• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Julie Frost Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfied Canine Society Open Show

26th January 2019

Thank you to Lichfield Canine Society for inviting me to judge at their well organised, friendly show and to the Northern Basenji Society for supporting the entry.


A small entry but fairly representative of the breed currently - in that the majority were imports, or bred from imports and type is quite varied. All were well presented in good coat and condition, nails were short so feet were neat. Temperaments were excellent.

PD/B (0,0)

JD/B (1,1) Stewart’s Kingwanas Viva Las Vegas of Jenbasi (imp Norway). 13 month old brindle bitch who stood alone but I thought her worthy of reserve best of breed. She was lightly built and aristocratic looking, although perhaps just a little longer in body than ideal. Her head was pretty with a sweet expression, showing the desired wrinkle. Eyes were dark and ears were neat but could be set further forward on top of her head. Her neck was of good length, crested and well set into good shoulders and a good front with elbows tucked in. She moved very well in profile but was a little close behind.

PGD/B (1,1) Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi (imp Norway). Red/white litter brother to the junior winner and similar comments apply. He had a nice head with good wrinkle, dark eye and small ears but again ear-set could be better. A little longer than ideal and his sister has the better front as he lacks infill. His hindquarters are strong and muscular with well let down hocks. He moved well.

OD/B (4,1) Clinton’s Ch Westlawn Diablo ShCM. This 4 year old, tri male is now in his prime. He presents a breed typical outline, being short in back and high on the leg although perhaps he could be a touch more elegant as he is a little strong all through. His head is balanced and he has the desired wrinkle, although I would prefer a darker eye. He has a lovely neck and shoulders and a good straight front with neat feet. His chest is deep with tight elbows and he has moderate angulation behind. Hocks are well let down and he carries his tail well. He is a very sound mover both ways and in profile. He stepped up a gear in the group ring showing an effortless sidegate and was rewarded with group 4. Congratulations to his breeder/owner/handler. 2nd Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi (mp Sweden). 2 year brindle male. Good head and expression, dark eyes, good wrinkle, ears a little large. Correct fine bone and neat feet. Longer in body than ideal and his topline could be stronger but a good tailset, carriage and shelf. He moves well in profile. I preferred his younger kennel mate overall for RBOB and she was of better colour. 3rd Banton’s Embeau Sun Treasure

Julie Frost