• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Karen Powney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Annandale Canine Society

Annandale Limit Show

26th January 2019

Judge – Karen Powney

My thanks to the committee for inviting me and the exhibitors for entering under me with their wonderful dogs, especially when there was an Open show less than 40 miles up the road. Thank you all, for your grace in accepting my placings and the atmosphere in general which was friendly and welcoming  - There were some lovely dogs although some back end movements were not as good as I would have liked and some upright shoulders and short upper arms on otherwise nice examples of their breeds. The classification was a little odd due to the new KC regs about AV and AVNSC but it worked well and the Stewards/Committee kept it flowing throughout the day. Please excuse any spelling mistakes that either me or the auto correct have managed to put in.

Class 1 – AVNSC Import Register Puppy – No Entries

Class 2 – AVNSC Import Register Open – No Entries

Class 3 – AVNSC Hound Puppy – (5,2a)

1st Miss G Langcake & Mr M Shorts DANLUKE LOVE AFFAIR AT LANGSHOR (Whippet) (B)  - 6m – This beautiful whippet pup took my eye as soon as she walked in the ring, graceful and balanced with everything already there just needing to mature but she has plenty of time on her side. Her head was long and lean her eyes bright and her ears like little rose buds as long as there was nothing too exciting going on but I can forgive a pup a little excitement. Her angulation both front and rear correct and she stood well over the ground without looking long and move so well for a young one. Was pleased to give her RBPIS for which she so deserved and it was very tight between her and the BPIS.

2nd Miss A Murrays KENAITEEN SEATONS ANGEL (Deerhound) (B) – 11m – This lovely girl is still very much a baby and as with many large breeds she will take a while to mature but everything is there and will come her head is flat and the planes slightly tapering. Lovely dark eye and despite the small ring moved with graceful ease.

3rd Mr & Mrs PM Fergusons BOURNEHOUSE PIED PIPER (Beagle) (D) – 9m

Class 4 – AVNSC Hound Post Graduate  - (9,3a)

1st Mr J Services CROSSCOP I LOVE MY LIFE (Whippet) (B) – 2yo – This sweet young girl is correctly angulated fore and aft, good pasterns. Her head, eyes and ears give that typical whippety look, she covers the ground well with ease and her balance is perfect. Her muscles flat but solid and her knuckles well arched, feet oval pads thick. Was pleased to award her best hound.

2nd Mrs P Hyslops ZILVERAAT GOUDFINK (Dachshund min S/H) (D) – 16m  - nicely put together lad not too long - held his topline on the move, good driving action. Eyes of medium size, almond and dark.

3rd Mr J & Mrs S Allen Afterglow Cinnamon Buns (PBGV) (B) – 2yo

Class 5 – AVNSC Hound Open – (7,5a)

1st  Mrs P Hyslops ZILVERAAT GOUDFINK (Dachshund min S/H) (D) – 16m (2nd in Hound Post Grad)

2nd Miss D Jan Jardines WOODELLA HOT ROD (Basenji) (D) – 4yo – Flat head, good ears, level back held on the move. Correct amount of white on chest, feet and tail tip.

Class 6 – AVNSC Hound Veteran – (1,0)

1st Mr J Services WINDWALKERWILD FLOWER (Whippet) (B) – 10yo – this lovely girl is showing her age a little and her nails could do with a trim, but her shape and overall appearance is all Whippet. Her muscles are still good and her movement true, her angulation is correct all round and she stands over the ground well. Chest Deep, eye dark and planes of head good. Pleased to award her RBVIS where she was beaten by a dog 3 years her junior, I am sure had they been the same age she may have pushed a little harder for top spot.

Best Hound - Mr J Services CROSSCOP I LOVE MY LIFE (Whippet)

Best Puppy Hound - Miss G Langcake & Mr M Shorts DANLUKE LOVE AFFAIR AT LANGSHOR (Whippet)

Class 7 – AVNSC Utility Puppy – No Entries

Class 8 – AVNSC Utility Post Graduate (3, 1a)

1st Mrs S Norman & Mrs G & Miss D Wilsons ARAKI PHANTASY YANKEE LUVA (Tibetan Terrier) (B) – 19m – Giving her young handler a little trouble this nice young girl has a lot to like, balanced, square not coarse and full of life. Slightly domed skull, but not excessive. Double coat just starting to come into its own and chest just starting to spring with good depth. Time is on her side and there is a lot to come but the foundations is there.

