• Date: 02/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Kirsty Miller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Isle Of Ely Canine Society

Isle of Ely – 2nd February 2019

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Pastoral Group at this very well-run show. A wonderful venue but unfortunately the weather did not play ball and it was freezing cold, so thank you to all exhibitors who braved the cold and stayed.

A.V.N.S.C Pastoral

Puppy (5,2abs)

1st) Elvin’s Elvinville Legand impressive fawn, 11 month old dog who stood away in this class for me. Presents a beautiful picture when standing being nicely balanced all through. Masculine, well proportioned head, with correct square muzzle. Lovely large, dark eyes giving a gentle expression. Well arched neck and good length leading into well placed shoulders. Good breadth and depth to chest. Moderately boned legs. Firm topline held well at all times. Well angulated hindquarters with good muscletone. Moved a treat being very sound and free. Presented in excellent coat and coat texture. BP & PG3

2nd) Shrieves’ Winarose Wanderin’ Star, just 6 months on the day and oh what a little darling! Well balanced girl with good coat coming. She is of a pleasing size and has a lovely temperament. Attractive head and eyes; lengthy ears hanging close to head. Short neck, set well into shoulders. Pleasing front, tight elbows, well-made body with correct level topline. Muscualar hindqauters. Moved out freely and soundly.

3rd) Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen

Junior (2)

1st) Fieldsend’s Qessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (Imp CZE) lovely fawn lady who pleases very much for shape and type when stood. Feminine with pleasing head properties and lovely expression. Good length to neck, firm topline and correct length for balance. Well presented and in good condition. Good coat texture. Well bodied and with a moderately sprung rib. Well angulated behind. Scores in profile action but I would like to see her neater behind.

2nd) Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen 6 months and 1 day Black Norwegian Buhund baby who showed like a pro. Lovely shape and well balanced. Pretty, lean, wedge shaped head with good eye and expression. High, erect ears used to advantage. Needs to mature in body but this will come in time. Moderately angled throughout. High set tail, curled and carried over her back. Moved well in profile, just a little close behind.

Post Graduate (1)

1st) Fieldsend’s Qessi Heaven Devil at Starwell (Imp CZE) winner of Junior.

Open (2)

1st) Mullard & Barnes’ Kintaro Ramesses, impressive 6 year old GSD who presents the complete picture. Strong masculine head of the correct proportions, with good eye and well set ears used to advantage. Well off for bone and excellent tight feet. Elbows set close to his chest and well under his body. Superb substance throughout with excellent depth of chest. Straight topline falling away into gentle croup with well set and carried tail. Well ribbed with strong, muscular loin. Very impressive on the move, really striding out with great reach and drive and being ever so sound both fore and aft. Pleased to award him Best AVNSC and G2.

2nd) Shrieves’ Mybeards Hope, very pretty bitch Powlish Lowland. Nice shape overall. Good head with skull being equal to muzzle. Dark eyes, complete dentition & scissor bite. Very good coat both in length and density. Well bodied with good angles fore and aft. Very good on the move and very sound.

A.V. Pastoral

Junior (9,6abs)

1st) Woodhead’s Nikara Secret Wish with Pashka, really liked this 17 month old Samoyed who presented a beautiful shape when standing and of a lovely size. Masculine, well developed head, flat skull, wedge shape, good dark almond shaped eye and excellent pigmentation. Arched neck of good length leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest and good rib cage. Strong loin and well angulated hindquarters which he uses very well on the move, driving from the rear, giving a super profile action and being sound both fore and aft.

2nd) Russell’s Koczkodan Midnight Sun, lovely sized and well balanced Sable & White Smooth Collie bitch. Good head proportions, with slight but perceptible stop. Correctly shaped, dark brown eye, giving the desirable expression. Brilliant reach of neck and excellent depth of chest. Firm topline with good rise over the loin. Hindquarters well-muscled. Moved with drive and sound behind, just pinned slightly in front. Went around the ring well in profile.

