• Date: 02/10/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Joy Middleton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/10/2019

Windsor Gundog Society

Windsor Gundog Society 
2nd October 2019
Spanish Water Dogs

1) Durrant, Glenturret Moon Pig. 7 month old male, with a lovely happy and confident temperament. Fresh short coat, but still showing off the correct SWD curl. Strong head with parallel planes and the correct 3:2 proportions. Ears correctly set and a nice size, dark pigment and lovely oval eyes, giving him a handsome appearance. Correct moderate angulations in the front and rear giving the dog a nice over all balanced look. Held a level stop line on the stack and on the move. With a nice tuck up. Spring of rib and brisket just waiting to drop and fill out. Still a youngster and with time to develop and mature but the grounding of a lovely dog. Would have just liked a touch more width going and coming, but beautiful length of stride and side gait. Tail set and carriage correct flowing off the top of the back and lovely to see him wag non-stop when being gone over. BPIB & RBOB 

1) Brewster, Blackyboric (Imp ESP). 5 year old male, two words to describe this dog is rustic and robust. This dog oozie breed type. Great wooly coat with defined curls. Lovely masculine head with the correct 3:2. flat skull with a slight stop. Correct dark pigment and lovely oval eyes. Ears set/size correct. Short neck flowing into a good lay of shoulder. Moderately angled in the front, with a good depth of chest. Correct spring of rib with a nicely held top line, which stayed level at all times. Moderately angled rear and finished with a lovely set bob-tail. For me he is a touch on the larger size, but doesn't detract from his power used to drive around the ring. Nicely balanced dog and pleased to award him BOB. 

Joy Middleton