2nd Mr EJ, Mrs EJ and & Miss L Schuckardts TIMAZINTIS MISHKA AT FRENCHLANDS (Lhasa Apso) (D) – 22m – good front assembly and neck, correct reverse scissor bite. Good coat and undercoat out moved by winner.

Class 9 – AVNSC Utility Open – (7, 2a)

1st Mr EJ, Mrs EJ and & Miss L Schuckardts TIMAZINTIS PEPPERMINT  AT FRENCHLANDS JW, ShCM (Lhasa Apso) (D) – 3yo – good double coat with heavy feathering on ears, correct dark eye. Tail correct and carried well at all times. Good reverse scissor bite and muzzle correct 1/3 of overall length. Angulation good and moved with drive and purpose. A lot to like about this boy who was showing off everything to perfection. Pleased to Award him RBIS

2nd Louise Colliers STONEYBURN BANNA (Schipperke) (D) – 3yo – This boy and 2 of his litter sisters were all in this class, all very similar in head with good muzzles and shape, eyes dark, oval and alert. Good front assembly on all of them, all held their topline on the move, where he excelled over his sisters was his well rounded rump, angulation and his movement.

3rd Mrs J & Miss K Reeds STONEYBURN MAIA (Schipperke) (B) – 3yo – litter sister to 2nd

Class 10 – AVNSC Utility Veteran (2, 1a)

1st  Mr EJ, Mrs EJ and & Miss L Schuckardts TOYAS SON AT FRENCHLANDS (Lhasa Apso) (D) – 7yo – good head, reverse scissor bite and coat. Teeth showing his age a little. Tail not his forte though carried well above his back, but his angulation is good and he moved well and with drive.

Best Utility - Mr EJ, Mrs EJ and & Miss L Schuckardts TIMAZINTIS PEPPERMINT  AT FRENCHLANDS JW, ShCM (Lhasa Apso)

Best Puppy Utility – not awarded as no puppy present

Class 11 – AVNSC Toy Puppy (1,0)

1st Mrs Kirstie Prices MY PRECIOUS A TRUE LOVE OF KIRCYAN (IMP SWE) (Chihuahua L/C) (B) – 8m – This little one strutted into the ring and just oozed quality, she has a gorgeous apple head and correct length of muzzle and good stop, still teething but what was through was in the correct place. Lowest part of ear in line with centre of eye and ears set at 45 degrees. Good angulation all round and such a brisk forceful action on her she was so happy and lively. Correct sickle tail carried over her back at all times (I did not see her drop it all day) – she took the eye and kept it. Stood alone in her class but so pleased to award her BPIS and I am sure it will not be the last of these.

Class 12 – AVNSC Toy Post Graduate (6,3a)

1st  Mrs J Baileys SAGRAEL EXTRA SPECIAL (Pug) (D) – 12m – Good solid boy who has matured well for his age eyes dark, round but not protruding, neck thick and slightly arched. Well laid shoulders strait front legs. Correct feet with black nails.

2nd Kathleen Hollidays BELSTOWN MERLAU BLACKBIRD (Bolognese) (D) – 2yo – good head and eye with large black nose, good coat, tail carried well with good movement.

3rd Mrs J Baileys SAGRAEL WHO'S THAT GIRL (Pug) (B) – 12m – Litter sister to winner

Class 13 – AVNSC Toy Open (2,1a)

1st  Mrs J Baileys JENNY OD WILMY (Imp POL) (Pug) (B) – 3 yo – Lovely head and ears, beautiful nose good feet and tail, moved with ease keeping top line on the move.

Class 14 – AVNSC Toy Veteran (2,1a)

1st C Bells LANOLA SAVILLA OF CHRISTABELLA (CKCS) (B) – 7yo – Well marked blenheim colouring, feet a little over trimmed, but good coat in general. Good head and ear set.

