• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Katie Manners Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society

Thank you to the committee and officers for inviting me to judge whippets for you. I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning with some truly lovely examples of the breed.

Puppy (6/1abs) 

1. Trouton’s Citycroft Grace Kelly Of Runnel. 10mth parti colour bitch of correct size. Beautiful head with the most gorgeous black mask and soft and mild expression. Super front assembly leading down to correct pasterns and neat feet. Smooth, flowing top and underline. Moved correctly, with elegance. Really enjoying her time in the ring which just gave her the placing over 2nd. Be careful not to over stretch on the table.

2. Hawker’s Rosedale Lady At Mollytop. 10mth brindle bitch. Stronger in make than 1 yet still elegant. Beautifully angled front and rear. Lovely depth of chest and front infill. Good pasterns and Moved soundly both in profile and fore and aft. Was just a little tense at times, just missed out to 1 on ring presence.

3. Abbott’s Florancy Hot Shot. Just 6mth pale fawn male. I had to mention this young chap who was unfortunate to meet the two oldest in this class who both had maturity both on their side. Although a very raw baby, his quality shines through. Presented in excellent coat and condition his flowing lines were a joy to go over. Correctly angulated at both ends which showed in his movement. Albeit with the exuberance of youth, I saw enough steady paces to award him 3rd place. When more settled in the ring he will shine. Well handled.

Special Yearling (7/1abs)

1. Hawker’s Jothryn Future Legend With Mollytop. 11mth fawn male. A very nicely made young male who is excellent for size. Presented in wonderful condition with absolutely no exaggeration. An elegant yet still masculine head with the softest of eye. Lovely length of neck onto correctly angulated shoulders. Deep brisket leading up to a super underline for a male. Super pasterns and feet. Sound and strong in movement, would like to see him moved slightly faster to see his full potential. BPIB, PG1

2. Kirtland’s Jupiter Juno. 20mth pale fawn Male. Larger in frame to 1. Lovely head with endearing expression and nice neat ears. Another with lovely curves for a male and in super condition. Nice gentle arch over the loin. More open in angles than first place however this didn’t stop him moving soundly with a nice low daisy cutting action.

3. Livsey’s Palmik Ace of Spades.

Graduate (3)

1. Kirtland’s Erinnis Stargazer. 2 year old fawn male. Classically made male with a kind expression. Fine, correctly set ears. Elegant neck onto well laid back shoulders. Deep brisket. Moderately angulated front and rear, best mover in class.

2. Ilbatheez Cattaleya Ice. 5 year old brindle parti male. Stronger in body than 1 yet nicely made. Classic whippet head with mild expression. Good angles. Lovely pasterns and correct feet. Preferred the movement and length of loin on 1.

3. Dewey’s Willakyme Golden Didier

Limit (4)

1. Trouton’s Runnel Run For Fun. 2 year old fawn Male. A super male of lovely type. Unexaggerated in every way. Masculine head with strong underjaw. Excellent shoulders and front angulation which is mirrored behind, making a very balanced overall picture. Gentle arch over the loin. Tidy feet and wonderful pasterns, moved well in profile. RBOB 

2. Stephens’ Dolce Diva Divine N Delary At Jasteal (Imp ITA). 2 year old red brindle bitch. Really liked this girl, a shame she came up against 1. A classic shape of elegance. She has the most pretty and feminine head. Lovely length of neck, deep brisket and curvy outline. Moved well in profile.

3. Kirtland’s Copsebury Comedy Chaos

Open Dog (4)

1. Hawker’s Mollytop Dream Maker JW. 3 year old fawn w/white trim male. Loved this boy for type, shape & balance. Such a classic whippet. Soft expression, correct shaped eyes and ears. Excellent dentition. Long neck leading to smooth gently sloping shoulders. Great infill, well sprung rib cage and good length of loin. So smooth underhand, a joy to go over. Moderately angulated behind. Moved soundly and correctly, never putting a foot wrong. BOB HG3.

2. Shephens’ Erbys Celtic Dream Maker At Jasteal. 4 year old fawn male. Up to size. Masculine head, with correct ear set and dentition. Darkest of eyes and pigmentation. Elegant neck onto nicely placed shoulders. Good spring of pastern and neat feet. Curvy top and underline. Would prefer a slightly longer loin to balance the picture but lovely moderate angles behind. Moved well.

3. Lawrence & Woodward’s Bryntreia First Glance ShCM.

Open Bitch (3/1abs)

1. Hawker’s Mollytop Dreamy Night. 3 year old brindle bitch. Litter sister to Open Dog winner. A very sweet bitch with a kind expression. Pretty head with nice neat ears. Good top line which she held on the move. Moderately angled front and rear. Super pasterns. Moved well to win the class.

2. White’s Truelove Love In A Mist At Iscaglades. 4 year old fawn bitch. There are lots to like about this girl. Classic whippet shape and type. Expressive eyes and loving expression. Slightly lacking underjaw. Smooth and silky coat. Well angled front and rear. It was clear that she absolutely adores her handler which made her unsettled on the move.

Katie Manners (Mannerpool)