3rd) Robinson’s Thingamebob Shes A Star

Post Graduate (2,2abs)

Open (1,1abs)

A.V. Pastoral Veteran (12, 10abs)

1st) Benton’s Ch Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle, beautiful Smooth Collie bitch that doesn’t look the 10 years of age is she is! Super body and condition. Excellent head qualities, lovely eye and gentle expression. Good ear carriage and well tipped, which she used to advantage. Ample length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest and plenty of heart room. Lovely topline and strong hind quarters. She moved so well covering the ground easily holding her top line and ever so sound.

2nd) Russell’s Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan, another lovely Smooth Collie bitch who I really admired but today unfortunately did not like the ground and dug her feet in at times. Feminine head of good planes with nicely rounded muzzle, well placed ears which are used all the time to advantage. Balanced overall shape with good depth and enough fill of chest. Nice length, good loin and croup, lovely bend of stifle. When she moved, she was sound both fore and aft.

A.V. Imported Breed Register Pastoral

Open (1)

1st) Watkins’ Bocca Biale Wilki Z Wilkowa my first time judging a White Swiss Shepherd and what a lovely breed. Super quality 9 month old bitch who has great depth and substance throughout. Excellent head with super eye and lovely pigment. Well set ears, used to advantage but need to tighten a little. Excellent bone and tight feet. Super body and well ribbed. Well angulated hind quarters with good muscle. Moved around the ring with such power and got better as the day went on. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Very pleased to award her PG2.

Pastoral Group

1st) Allan & Winfrow’s – Ch Allmark The Sequal JW ShCM BLW’18 an incredibly striking Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who could not be denied this win today. Presented in immaculate coat and condition. So well balanced, with an impressive outline when standing. Masculine, typical head, with a strong muzzle and flat skull, correctly set almond shaped eyes giving an attentive expression. Excellent reach of neck showing desired slight arch set well into correctly placed shoulers. Good bone and tight feet. Firm topline, with good spring of rib and short loin. Excellent quarters with plenty of muscle. Low, firm hocks. Moved around the ring with such style covering the ground well with lots of drive and ever so sound.

2nd) Mullard & Barnes’ Kintaro Ramesses – (winner of BAVNSC.)

3rd) Naulls & Barker’s Foxearth Fudge Wynele, exceedingly exciting 10 month old Sable & White, Smooth Collie bitch who surely is one heading for a very bright future. Lovely balanced outline with correct proportions. Beautiful well-balanced head & with a gentle expression coming from obliquely set eyes, nicely tipped ears which she used to advantage. Correct bite & strong under jaw. Muscular neck of a good length leading into well angulated shoulders. Excellent depth of chest & good spring of rib. Firm back & gentle rise over loin. Correct rear angulation with well bent stifle and plenty of muscle. Effortless on the move & with ground covering movement and ever so sound coming and going. Really loved her and could not deny her G3 & PG 1.

4th) Deakin’s Holanja Goody Too Shoes at Darwillow lovely bitch who really caught my eye and finished a quartet of lovely dogs. Medium sized, balanced with a square outline. Excellent feminine head, good strength all through and a strong muzzle with large nose. Lovely dark eye and well pigmented. Good reach of neck, leading into well laid shoulders. Chest well developed. Short loin with correct topline. Excellent hind quarters leading to low, firm hocks. Excellent textured coat and so well presented. Moved out so well and very soundly.

Pastoral Puppy Group –

1ST) Naulls & Barker’s Foxearth Fudge Wynele (Pastoral Group 3)

2nd) Watkins’ Bocca Biale Wilki Z Wilkowa – (Best Imported Breed Register Pastoral)

3rd) Elvin’s Elvinville Legand – Briard (Best AVNSC Puppy)

4th) Ralph, Sharp & Moslin’s Bonvivant Offenbark Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) very promising boy with long lean head, nicely chiselled, skull currently receding slightly, straight muzzle, minimum stop, good strength underjaw. Well placed almond eyes of a good colour giving a lovely expression. Excellent head carriage. Good reach of neck flowing into good top line and slightly sloping croup. Balanced, moderate angulations both fore and aft. Moved very soundly coming and going with a lovely profile action.

Judge: Kirsty Miller (Feorlig)