Best Toy - Mrs J Baileys SAGRAEL EXTRA SPECIAL (Pug) (D)

Best Puppy Toy - Mrs Kirstie Prices MY PRECIOUS A TRUE LOVE OF KIRCYAN (IMP SWE) (Chihuahua L/C)

Handling  - Overall not a bad standard of handling with some challenging dogs – Maybe borrowing a different breed would benefit some of the handlers and watching the youngsters would probably help most of the 17+ class. Good sportsmanship all round and great fun to judge.

Junior Handling 6-11 (2,0)

1st Danielle Wilson – handling a Tibetan Terrier – The young bitch just out of puppy was giving Danielle a bit of a hard time all day but Danielle was kind, considerate, and gentle but firm with her. She was not allowing her teeth to be shown. A little more attention to where the judge is would help but a good handler in the making.

2nd Dylan Evans – handling a Staffordshire Bull Terrier – This is a big heavy dog for his handler and he was having to fight to stand him and keep him stood at times. Dylan was coping well with his charge and only his concentration on the dog (in the breed ring this is fine) and not where I had moved to on the last move round lost him this class. A very good young handler who needs to borrow an easier dog for the time being.

Junior Handling 12-16 (5,4a)

1st Navaeh Parker – handling a Shetland Sheepdog -  A good young handler who was kind and gentle with her charge, teeth shown perfectly, lines strait  and dog presented well. A shame so many were missing from this class.

Adult Handling 17+ (5,1a)

1st Marilene Evans – handling a Skye Terrier – very attentive handler with a very well behaved dog lines strait and presented correctly for breed, watched the dog and me and knew where I was at all times, pleased to give her Best Handler as well.

2nd Sally Wilson – handling a Tibetan Terrier – This is the same young bitch handled by Danielle in the 6-11, slightly better behaved for Sally, a few lines not totally straight, but presentation good and has a good handle on the ring and surroundings.

3rd Siobhan Power

Res Nikki Wainright

Best Junior Handler Danielle Wilson

Best Overall Handler Marilene Evans

Class 15 – AVNSC Gundog Puppy (4,3a)

1st Mr & Mrs R&J Murrays MADSPRINGDROGON FROM PRIESTBECK (SPANIEL(welsh Springer)) (D) – 9m – This lovely boy has everything in the right place. A well balanced short coupled lad with a lot of bone. Appealing head, good lay of shoulder and fabulous feet. I liked him a lot, good dark eye and low set ears. A little more muscle and togetherness to come but I am sure it will. Unfortunately lost out to 2 very mature pups of smaller faster maturing breeds today.

Class 16 – AVNSC Gundog Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st Mrs R Thomsons COLENDA CRACKIN IDEA (Spaniel (Cocker)) (B) – 2yo – Nice young girl who is square in outline and has a good dark eye and correct ear set. Moved well with a typical happy cocker disposition keeping her top line on the move. Good lay of shoulder with good cat like feet.

2nd Mrs R Thomsons COLENDA CHASING SHADOWS (Spaniel (Cocker)) (B) – 4yo – This girl is the full older sister of the 1st . She is slightly longer cast, but head, eyes and ears are good. Not as settled on the move though still wagging her tail and happy. Again another with good feet.

Class 17 – AVNSC Gundog Open (2,0)

1st J Radcliffes SNIPERAY JHAMBIRI (Pointer) (D) – 3yo – nice balanced boy with some lovely curves, good arched toes and well padded feet. Good head, eyes and ear set. Moved OK but would be better in a larger ring I am sure.

2nd Mrs R Thomsons COLENDA CHOOSEDAY (Spaniel (Cocker)) (B) – 4 yo – Litter Sister to 2nd in PG. Good eye and ear set, lovely coat. Keeps her topline on the move, merry wagging tail.

Class 18 – AVNSC Gundog Veteran (2,1a)

1st  J Radcliffes SNIPERAY STAR TURN (Pointer) (B) – 8yo – Beautiful bitch with so much to like, not liking the small space but moved well when settled. Melting expression with correct dark eye and good ear set. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Still holding her top line. A series of graceful curves right down to her tight arched toes and well padded feet. Her colouring on her back legs can give an optical illusion to her movement which you have to watch is not distracting. She barely shows her age and I was very pleased to Award her BVIS.

