of rib. Good turn of stifle and muscling up well for his age. Strong hocks. On the move, he was more interested in hoovering up everyone’s dropped treats than showing off however he was sound and could certainly drive forward to find a tiny bit of discarded chicken. Best Terrier Puppy.

Class 26 Graduate (1/1)

1st Fuller’s Kabu Hershey. 18 month old, JRT male. Keen and happy little terrier with a nice wedge shaped head and good pigmentation. Eyes could be a touch darker. Strong neck, set well into well laid shoulders. Good front construction and nice tight elbows. Good bone, strong fores and compact feet. Strong topline, well sprung ribs and well muscled loin. Good rear angulation and good second thigh. Tail carriage isn’t the best but the set on is correct. Moved out well with a good length of stride. Best AVNSC Terrier.

Class 27 Postgraduate (0/2)

Class 28 Open (0/2)

Class 29 A.V. Veteran

1st 3 Barnes & King’s Kyipo’s Hot Totty ShCM. 9 year old, black/white, Tibetan Terrier bitch. Fabulously feminine bitch who is not showing any signs of her age. Good head with defined stop and arch, strong muzzle and good pigmentation all through. Eyes dark and sparkling, well feathered ears. Correct length of neck into nice lay of shoulder. Ribs to elbows with nice spring. Excellent topline with the right tailset and carriage. Very well muscled hinds with hocks low set. Nicely balanced bitch who floated around the ring, covering the ground easily. Best Veteran in Show.

2nd 21 Gray’s Bonvivant Ave A Go of Okami ShCM. Almost 10 year old, Reddish fawn, Belgian Shepherd Laekenois male. Strikingly handsome male, another belying his years. Well balanced outline, masculine head with nice length and depth of muzzle. Dark eyes with an intelligent expression. Long neck, good shoulders and front construction. Excellent bone and good feet. Good spring of rib and nice tuck up. Moderately angulated at the rear and still well muscled. His movement was impressive, light and easy. He push the TT hard.

Class 30 A.V. Imported Breed Register Open (1/1)

1st 73 Milham’s About A Girl The Winter Souls to Shadowshack (IMP ESP). 14 month old, White Swiss Shepherd bitch. She stood alone but well deserved her place. Stunning girl with the most beautiful head and expression. Clean, wedge shaped head, strong muzzle and full pigmentation. Dark brown eyes, high set ears which she used well. Nicely arched neck, good lay of shoulder, straight fores and tight elbows. Good bone with superb oval feet. Defined withers and strong topline. Ribs carried well back to well muscled loin. Good rear angulation with excellent width of thigh. Strong hocks and pasterns. She wasn’t a big fan of the floor but when she settled she moved with good drive, covering the ground well. Best Import in Show and gave the top winners a challenge in the Best in show competition.

Class 31 Handling 24 Years and Under

1st 67 Izzy King with a Tibetan Terrier. I have judged Izzy in handling before and I remarked that she needed to speak a little louder and stand a little straighter. She has clearly taken these comments on board as she was much more confident this time around. She presented her dog beautifully both on the floor and the table. She showed the bite easily and gently. She moved at the correct speed for her dog and made sure to always be aware of where I was standing and also the direction I was pointing. Well done.

2nd 54 Lauren Pelling with a Labrador. Lauren and her dog are so well bonded. Her dog did not take her eyes off her and was so attentive, it was clear there is so much affection between them. Lauren presented the dog very well, she showed the bite well, she did not get in the way of my view at all and moved at a good speed. Her lines could just do with being a little neater and the corners of the triangle a little tighter but another sympathetic handler.

Class 32 Handliing 25 Years and Over

1st 2 Daniel Mann with a German Spitz Mittel. Daniel was very patient with his dog who seemed to think it would be much more fun to attempt to trip her handler, than help him. He presented his Spitz well, both on the floor and the table, keeping well back from her so as not to block my view. He showed the bite well and moved her at a nice speed. Excellent triangle, he made full use of the space provided and his lines were completely straight.

2nd 47 Patricia Turner with a Basset Griffon Vendeen Petit. Wonderful rapport with her dog, who she presented well. The dog was clearly well trained and very attentive. Showed the bite easily and gently. Her lines were straight and she did not break my line of sight at all. She just lost out as her triangle was not as neat as the first place handler’s.

Lauran Wheaton (Acinonyx)