Best Gundog – J Radcliffes SNIPERAY STAR TURN (Pointer) (B)

Best Puppy Gundog – Mr & Mrs R&J Murrays MADSPRINGDROGON FROM PRIESTBECK (SPANIEL(welsh Springer)) (D)

Class 19 – AVNSC Terrier Puppy (no Entries)

Class 20 – AVNSC Terrier Post Graduate (5, 3a)

1st F Campbells DIAMOND STAFF WEE MAC (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) (D) – 23m – Nice young boy with a novice handler, he has a lot yet to come but they can be slow maturing, good eye colour and ears (small rose shaped), good tight feet, good thick neck. Will need to muscle up as he gets older.

2nd Mr & Mrs M&M Evans KOMETA ROSSI BOZENA AT MARODYME (Imp DEU) (Skye Terrier) (B) – 2yo – good head and eyes good pricked ears, possibly a little too much hair on head though I do not think her vision was totally obscured, good coat and good feet fronts larger than rear moved well though not always keeping her top line on the move.

Class 21 – AVNSC Terrier Open (4, 2a)

1st F Campbells DIAMOND STAFF WEE MAC (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) (D) (see class 20 )

2nd Jackson/Wainwright & Spensers ROUGHNECKS NOBLE QUEST (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) (D) –  3yo – nice large lad with a lot of bone, good feet black nails. Good width at front moved OK.

Class 22 – AVNSC Terrier Veteran (3,2a)

1st Mrs L Branders NIGHTSTORM MISS CHEVIOUS AT MENFREYA (Manchester Terrier) (B) – 7yo – Showing her age a little in her muzzle colouring but otherwise a lovely flat, long and narrow skull, with high set v shaped ears. Good shoulders, strait legs with good depth to her chest. Slight rise over her loin and good tuck up behind rib. Good rear angulation tail not reaching hock. Pleased to award her Best Terrier.

Best Terrier –  Mrs L Branders NIGHTSTORM MISS CHEVIOUS AT MENFREYA (Manchester Terrier)(B)

Best Puppy Terrier – Not awarded as no puppy present

Class 23 –  AVNSC Working Puppy – No Entries

Class 24 – AVNSC Working Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st L Crawfords JIANEROT IGOR (Rottweiler) (D) – 21m – nice well boned boy, good angulation at the rear. Muzzle a little long but head a good size, eye and ear correct,good neck.

Class 25 – AVNSC Working Open (3, 2a)

1st N Wainwright & S Turnballs WESTLODGE JAMIE OLIVER JW ShCM (Rottweiler) (D) – 3yo – What a lovely lively lad, giving his handler a bit of a time but showing off with it. Correct bite with strong jaw. Good head, eye and ear set, Muzzle strong. Good neck into well laid shoulders good strait legs, compact feet. Good depth of chest approx 50% of his height. He has good bone, coat and colouring. Moved well in the ring despite looking like he could move better in a bigger space. I am still not sure I like the undocked tails but its set was correct and he had it a differing positions during the day and has no damage or kink. Very pleased to award him BIS.

Class 26 – AVNSC Working Veteran – No Entries

Best Working – N Wainwright & S Turnballs WESTLODGE JAMIE OLIVER JW ShCM (Rottweiler) (D)

Best Puppy Working – Not Awarded as no puppies present

Class 27 – AVNSC Pastoral Puppy  - No Entries

Class 28 – AVNSC Pastoral Post Graduate (8,3a)

1st J Ferrigans KOCOS-KINSCEM BABOCA AT ZOBRAKI (Imp HUN) (Hungarian Puli) (B) – 17m – lovely corded coat in good condition, good small domed skull, medium sized dark eye good v shaped ears, good angulated rear with strait feet. Tail carried over back when on the move. Short stepping movement.

2nd Mrs S Parkers SHEENPARK CRACKLIN ROSE (GSD) (B) – 3YO – Good head in proportion to the rest of her, good almond shaped eye and good wide based ears back strong. Walked well round the ring as there is not room in this hall to move a shepherd at a sensible speed. Not too big and proportions good although I would have liked a little more muscle on her all round.

3rd J Richardsons STORINBLU RHYTHEMOF MY HEART (OES) (D) – 17m – Worth a mention this super dog was shown with a jacket on (I could get mostly under it)  - his head is correct, shoulder well laid and his rear angulation very good, he was moving well when not messing about  - his owner is persevering with him as he is just super hyped and barking and playing. Hopefully he will settle and if he does I am sure he will do well.

Class 29 – AVNSC Pastoral Open (5,2a)

1st Mrs C Littles FOSTERBRIE MELO NOIR AT DALQUHAIRN (Briard) (D) – 3yo – good solid boy up to size but not too big, good head and dark eye and pigmentation. Good lay of shoulder, well muscled all round firm level back held well on the move, good length to coat. Strait legs good bone to good shaped feet. Moved well in the small ring. Pleased to award him Best Pastoral

2nd Mr D & Mrs ML Colliers TONKORY JUMPING FOR JOY OVER COLLHERD (Border Collie) (B) – 5yo – Slight bitch but chest deep with good muscle on the loin. Well laid shoulders, good length ratio slightly longer than tall. Good low tail set.

3rd A Murray-Walkers CARTIER MONZERAT MISS MATEA AT LASCAUX (Briard) (B) – 5yo.

Class 30 – AVNSC Pastoral Veteran (2,1a)

1st  Mr D & Mrs ML Colliers MOSHANTA MIDNIGHT STAR OVER COLLHEAD (Border Collie) (B) –   8 ½ yo – despite her age she is fit and well muscled. Good lay of shoulder and rear angulation feet strait, well padded and nails short and strong. Body of good proportions. Moved well not showing her age at all.

BIS – N Wainwright & S Turnballs WESTLODGE JAMIE OLIVER JW ShCM (Rottweiler) (D) – 3yo – See Class 25

RBIS –   Mr EJ, Mrs EJ and & Miss L Schuckardts TIMAZINTIS PEPPERMINT  AT FRENCHLANDS JW, ShCM (Lhasa Apso) (D) – 3yo – See Class 9

BPIS –  Mrs Kirstie Prices MY PRECIOUS A TRUE LOVE OF KIRCYAN (IMP SWE) (Chihuahua L/C) (B) – 8m – See Class 11

RBPIS – Miss G Langcake & Mr M Shorts DANLUKE LOVE AFFAIR AT LANGSHOR (Whippet) (B) – See Class 3

BVIS –  J Radcliffes SNIPERAY STAR TURN (Pointer) (B) – 8yo – See Class 18

RBVIS –  Mr J Services WINDWALKERWILD FLOWER (Whippet) (B) – 10yo – See Class 6

Class 31 – AV Minor Puppy (3,3a)

Class 32 – AV Puppy (3,2a)

1st  Mr & Mrs R&J Murrays MADSPRINGDROGON FROM PRIESTBECK (SPANIEL(welsh Springer)) (D) – 9m – See Class 15

Class 33 – AV Junior (2, 1a)

1st  J Ferrigans KOCOS-KINSCEM BABOCA AT ZOBRAKI (Imp HUN) (Hungarian Puli) (B) – 17m – See class 28

Class 34 – AV Qualified for Crufts (7, 4a)

1st Mr J & Mrs S Allens AFTERGLOW CINNAMON BUNS (PBGV) (B) – 2yo – Lovely young girl with correct head and dark eye, ears of correct length, leather not reaching beyond end of nose. Good lay of shoulder, hocks well let down, feet and legs strait. Moved well.

2nd Mr & Mrs Gilluleys CALDEWRIVER LEGALLY BLOND OF BALLENCRIEFF (PBGV) (B) – Nice young bitch, good length of muzzle slightly less than stop to occiput, oval dark eye. Length of ear leather correct and not reaching beyond tip of nose, nose black good pigmentation all round. Moved OK.

3rd  Mrs S Norman & Mrs G & Miss D Wilsons ARAKI PHANTASY YANKEE LUVA (Tibetan Terrier) (B) – 19m – See Class 8

Class 35 – AV Special Beginner (1,1a)

Karen Powney